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Sewing machine "Jaguar": a review, specifications, types and reviews

Put the hem of the dress, shorten the baby pants - all this and more will help to execute the sewing machine. She can become a real helper for any mistress. You do not need to run every time in the studio, you can sew everything yourself. Sewing machine "Jaguar" - one of the possible options. выпустило практически 3 сотни различных моделей. For more than half a century, Jaguar International Corporation has produced nearly 3 hundred different models. The story of all will take too much time. Therefore, we draw attention to individual models that have won the greatest popularity and love among buyers.

History Company

The beginning of many years of work was 1949. It was in this year that the company with the name Maruzen Mischin Company was opened. She was engaged in wholesale sales of sewing machines and accessories to them. After 3 years the enterprise offered the first models, which were able to sew not only a straight line, but also a zigzag.

Over time, the company's products are gaining momentum. Thanks to this, the company's activities did not go unnoticed. So there were foreign partners. Together with the American firm Sears, the Jaguar trademark has become known all over the world.

By the end of the 1980s, production increased to 7 million copies a year. At that time, the company changed its name to Jagyar Sewing Machines Company. His work continues to this day.

Types of machines

Currently, the company offers 270 different models. All of them are conventionally divided into three categories:

  • Budgetary . The sewing machine "Jaguar", belonging to this class, is capable of performing the most simple operations (straight and hidden stitches, zigzag, sewing on buttons, darning). In total there are about 20. For a housewife who uses a typewriter for household purposes, this is quite enough. All models of this group are easy to use, intuitive. They work reliably and reliably.
  • Higher, which are used by professionals. These are easy-to-use machines, the functionality of which has practically no boundaries. In addition to the simplest tasks, these models are able to hinge loops, perform decorative and stitch seams, embroider and so on. The stitch quality is enhanced by the horizontal shuttle. By the way, this facilitates the threading process. The built-in computer will help you to adjust and adjust all the necessary options. Automation helps to work. Thanks to this, even a beginner can cope with the machine.

  • Portable models suitable for work with constant movement. Machines of this class are easily transported at the expense of small dimensions.

Each group is represented by a large number of different models, differing in their characteristics and capabilities. The most popular models are discussed below.

Budget models

The Jaguar sewing machine of this category is easy to use. Low cost makes it affordable for every family. The most popular models in this group include the following machines:

  • Jaguar 312. Model with electromechanical control and swinging shuttle. Features of the device allow you to perform such lines as hidden, elastic, wrap and overlock. Paws for the sewing machine "Jaguar 312" expand the functionality of machinery. Thanks to them you can sew lightning (including hidden ones), sweep the edges and do many other things. The sewing speed is infinitely adjustable. For convenience, there is a reverse button. The machine weighs about 7 kg with dimensions of 35x26x12 cm. For storing small items there is an additional compartment.
  • Jaguar 316. The machine is able to perform all standard lines and additional - at the expense of the feet. The presser foot pressure can be adjusted. Unlike the previous model, it has LED workflow lighting and a slightly larger width (35х26х16 cm).
  • "Jaguar 551". The machine performs 14 operations. At the same time it is distinguished by vertical placement of the shuttle, LED lighting, a free sleeve. The most important feature is that the model is more compact, but has more weight in comparison with other models (7.8 kg).

  • "Jaguar 745". Performs standard stitches, quilting, sews zippers. Determines the size of the buttons. Electromechanical control. LED lightening. The working surface is expanded at the expense of the table, which is included in the machine set.
  • "Jaguar 777" differs from previous models by a more convenient arrangement of control buttons. Another difference is the horizontal shuttle. It is possible to disconnect the lower rail. For convenience of work there is an electronic pedal thanks to which it is possible to regulate speed of work. Loops are performed in automatic mode. In addition, it is possible to sew with a double needle.
  • The sewing machine "Jaguar 791" is distinguished by a large number of tasks performed. There are 40 options in total. With its help, you can even insert rivets. Due to this, this model can be considered the most functional among the whole group. It is convenient and comfortable to work with delicate fabrics due to the location of the shuttle. At the same time, you do not need to lubricate it. Many operations are performed in automatic mode (needle positioner, reverse). The machine weighs slightly more than 11 kg with dimensions of 41x17x30 cm.

This is just a small list of popular models. It can be continued for a very long time.

Clippers for professional use

The following models are included in the category of higher sewing machines:

  • "Jaguar 977" performs 28 operations, 13 lines. The foot rises to a height of 9 mm. The maximum sewing speed reaches 600 stitches for one minute. The horizontal rotary shuttle. The bottom conveyor is seven-segment. The machine consumes 75 watts. The dimensions of the machine do not differ from those of other models. Weight is 8 kg.
  • "Jaguar 979". It performs 40 operations, 5 kinds of lines. The possibilities are increased due to the three legs included in the kit. Electromechanical control. LED backlight workspace.

  • "Jaguar 6434". It differs completely by electronic control. The shuttle is vertical. Weighs only 5.7 kg. Dimensions - 28x17x38 cm.

Choosing one of these models, we can safely say that all the necessary tasks will be performed without additional effort and time.

Portable machines

This group includes those machines that are small in size.

The sewing machine "Jaguar Mini 271" has a standard set of options. At the same time, it weighs only 4.2 kg.

In this category, you can also select machines "Jaguar Mini U-2", "Jaguar Mini 255", "Jaguar Mini 284", "Jaguar Mini B-2". All of them are equipped with a standard set of options.

Additional accessories

The sewing machine "Jaguar", regardless of belonging to a particular group, is complemented by additional elements. Here it is possible to carry a cover with which the machine is closed for the period of storage. It allows you to protect against dust, mechanical damage. In many models it is made of soft fabric. Some models boast a hard case.

Most machines have a special compartment for storing small parts, which should be constantly at hand. As a rule, it is located on the front of the machine next to the location of the shuttle.

On the top of the machine there is a handle that allows you to transfer the device to any convenient place for work.

To illuminate the workflow in many models there is additional lighting. It is represented by LED light bulbs.

The electric pedal allows you to adjust the speed of work. Thus hands remain free.

Many parts are made of plastic. Therefore, they can fail under heavy loads. In such situations, repair of the Jaguar sewing machine is required.

Work on the machine

The instruction in the kit for each "Jaguar" sewing machine will help you understand the basics of working with machinery. In it you can find the rules for filling the upper thread, installing the needle, winding the threads onto the shuttle spool. In addition, the instructions indicate all the main types of options that are performed. An indication is given of how and for what each of them is carried out. Therefore, the instruction must be studied before working with the machine. And in the future it is better to keep it nearby.

Sewing machine "Jaguar": price

The company "Jaguar" offers a wide range of goods in a different price category. So, some models can be purchased already for 3 thousand rubles. And there are models that cost about 15 thousand rubles.

Models with electromechanical control are about 4 thousand rubles or more. Prices for goods with electronic control start from 9 thousand rubles. The most expensive are computers with computer control. Their price range starts from 11 thousand rubles.

Sewing machine "Jaguar": reviews

On the assortment of goods of this company, buyers leave completely different reviews. Some models cause rapturous opinions among the majority of users. Others, on the contrary, make you regret for the perfect purchase.

In the first place, users highlight availability in terms of price, ease of operation, quiet sound, light weight and size. Some models allow you to immediately cut the thread when the line ends. It is very convenient. The instruction is written in clear language. The abundance of drawings allows you to understand yourself how to use the product. Clippers are able to work with most fabrics, even delicate or dense.

The sewing machine "Jaguar 333" caused a lot of negative reviews. Work on it is recommended using strong threads, as they often tear. The upper thread is often stuck in the shuttle. To eliminate this, you must constantly disassemble the machine. Discomfort in the work causes the foot, which is not regulated. The "sickness" of this model is the breakage of the switches of stitches and thread tensioners.


Analyzing the reviews, you can come to the conclusion that "Jaguar" - a machine for beginners and work in the home. Professional craftsmen are unlikely to fit. And this applies not only to budget options, but also to more expensive models with a large number of options.

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