Flapper-gofre or forceps for the basal volume

Every woman wants to have thick and bulk hair. However, not all representatives of the fair sex nature awards with such splendor.

To solve the problem of thin and rare hair, forceps for the root volume or, as they are also called, corrugated corrugation are possible. No stowage means at the same time you do not need to use it, except to protect your head with a heat-protective spray.

Corrugated strands were very popular in the 90's. At this time on the streets you could see women whose curls were curled by the technology of corrugation. To make such packing today does not represent special work. However, we are talking about the volume of hair at the roots. How can you achieve this effect without resorting to curling? Very simple. To do this, forceps are used for the root volume.

In order to understand how they are applied, let's look at the full process of laying, that is, including the curl. The hair should be clean and dry. Before curling, they need to be combed well. The usual parting is done on the head. Near it, a strand is separated and treated with a thermal spray spray. The forceps for the radical volume grasp the curl at the head, after 15 seconds the float moves closer to the tips of the hair, again the same time is maintained. Thus, every hair is curled.

In order to make only the root volume, the forceps are used only at the very base of the hair. Further, the wave is not produced. It should be noted that if you plan to use a curling iron solely for these purposes, then when buying, you need to take into account that the corrugated plates should not be wide, then the waves on the hair will not be visible.

After the end of the laying (after giving the volume to the hair), it is necessary to beat them a little and sprinkle with varnish for fixation. It should be noted that if it is planned to use forceps for the radical volume permanently, then it is necessary to ensure proper hair care. Otherwise, after a couple of months they will become lifeless and dry. To restore hair, we recommend the use of rinsers and nourishing masks. Another important point - the recommended temperature for heating the curling iron for different hair. For hard and curly locks, forceps should be heated to about 210 degrees, for the weakened, maximum to 180 degrees. Medium stiffness normal hair can be exposed to an average temperature between two specified parameters, that is, 190-200 degrees.

The condition of the hair after using the corrugated corrugation is influenced also by what plates on it are installed. The best option is ceramic with ionization function. The temperature effect on the hair in this case is more gentle.

So, to give the hairstyle volume at the roots with the help of tongs-corrugation, it is necessary to have a ploy with ceramic narrow plates, a heat-protective spray, a hair spray and a little time. The process of creating a styling is quite easy and can be done by absolutely everyone.

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