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All Orthodox Christians are waiting for the bright day of Christ's Resurrection. Preparing for this holiday in advance, think through the Easter decor. With your hands, you can create an amazing design of the premises, decorate the original table, prepare amazing gifts for guests. Every detail is important here. About how you can create a unique Easter decor with your own hands, this article is about.

Transparent curtains made of rabbits

You can make the Easter decor yourself, making original curtains on the windows. Let even from the street everyone sees that in the house - a real holiday! Especially since it is not difficult to make such an ornament. It is recommended that children be encouraged to work.

To make this Easter decoration yourself, you will need pieces of different wallpaper and a rabbit pattern. Pattern of the animal is applied to colored paper, outlined along the contour. Then the rabbits are cut with scissors and with a needle and thread make a garland, which hangs on the curtain vertically.

You can glue the workpieces on a string or sew on a tulle curtain. And some people prefer using soap to stick figures directly on the glass.

Decoration of the walls for the holiday

You can place paper rabbits not vertically on the tow, but horizontally. It is recommended to hang this garland on the wall. And just a bunch of pasted colored rabbits remarkably raise the festive mood.

Sachets with rabbits for gifts

In general, many Easter ideas are based on the image of a rabbit. With a fantasy, the mistresses manage to fold the napkins in such a way that they remind this eared panties.

Appliques with this funny little animal are decorated with bags with gifts for guests, they make postcards with congratulations. Folding a thick paper with a cone, attaching the ears on top, and drawing your eyes and tendrils from the front, you can get an excellent original gift bag. Hang it on the front door and wait for the neighbors to put a treat in it.

Wreath from eggs

What wonderful Easter ideas do not come to mind to dreamers! Here, for example, a luxurious wreath of eggs - it's so nontrivial! He admirably decorates the entrance to the room even outside. True, it will not be possible to collect this ornament from real eggs.

Therefore, you must first make parts from papier-mâché. Pieces of the newspaper are pasted onto a template - a devastated egg. The first layer is applied by moistening the paper with plain water so that the papier-mache can easily be removed from the template. The next 10 layers are glued with starch or flour pastry.

After the workpiece dries, it is carefully cut in half, trying not to touch the shell, and remove it from the template. Folding the halves with each other, pieces of newspaper glue the place of the joint. After complete drying, eggs are colored or left as such, directly with the letters. In both ends of the workpiece make holes, into which the cord is stretched.

You can place bunches of flowers or grass bunches between eggs, tie bright beautiful bows. And you can even wrap a wreath with an electric garland from a box with Christmas ornaments. Let with the onset of darkness flare up multicolored lights, giving a magical mood to everyone around. Such crafts on the Easter theme will not only become an interesting decision of the design of the room, but can also serve as a pleasant gift for the holiday.

Decorating kitchen utensils

In the technique of applique decorate various objects made of cloth. For example, kitchen towels, aprons, potholders. Similar easter decorations for the house are easy to make.

Applique on the fabric can be done by sewing the cut out parts on the main object with a suture seam. There is also a method of hot binding fabrics. For this purpose, the matter on which the contour of application is marked is placed on polyethylene, and a newspaper is laid from below. With a hot iron, iron the fabric from the front side. When it "grabs" with the adhesive material, the piece is cut with scissors.

Then on a permanent place put the ready-made application with polyethylene down and again iron. So the exclusive thing is ready!

Decoration of the stand for eggs in five minutes

There are other Easter ideas. With your own hands, for example, it is easy to decorate the egg stand. To do this, it is enough to cut out a dense color paper or cardboard contour image of a rabbit, which seems to be trying to climb up. On the workpiece you can fix a fluffy tail, made of a piece of cotton or fur.

Bending the upper legs of the rabbit, it is attached to the stand, in which the krashenki lie. Now the picture is presented with a nice picture: the funny animal tries to get to the bright eggs prepared for the holiday.

Stands for nests

Interesting Easter ideas with their own hands to embody is not so difficult. For example, to decorate the decor of the room will help the original stand for eggs.

"Nests" for krushankas can be weaved from straw, newspaper tubes or willow twigs. Knitters can use their skill. Charming crocheted nests look great when inside they are beautifully laid multi-colored eggs.

Just do not forget to lay the bottom of each such stand with hay, decorate with artificial flowers. You can use any capacity instead of a wicker nest: a pot, a jug, a bowl. After all, chickens, as you know, manage to be carried not only in strictly designated places - for them the law is not written.

Chocolate figurines are original and delicious!

Today, increasingly, cooks use their creative abilities to make interesting crafts for Easter. Having a shape for baking rabbit, chicken, chicken, they make a biscuit figurine. Then it is poured over chocolate icing.

Cooking glaze can be cold. It is enough to mix in a bowl three tablespoons of cocoa and a half glass of powdered sugar and dissolve a mixture of half a glass of warm milk. Add a half tablespoons of softened butter and vanilla, you should carefully mix everything, rubbing until the appearance of shine. Use the glaze immediately after preparation, as it very quickly hardens.

Easter decorations in salted dough

Often needlewomen make by their own hands amazing figures-figurines. To create these masterpieces you do not need clay, porcelain or gypsum. After molding them from the usual salted dough, the ingredients for cooking which can be found in any kitchen.

Flour and fine salt are mixed in a volume ratio of 2: 1. That is, flour is taken twice as much in volume as salt. Mix a rather steep dough, similar to dumplings, with water. Of this mass, and mold figures that are baked in the oven, and after solidification paint and cover with varnish.

A festive cake - and a treat, and an Easter decoration

The most skillful confectioners manage to embody Easter ideas in their amazing masterpieces. With their hands the baked cake is decorated with figures of mastic, fresh or glazed fruit, peeled nuts. You can use as a design and chocolates, for example, to simulate a fence.

Mastic for the figures do so. First, three grams of gelatin is prepared as indicated on the package. Then add half a tablespoon of softened margarine and a half teaspoons of powdered glucose. After mixing, 400 grams of powdered sugar are poured into the mixture. This mixture is again stirred until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Be sure to add food coloring to the mastic !

Easter tree

A wonderful version of the festive design will be a plant with fancy fruits - decorated with eggs. Of course, you can not hang real krashenki on thin branches. But the hollow shells, painted according to the plan, with threaded loops glued to one of the tips, can easily be held on the tree. The decor of Easter eggs for this craft is used the one that most like the master-designer.

So you can decorate any home plant. And there is another option to make a tree from a regular branch, setting it in a pot of earth. You can put it in the water in advance so that young leaves get through the kidneys. Then the twig is placed in a container with water, which is masked in the soil of the pot.

Decor of Easter eggs

In addition to all the known method of cooking krushenok in onion husks, there are many other options for their decoration. These are:

  • Drawing of a drawing by paints by means of a brush;
  • Decoupage with napkins;
  • Wrapping in foil;
  • Decoration of Easter eggs with beads, buttons, paillettes;
  • Drawing with 3D paints.

Beads, sequins, buttons can be simply pasted on a shell. And you can weave a beautiful case. It will require beads and beads.

The easiest way is to make several threads low from the beads that tie at both ends of the egg. On the site of the nodes you can make cute brushes, pompons.

The second option involves the manufacture of openwork "mail" for the egg. For this purpose, the pieces of wire or line to which the beads are attached cross each other during the weaving process, which is why the openwork is formed.

Master Class of Vintage Easter Egg

This option allows you to create a real masterpiece. True, it is done on a devastated and dried shell. And it is right! It's a blasphemy to spoil such beauty in order to eat an egg.

  • First, a pencil ornament is applied to the shell.
  • Then, using a drill with a very thin drill, make holes in the right places.
  • 3D paint is applied a strip of ornament on a contour drawn by a pencil.
  • After the desiccation of the convex pattern, it is stained with white paint using a sponge.
  • In place, free from the ornament, put a piece of glossy paper with a glue with a pattern.
  • The PVA glue is again applied from above.
  • The edges of the piece can be painted over with the same white paint that covered the ornament, so that the picture itself remains untouched.

If you attach an eyelet to the tip of the egg, you can decorate the Easter tree with it.

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