Great women in history. Famous women. Great women in the history of Russia

The history of mankind is led by men and women in equal measure. Only their roles are different. Women most often act as gray and black cardinals, and men are heroic and pound themselves in the chest. Therefore, more of them fell into the annals of history. Great women in the history of mankind are, in principle, all women who lived, live and will live. And this is not a compliment, but a simple statement of fact.

Female beauty is a formidable weapon

Thinking about the greatness of the famous ladies, unconsciously we are convinced that they were fatal beauties. Here comes to mind the well-known phrase that beauty will save the world. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the continuation of the winged expression. But after that the explanation follows: "... if it is good!" It would seem that only three words, and the meaning immediately becomes different. However, there is no special contradiction in it, we understand that the woman unites two complete opposites, this is the horror and danger of female beauty. Thousands of examples convince humanity that the earthly beauty of a woman, completely devoid of spirituality, is often mistaken for true beauty and carries death in itself. In fairness, it should be noted that not all the great women who left a significant mark in the history of mankind were beautiful. However, each of them has its own special story of life, love, which have been preserved for centuries, are covered with incredible legends. This is their greatness.

Possessing an amazing strength of spirit, they, not being afraid to get ahead of time, boldly went beyond the limits of the morality of their century. The list of majestic persons can be continued indefinitely: Safo, Cleopatra, Catherine II, George Sand, Nefertiti, Margaret Thatcher, Joan of Arc, Vanga, Camilla Claudel, Princess Olga, Murasaki Shikibu. Probably, we will not lie against the truth, if we dare to say that these are the greatest women in history. After all, each of them can rightly be regarded as a symbol of their era, their time.

On parity terms, with some preponderance in favor of women

More recently, no more than 15 years ago, geneticists have established with a sufficient degree of certainty that a woman transfers about 80% of her cellular information to a child, the father - 15-17%, and the first man - up to 5% due to the so-called telegony. But that is not all. The character of the person is formed basically up to 5 years of age, and then it practically does not change. So the influence of women on all men is such that they can all be called mama's sons without any exaggeration.

As a wolf, who for seven generations of mating with dogs can restore a wolf tribe, so one woman is capable of more in history than one man. The feats of real Achilles, Hector and Samson are the sum of the deeds of men. A woman is able to turn the course of history alone.

Famous women in historical chronicles are less likely to occur, not because they were fewer, but because their role is more profound. They carefully and thoughtfully prepared those turns of history, which after, as if by instinct, were committed by men.

Olympiad - the mother of Alexander the Great

Her name is not included in the list of "Great Women in History". Probably, due to the fact that Greek culture has become the basis of modern European. But the Olympics influenced the course of historical events much more than the great Aristotle.

She gave birth to Alexander, forged his character. The future legendary commander absorbed the Greek outlook with the mother's milk. The Olympics found him teachers who trained his body, teachers (including Aristotle), who honed his mind, and, finally, friends who became his associates. So who created the real story? Nevertheless, the Olympics, even in the category "Famous Women in History" did not hit.

Macedonia was a strong state with its original and equal Greek culture. But who is now thoroughly studying it (except for a handful of philosophers)? And they only know that there was once a kind of religious and philosophical current, named after Orpheus, and three or four postulates from it. But even Archimedes and Pythagoras were Orphics. Above the Greek culture and style of life Philip, Alexander's father, brought the death sword. And it seemed that her death could not be repelled. But the woman was able to find the ways that the victors turned into vanquished, with their great agreement.


Another name of the great woman in the history of the world, which performed a kind of feat. It is in honor of Esther that the Jews of the whole world celebrate Purim for more than 3 thousand years. Her name is inscribed in the Bible and therefore only has reached our days.

When in ancient Persia in a confrontation for power the financial and military elites met, Esther stood for the financial side, most of which consisted of her half-blooded Jews. Then the scales bowed in their favor, and the Jews won a coveted victory.

Many of the Jewish husbands contributed to the struggle for this victory, but even Mordechai did not deserve the memory of the entire Jewish people that fell to the lot of Esther. But she was only the wife of the king of Persia. But it had such an impact on his decisions that the outcome of the battle was predetermined.


Many people have heard about this brave and warlike tribe. But they are not called great. And it's not even that their names are not preserved in the annals. Just in a direct, open, confrontation on the battlefields they were inferior to men. So, their queen could not stand the pressure of Achilles and heroically perished from his hand. This is explained easily: they are engaged in a business not peculiar to women.

Therefore, their history was deleted from their lists. The perseverance of a woman in the heat of bloody battles is inferior to that of men, but in ordinary, everyday life, they are an order of magnitude higher than the latter. Many heroes, not having found the use of their forces, drank, fell, rushed, as if in a whirlpool head, in all serious. But this happens much more rarely with women. They have a powerful inner moral stem.

Maria and Khadija

Quite common - everyone in their culture - names. They do not tell much about most people. But these are the names of great women!

It is only necessary to mention that the mother of Christ and the wife of Mohammed are meant, as it immediately becomes clear why these persons are so significant.

Although their role in the affairs of the two founders of world religions is enormous, but even for many, they are not such an authority. Little is known about the Theotokos of history. About Khadija - a little more.

So, the Holy Virgin and Jesus. As a mother (which, incidentally, gave birth to a son miraculously from the Holy Spirit), Maria could not help passing 100% of her genetic information to him. In fact, the Savior must be, as it were, the Mother of God in the male body. Complicated? Perhaps, but you can not help it. To all other things, Mary exerted a great moral influence on her first-born. She was present at his death, and was among the elect who met Jesus resurrected.

According to legend, before her ascension to heaven Mary lived under John the Theologian. When the Angels of heaven began to visit that vision, and then the Savior himself, John wanted to give up his mission. But it was the Mother of God who kept him from this step. That is, again, here it is traced how a woman in the history of mankind directs a man, and he is already committing significant deeds and glorifying himself with exploits.

Muse of the Prophet

The leading role of Khadija in the life of the prophet is much clearer. It was she who took the initiative to marry him. She saw in time, what potential is hidden in a twenty-five-year-old young man. She was the first, like no one else, to appreciate the prophecies of Mohammed. And, quite likely, the prophet would never have taken the risky path of self-help without the moral and material support of his unforgettable first wife. For this she (according to the legend) came to heaven with the help of the archangel Jebrail, although according to the Islamic teaching, women do not have a soul.

The role in history is not measured by fame

Widespread fame is by no means the most accurate indicator of the role that a person plays in the history of mankind. Many barbarians, famous women and men, shocking the public, or even villains are known much more than the true benefactors of all reasonable inhabitants of the planet Earth.

One can compare Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, and Hypatia, the great mathematician and philosopher. Cleopatra to her title can add another "high rank" of the greatest woman in history. But this is not true. And the name of Hypatia for an overwhelming number of men will remain an empty sound. Although very many use its invention to this day. This is an ordinary construction level. She came up with an astrolabe. Thanks to this, distant trips to the open sea became possible.

Cleopatra, by her "unearthly" love from the hero, made a trifle, gave the country's independence to the iron power of Rome. It had everything, both military and economic, to organize defense of the homeland, but did not take advantage of them. Primitiveness of thinking is peculiar not only to the so-called great men. But in the minds of most of the queen Cleopatra, at least, belongs to the number of great women in history.

And Hypatia was not only the last great mathematician of antiquity and the inventor of many useful things, but also headed the movement to preserve the knowledge accumulated by mankind. She defended this knowledge from the Christianity that had begun to be ugly, which had rendered the image of the Savior meaningless and began to claim power over the spiritual life of all people without exception. She died heroically, but the knowledge she saved with her associates still helps make our life better, more comfortable, more comfortable. Japanese stone gardens - is its solution to the geometric problem, when from any point of the plane you can see all the stones except one. Without solving this problem in the twentieth century, we could not have created such a beautiful thing as a computer already familiar to everyone. Knowledge was dozing for 1700 years to wake up in the minds of talented people and to move the history of humanity further along the path of progress. So there are great women in history. Of course, they were different, and in history they also entered in different ways


Olga is the creator of the nucleus of Russian civilization

The category "Great women in the history of Russia" should begin with Princess Olga, Svyatoslav's mother. She rules Russia for him, she guided him in great deeds.

Olga's wisdom was so great that she did not allow her son's heroism to exhaust the human and economic resources of Russia. Olga gave just enough of the reserve, so that daring campaigns would benefit society and the state. Nor did she enter into conflicts with her son, did not insist, and, most importantly, did not show the man that she was smarter than him.

Princess Olga also saw the spiritual life of people. Svyatoslav was straightforward as a warrior, and therefore he put it simply: "Christianity is an abomination." But Olga understood that the Vedic religion for a time should retreat. This is the command of the logic of history. But you always have to retreat with the mind. It is not without reason that the military says that retreat is a more complicated operation than an offensive. She managed to weave into the Christian worldview the living stems of Vedism. Without this, the Vedic Renaissance of the 12th century would not have been possible. And "The Lay of Igor's Host" would not have been created, and epics about Svyatogor would not have survived to this day. And in Russia, as in Europe of those times, the fires of the Inquisition would have blazed. And the architecture of Russian Orthodox churches would not bear the glow of the Vedic vision of the universe. Orthodoxy itself would not exist. And what would have happened? Byzantine state. Comments are unnecessary ...

However, Olga is by no means the only lady remembered in the conversation about the great women of the Russian land.

Great women in the history of Russia: a dubious greatness

But there is greatness in the air. It is based on external signs and brilliance. In the history of Russia there are two empresses - Elizaveta Petrovna and Catherine II. But only one of them was almost officially listed as "Famous Women in the History of the World". It's about Catherine II.

But it was during the reign of Elizabeth (and lasted for 14 years) that Russia did not know the turmoil. The wars with external adversaries, which seemed to be hiding in those years, did not arouse peasant uprisings, the mores of serfdom softened, the sciences and production developed. And all this was done somehow quietly and imperceptibly. And yet she is not as famous as the other ruler of the Russian State.

About Catherine the descendants know more. She was an enlightened woman, who has great knowledge and has incredible potential. But for some reason, as it is insulting, at the mention of this woman in Russian history, obscenities are more often heard and the lists of her countless favorites are recalled. This is human nature ...

The history of mankind continues. The twentieth century was enlarged by the list of outstanding persons: the queen of detectives Agatha Christie; Conqueror of outer space Valentina Tereshkova; Expressive Coco Chanel; Calcutta mother Teresa, in the world of Agnes Gonja Boyaksu; The fatal Marilyn Monroe and the unforgettable princess Diana. With the fact that the woman - the most mysterious, beautiful and unpredictable creation in the universe, it is difficult to argue, just as with the fact that without women our world would be much more boring.

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