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Recipe for lavash: cook at home

Lavash is a frequent guest on our table. With its help, you can easily cook a variety of dishes. In addition, lavash replaces many people's high-calorie bread, and just as a separate dish, it also looks good. When you read the composition of the product, you immediately have a desire to make lavash at home. Yes, of course, it can be done, only with a small reservation: it will still not be real, ie not "Georgian", or "Armenian". And the whole point is that real lavash is cooked in a special oven, which, unfortunately, the modern oven can not replace.

If you still want to make delicious lavash at home, then you can try it. Moreover, everything is simple, and time will not go far.

Recipe for Pita Lavash N1

Ingredients: 3 cups flour, ¼ cup warm water, 10 g yeast, 1 tsp. Sugar, vegetable oil.

Preparation: in a small plate pour warm water, add sugar and yeast. We wait until the yeast is good. At this time, mix flour and salt, make a small groove in the center and gradually pour in there the approached yeast and 3 tablespoons. Vegetable oil. Quickly mix everything until you get a homogeneous mass.

We take the dough from a bowl and spread it on the surface, sprinkled with flour. Start kneading the dough and do it for 10 minutes. Then shift the dough (shot into a bowl) back into a bowl (lightly peeled and greased with vegetable oil). Put the bowl in a warm place for a couple of hours until the dough doubles.

As soon as you saw that the dough was good, preheat the oven to 2300C. Double the dough and divide it into approximately 15-16 pieces. Sprinkle the work surface with flour and start rolling out the dough. A thin layer should be obtained, approximately 4 mm thick. As a result, you have rectangles (somewhere 20x8 cm). Transfer the rolled dough to a baking tray, sprinkled with flour.

As an addition, the dough can be pierced with a fork, sprinkle with water and sprinkle with sesame seeds or poppy seeds (you can both.) Baking time is 3-5 minutes, until our pita bread turns golden brown.

Recipe for lavash N2

Ingredients: 200 ml kefir, 1 tbsp vegetable oil, 1 tsp each. Soda and salt, 2-2.5 cups of flour.

Preparation: slightly warmed kefir mixed with salt, add soda (should appear bubbles), vegetable oil and flour. We begin to knead the dough. If there is not enough flour, we add more, because the dough should turn out like the softness of the earlobe. Cover it with a towel and leave it alone for 40-45 minutes.

When the time has passed, divide the dough into balls, the sizes of which will depend on the dishes in which you are going to bake lavash. For example, if you take a frying pan with a diameter of 20 cm, then the balls should turn out to be 8, if the pan is larger - balls should be made smaller. Each ball is rolled in a thin layer (approximately 4 mm). Bake in a dry frying pan, with each side having to be fried for 30-35 seconds. When serving, you can grease with butter or cook a delicious filling for lavash.

Since we know how to bake pita bread ourselves, it does not hurt to get acquainted with how it can be applied. Here are two delicious lavash recipes, with which you can please not only your family, but also the guests.

Pita bread recipe with greens and melted cheese

Take a piece of pita bread and grease it with any melted cheese (a special taste gives the cheese "Penguin"). We put on top finely chopped dill and coriander. We wrap in a roll and cut into small pieces. You can put a piece of smoked sausage or some other delicious product on top of the greens.

Recipe for pita bread with Korean carrots and sausages

On a sheet of pita bread lay a layer of cheese "Suluguni" and put it for a few seconds in the microwave to make the cheese melt. On top of the melted cheese put a layer of Korean carrots and half of the sausage (it should be separately boiled or baked in a microwave oven). Lavash is neatly wrapped in a roll and cut into two pieces.

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