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Gedze, the recipe. Gedza dumplings, recipe

Who does not like Japanese food? All dishes are distinguished by their refinement, special taste, aroma and uniqueness. In this article, you will read how the Japanese gueze dumplings are prepared.

The recipe is very simple and affordable. Such dumplings can cook every housewife, which will surprise not only their household members, but also guests.

Ingredients for dough

For the preparation of Japanese ravioli, only 170 ml of water, salt and 200 grams are needed. Flour. Eggs in the dough to put is not desirable. For elasticity, you can add no more than two tablespoons of vegetable oil and regular water replaced with carbonated.

In a bowl, pour in flour and gradually add water, so that the flour is not taken with lumps. To not stick to your hands, add a little vegetable oil and mix a gentle dough. Wrap it in a food film and leave to have a rest.

Cooking stuffing

Now you need to make minced meat on the gedza dumplings. The recipe is very simple. The Japanese do not eat pork, therefore meat is preferable to beef or fish fillets. It should be taken 200 gr.

In the filling is placed not only meat, but also a variety of herbs and seasonings. For gedze is ideal for 3 gr. Ginger, any greens to your taste, leeks, 2 cloves of garlic, sake, soy sauce, 100 gr. Shredded Peking or Chinese cabbage napa and 1 tbsp. L. Sesame oil.

Cut the greens finely, and ginger grate on a fine grater. Add it with caution, since it is bitter. All other ingredients must be crushed and added to the meat. Then it is necessary to add sesame oil and soy sauce. Mincemeat for dumplings is ready.

Japanese Gedza Dumplings : Recipe

Sometimes they are called vareniki, as the filling can be any. So, we have ingredients for the filling and dough. Now you can proceed directly to cooking.

When the dough has been stuck, divide it into 30 small balls. Probably, it will turn out and more. It all depends on the amount of flour and water. Each ball needs to be rolled out into small circles. They should be no more than 10 mm.

All the prepared ingredients for the filling, mix, salt, pepper to taste. Now take the first ball of dough, roll it out so that the edges are very thin, and the middle of the circle is thicker.

Spoon the teaspoon with the teaspoon on the slices. However, do not overdo the filling, since you need to close the dumplings.

Slightly moisten the edges of the circles with water. Twist the two edges. Get a neat bag. Do the same procedure with the rest of the gedze. The recipe is simple, so you will get Japanese dumplings the first time.

When the first portion is ready, pour a little vegetable oil into the frying pan and put the gedze there. They should be browned until golden brown on both sides. Then pour the water into the same frying pan, cover with a lid and braise the dumplings for about 5 minutes. Thus, you bring the dish to taste. Do the same procedure with the rest of the pelmeni. You have got delicious and fragrant Japanese gueze dumplings. The recipe is simple, but if you do not stick to the proportions of the dough, they will break in a frying pan and will not be as beautiful as you expect. You can serve them with sauce. However, you need to properly prepare it. The taste and aroma of the dish depends on this.

Preparation of sauce

It can be made as spicy or sweet and sour. The best option is a soy sauce with the addition of vinegar or lemon. There are no specific proportions, because everything depends on the taste of a person. Soy sauce is sweet and, if you add a little acid to it, you get the perfect combination.

You can also make a hot sauce. To make it, pour tomato juice into the pan, add salt and pepper. Extinguish it. In the same capacity, put the grated garlic and bitter pepper to taste. Turn off the hotplate and let it brew. When the sauce cool, you can serve to the table. With it, the gadze are well combined. The recipe for sauce can be invented and most. The main thing to remember is that you can not add too much acid.

Variety of fillings

In Japan, a fish is valued, which you can take for filling. Twist the fillet into a meat grinder, add as much greens and a variety of seasonings as possible. It will be minced not only delicious, but also useful.

You can also take shrimps for the filling. The meat is very tender and gives an original, exquisite taste. Instead of beef, fish and shrimp, you can take a chicken fillet, which is perfectly combined with the test.

Add meat and cabbage to rice. It is often added to the Japanese dishes. It is believed that the rice dish is more nutritious. It perfectly fits with the red hot sauce. Now you know with what fillings you can prepare the gedza dumplings. The test recipe is standard, but the stuffing can be made from almost any meat. In some cases, even pork is added. It is believed that the dish becomes more juicy with a delicate filling.


In the article you read about the recipe of the gedza. The photo will help you understand what dumplings are obtained from the Japanese. And after cooking you need to think about the presentation. If you expect guests and want to surprise them with a new dish, do not forget about the decoration. Japanese dumplings can be poured with a sauce from above or on a plate to put a few large drops.

Put the cabbage on a plate, and lay the gedza on top. Around the dumplings lay cherry tomatoes or small pieces of hot pepper. It all depends on the taste of your guests. If you do not know what is preferable, then serve the sauce, vegetables and dumplings separately. The guests themselves decide what they want more.

The Japanese love not only to eat deliciously, but also to serve the dish beautifully. They argue that the appetite depends on the presentation.


You have learned the Japanese gedza recipes with different variations of the fillings. However, that's not all. Culinary experts advise without fail to add sesame oil to the meat. It gives its unique flavor and taste, which none of the ingredients have.

It is important to know that Japanese dumplings should be served only with hot and cooled sauce.

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