Gas piston installation. Gas-piston plants of Russian manufacturers

The cost of electric power for centralized systems is very high in our time. The same goes for general heating communications. Therefore, Mini-CHPs are becoming more popular among owners of enterprises of different specialization. The cost of installing such a station is quite expensive, but it pays off very quickly. The main element of any mini-CHP is a gas piston unit.

Design Features

Modern gas-piston units operate on internal combustion engines. In this case, not only propane or butane can be used as fuel, but also:

  • biogas;

  • Flare;

  • Sewage gas;

  • Associated;

  • Coke oven, etc.

In addition to the engine, the design of the gas piston unit includes:

  • Generator, designed to convert the mechanical energy of rotation of the motor shaft into electrical energy;

  • Hot water or steam boiler;

  • Radiator, which is part of the engine cooling system;

  • Pumps, thermostats, heat exchangers.

Also such a system can include an air conditioner. Most often mini-CHP uses chitters.

Principle of operation

The main advantage of gas piston units is a high efficiency at a relatively low cost. In the event that the equipment operates on gas supplied via Russian mains, its electrical efficiency will be about 43%. However, in most cases, gas piston units can operate in the cogeneration mode. At the same time, the heat generated by the internal combustion engine is also used. The coolant that heats up when the engine is running goes to a special exchanger. Here it transfers heat to water or antifreeze circulating along the mains of the heating system. Additional heating of the cooling liquid takes place in a special waste heat boiler due to the heat of the exhaust gases of the internal combustion engine.

When using this mini-CHP operation scheme, the efficiency of the installation can be increased to 90%. At the same time, the ratio of engine power to the power plant produced is 1x1. Which is a very good indicator. After all, for 1 kW of motor power, 1 kW of total (thermal and electric) power is generated.

Trigeneration models

Gas-piston generator set of this type is the most convenient to use, but at the same time the most expensive equipment. In this case, the heat generated by the engine can be used not only for heating the workshops and production premises of the enterprise in winter, but also for conditioning them in the summer. To achieve this goal allows the inclusion in the mini-CHP system of a cutter operating according to absorption technology. Such units use gas, steam or hot water in their work .

Sometimes the design of a gas piston unit is complemented by a compressor air conditioner. However, the use of such a device in most cases is considered inexpedient, since it operates on electricity. And this, in turn, causes additional unnecessary expenses.

Features of choice

The power of equipment such as a gas piston unit can fluctuate within very large limits. Of course, when choosing this equipment for this indicator, pay attention first. In the modern market there are installations, the power of which can be calculated as tens of kW and MW. But the most popular equipment is 100-2000 kW. Even if an enterprise requires large capacities, it is usually purchased not one large installation, but several small ones. This gives a lot of advantages. To such it is possible to carry:

  • More reliable operation of the system. In the event that one of the installations fails, the work can be temporarily continued using the remaining ones. As a result, the workshop will not be idle.

  • The possibility of more rational use of the system. For example, in winter, when there is no need for heating, some of the installations can be turned off. The same applies to the peaks and slumps of production itself.

A feature of gas piston units is that it is impossible to use them at a load of less than 30%. A large unit to be used at full capacity is always quite difficult. If you use multiple installations, this problem also disappears.

Calculation of a gas piston unit

The cost of 1 kW per hour, produced by this type of equipment, is quite difficult to calculate on its own. It's easier to use a specialized online calculator or software. In the form of the program, you simply need to enter such data as:

  • engine model;

  • Number of installations;

  • The tariff for gas in that particular locality;

  • Tariff for electricity.

It will also be necessary to indicate whether the station uses the cogeneration and trigeneration mode.

Gas-piston units, the price of which depends on the capacity and functional (from 100 thousand to 15-16 million rubles), in most cases are equipment, in use very profitable. Some models can pay off in a few months. The maximum payback period is 4 years.

Mounting Features

When assembling a mini-CHP, mandatory standards should be observed. The gas-piston unit can be mounted both outside the production premises and directly on its territory. Also, such units are sometimes installed in the annexes.

When installing on the street mini-CHP is usually located at a distance of not less than 5 meters from the building. If it is located in a separate building, the latter should be located from the shops at a distance of 10-20 m. In the production building mini-CHP should be separated with special technical rooms from all sides. At the same time, people should not be constantly in such rooms. The same rules are observed when the station is located in the annex.

Gas-piston plants of Russian manufacturers

Equipment of this type, produced in domestic enterprises, in most cases is characterized by good quality and reliability. And although some indicators of equipment of European production, it may be inferior, for use in mini-CHP is considered quite appropriate. Moreover, such units are usually cheaper than those manufactured, for example, in Europe.

Modern domestic enterprises can use a variety of brands of equipment such as gas piston plants. Producers of OOO Energo-status, Zorya-Mashproekt, NGO them. Frunze, Altai-Dieselenergo and many others produce quite reliable units of this type. Very popular with owners of enterprises operating from mini-CHP are Russian models of the AGP line produced by Rybinskcomplex.

Technical characteristics of AGP-100

Parameters of gas-piston plants of Russian manufacturers may vary depending on the range and purpose. Power stations AGP in this respect are not an exception. There are many modifications to this equipment. One of the most popular models on the domestic market is AGP-100. It is designed to provide consumers with three-phase alternating current at 50 Hz and 400 V. Depending on the quality of the gas it uses, it can generate 70-100% of its rated power. If necessary, it can be used for heat recovery. Below for clarity, we present to your attention a table with the technical characteristics of this unit.




100 kW

Rated current

180 A

Engine speed

1500 rpm

Type of fuel

Any gas

Oil consumption

0.5% of fuel consumption

Cooling system


Fuel consumption

35 m 3 / h

The cost of electricity produced by this installation is about 0.7 rubles per 1 kW / h at maximum load.

European installations

Such equipment is also used by domestic enterprises quite often. One of the most popular brands of imported models is Caterpillar. Gas-piston units of this manufacturer are valued primarily for:

  • High efficiency;

  • The possibility of using a wide range of additional equipment;

  • Ease of installation;

  • Saving in terms of fuel consumption;

  • Excellent performance;

  • The possibility of using without the need for major repairs for a long time (up to 100,000 hours).

Thus, a modern gas piston unit - the equipment is actually very convenient and reliable. Of course, it is possible to use it with such excellent indicators of profitability and productivity not only in production workshops, but also in various social facilities: in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, etc.

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