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Firewall: what is it and what are its tasks?

Working or playing games, it is necessary to understand that the user is on the World Wide Web, where there are villains. Such people are called hackers. They live by trying to infiltrate someone else's PC and steal information from it. It can be done with a variety of viruses or malicious programs, as well as some other vulnerabilities of the operating system. If anti-virus has been invented for anti-virus protection for a long time, then there is a firewall to protect the PC and local or Internet network. What it is?


Many inexperienced users believe that an antivirus program is able to protect them from all misfortunes. However, it is not. To fully protect the PC, you also need a network screen. What is it and how does it work?

Detect the firewall and its settings can be in the center of protection. To ensure maximum protection of the PC, this program is guided by certain rules. This refers to the actions that the firewall will perform when an attempt is made to connect to another source. These rules can be either resolving or prohibiting. It is also important to understand that this program protects the PC on two levels. The first is the network, and the second is the application one. That is, if you answer questions about what the network screen is, what it is and how it works, you can formulate such an answer. This is a built-in software that is designed to protect a personal computer from trying to connect from the outside.

Network protection

As noted earlier, the firewall has two levels of protection. The first step is networked PC protection. The implementation of protection occurs on the basis of global rules that are set by the firewall, and which it uses when a connection is detected. Depending on several parameters, the program either will block the connection, or allow:

  • The direction of the network packet.
  • Network packet transfer protocol.
  • Destination port or packet exit.

In order to more broadly answer the question of what the network screen is, what it is, it is necessary to find out what the network package with which the screen works is. In principle, everything is quite simple. A network packet is information that is transmitted within a network as a block. The screen perceives such a package as a block, divided into three parts. The first part is considered the title and carries information about the date of creation, name, size of the block, etc. The second part will be direct content, and the third part is called the ending and carries information that confirms that during the transfer the block was not changed from Side.

Application protection

If the first type of protection is applied to information that is fed to the personal computer from outside, then the second type works with what is already installed on the PC. Other rules apply to this security. However, it should be noted that the analysis on which the screen will make a decision remains the same as in the case of network protection.

But there is some difference. It consists in the fact that, in addition to scanning the block with information, the firewall will also check the security that should receive the information or send it. Such a number of checks and rules, guided by the protection program, allows an experienced user to configure the protection of his PC at the highest level.

Firewall and Zona

On the Internet, there are many programs for quickly downloading content. One of them is called Zona. This software makes it possible to download a lot of movies, games or programs at a high speed, but some users complained that when the firewall turned on the program stopped working, referring to the existing server access error. This failure is the result of the functioning of the alarm system.

In order to not turn off the screen, but also to make the tracker work, something needs to be changed. Immediately after turning on the protection, it will consider that the malicious program is a zone. Configuring the firewall has an extension called "Exceptions." In order to adjust the work of the tracker and get rid of the error, it is necessary to make it into these very exceptions. The location of the settings may vary depending on the version of the screen and the fact that it is embedded software or an outsider.

Screen Functions

The firewall is installed in order to solve several very important tasks. What is the function of the firewall after installation?

  • The first such task is to protect the internal small network, say, the company from any external penetration. It is worth noting that the security does not make a difference between external users or internal. Check it will be the same as the employees of the company, its partners, and hackers trying to penetrate the Web.
  • The second function is to regulate the access of internal users to external resources. In other words, you can configure the firewall so that it blocks access from the PCs under its control to resources that are not required to do the work.

It is also worth noting that at present there is no general classification of such programs and devices.

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