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Congratulations to the class teacher on his birthday from students and parents

The class teacher plays an important role in the life of the younger generation. Schoolchildren and their parents try not to miss the opportunity to congratulate him on any holiday, in order to express gratitude for the hard work of the teacher. Many students keep in touch with the class teacher for life. Any teacher will be pleased with the attention of the ward, who has already graduated from school. If you pick up warm words for the teacher's birthday, we bring to your attention our congratulations to the class teacher in prose and verse.

Wishes from the student

Every teacher is pleased to hear congratulations on his birthday. If they sound from the mouth of a schoolboy, it's especially nice. In addition to oral greetings, you can draw up a wall newspaper, where each student will write a couple of lines from himself. These can be the following words:

  • "Today is a special day, I want to say a congratulation to the class teacher. Happy birthday, dear teacher! You do not just replenish the luggage of my knowledge, you show me the right way in life. I wish that you always had the strength and patience to do your work. Let wisdom always prevail over emotions. That the students appreciate, and colleagues treated with respect. "
  • "Happy holiday, dear teacher! I want to thank you for everything you did for me, what you taught. For me, you will always remain not a classy leader, but a true friend. It is easy for you to seek advice, because you will not condemn and always come to the rescue. I have never met such honest, intelligent and just people in my life. But you are an example of the fact that they exist. Thank you very much for your work. Achievements of professional peaks, good health, happiness, success, joyful events! "

Greetings from the whole class

Most often, congratulations on his birthday sound not from one student, but from the whole class. Take the opportunity to thank the teacher. Make him a surprise and write your wishes on the school board. If you want to leave not only pleasant memories, then sign a beautiful postcard. Having seen her after many years, the class teacher will remember his favorite students and read these words:

  • "Dear our teacher, you and our class have been together for several years. Before your eyes we grew up, got knowledge and formed as individuals. Thanks to your work, our class is highly successful. Because of your immense love, we rallied in a single collective. Today's congratulations to the class teacher on his birthday is not only a tribute to the enormous work invested in our upbringing. This is a low bow for a trip to life. "
  • "Dear and beloved teacher! Happy Birthday. We wish you great happiness, optimism and patience. For our part, we promise to become the most obedient class and please you with your academic success. "

  • "We address our congratulations to the class teacher. Happy Birthday! We wish that everything in your life was excellent. Let the house expect harmony and mutual understanding. At work - respect and career growth. You are an unusual teacher, you are our second mother. We are sure that you are worried about each of us. Thank you very much for your care, love and guidance. "

Greetings from parents

Who respects and loves teachers more than schoolchildren? Of course, their parents. After all, they give to the upbringing the most precious - their children. Not surprisingly, parents want only the best teachers. After all, they know firsthand how difficult it is sometimes to find a common language with a child. The words of gratitude on the day of birth from parents can look like this: "Dear class teacher, our children came to your education very young. And what they will become depends most of all on what kind of atmosphere you create in school. Already now we know that the teacher of our children is really a worthy person. You have something to draw not only for children, but for us. Accept in your holiday sincere congratulations. The class teacher from the parents thank you so much for teaching our children to be good people. We want them to surprise you and please us. Let all the troubles be bypassed, at home there will be peace and harmony, and at work - a decent salary. Let only the beloved and talented students always surround you! "

Congratulations on the anniversary

If the birthday congratulates colleagues or bosses, then, before proceeding to the wishes of all the benefits, talk about the merits of the teacher. Schoolchildren do not always pay attention to the merits of the teacher before the school and society. They try to express their emotions simply and from the heart. Here are some examples of how this can be done:

  • "Dear teacher! Please accept a congratulatory message from us. We hasten to congratulate the class teacher on his jubilee on the very first. We love and respect you very much. You are the one who told us what is good and what is bad. You can turn to you at any second for advice. We wish good health so that we have enough strength to release many more classes. We are proud to have lived this part of your life with you. "

  • "We congratulate on the anniversary and wish your students to take only the first places in all the Olympiads. So that you do not have time to write letters for their academic performance. Let you be awarded the title of "class leader of the year." After all for us you will forever remain the best teacher in life! "

Congratulations to the class teacher in verse

The most original way to congratulate the teacher is to write poetry to him. If poetry is not your strong point, use ready-made essays:

Dear teacher,

Happy Birthday!

You are the leader,

Without a doubt!

In life the way

We were told,

Happiness is the essence

They told everyone!

My class teacher,

I hasten to congratulate you on your birthday!

And I want to wish everything,

And the main thing is patience!

Let life give what is needed:

Health, happiness, respect.

Let's continue to live together,

Again, happy birthday!

Let the future lie ahead of you

Only a bright road,

No wonder everyone is talking about you:

Teacher you are from God!

Professional teacher

In all the example for us,

Let me congratulate you

Today, at this hour.

We wish you to be clockwork,

Beautiful, always young.

We embrace you tightly.

Your best fifth grade.

Dear teacher,

From ignorance, the savior.

At school you are honored in everything,

May you always be lucky!

To love you kids,

To listen to the boys,

And today at this hour

We want to congratulate you.

My class teacher,

Really cool!

You did not let me roll

On a slippery path dangerous.

You were my friend and family,

He could laugh with me.

I thought I was different,

Imagined in vain.

To you, dear teacher,

I want to say thank you,

With an open heart and soul,

You helped me beautifully!

Looking for the best congratulations to the class teacher on his birthday? The most pleasant words are obtained when told from the heart. So that you are not caught unawares on a holiday, prepare a solemn speech in advance. Using the congratulations presented in the article, you can make your own unique appeal. If it's hard for you to compose yourself, try to remake a famous song or poem. Such a congratulation will be remembered by the class teacher.

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