Dynamics in cars: description and characteristics

For convenience and comfort of movement in the car many think over a full-fledged audio system in it. But not always drivers can understand, what dynamics in a car to choose and on the basis of what characteristics. We offer you tips and an overview of the popular brands of speakers that are most often selected for equipping cars.

What sizes?

Any speaker system is different in size and design features. Choose the most optimal option, depending on where the system will be installed. The most optimal as the front speakers are the speakers in the car 16 cm. This size is considered the most successful, since the middle frequencies also sound with high quality, while the depth of the bass remains sufficient. It is noteworthy that the dynamics of the same series and sizes may have noticeable differences, especially in general characteristics.

Increased in size, 20 cm speakers are ideal for installation as a mid-bass unit in three-component speakers. But such dynamics in the car door will not fit because of too large a size. If you use such large elements in two-component speakers, they show a very mediocre sound at medium frequencies. Moreover, there are not so many successful models that could be used in home and professional conditions.

As the rear speakers in speakers are ideal for speakers for a car 13 cm. But, of course, do not rely on deep bass. In addition, align the subwoofer and front speakers will not be as easy as creating a full-fledged sound system. In any case, the size matters if you want to make the sound in the car qualitative and good. But in addition to the size of the speakers, the depth and diameter of the selected model play a role.

The size depends on the quality

As we see, the dynamics in the car can have different sizes. It is noteworthy that the quality of sound depends directly on this parameter. The larger the diameter of the loudspeaker, the better it will reproduce the low frequencies. If the installation of a subwoofer in a car is not planned, it is better to choose a front acoustics with the parameters 16-17 cm. And if there is a subwoofer, then enough speakers and 13 cm.

Coaxial or component?

Modern dynamics in cars can be co-axial and component. Coaxial speakers are the simplest in design, and there are several speakers in it, and each of them reproduces its own sound. Separation between them is made by special filters. In serious models of acoustic systems, the filter is often located in a separate housing, but in some models it is located on the speaker housing. The coaxial speaker is good in that it covers more frequency bands. You need to place it in the regular places of the car.

Component dynamics in auto are the most common systems among those owners who like high-quality sound. In them, the playback range is differentiated into several parts, with the speakers acting separately, that is, they do not interfere with each other. The audio series in this design is divided by frequencies, which makes the installation more difficult, and it costs more. But the quality and volume of sound in such a system at altitude.

How and where to dispose?

When building a home speaker system, it's enough simply to divide the left and right speakers around each other at a certain distance from each other. In the car, this does not work. Clean sound depends not only on the quality of the equipment, but also on how correctly it is installed. Connecting the speaker to the car should be performed in accordance with a number of rules:

  • Dynamics should be carried forward and as far as possible;
  • Columns with different frequencies are put close to each other - so the sound will be whole and consistent.

To avoid vibration and improve sound, the system must be very firmly attached. Door loudspeakers must be soundproofed - this will prevent jarring of doors and minimize possible bad sound.

Very often the rear speaker (rear car speakers) is located - in this case the distance between the speakers and the subwoofer should be sufficient. In the optimal version, it is better to mount the speakers in the rear doors, and place the subwoofer in the trunk. If the speakers work at medium and high frequencies, they should be placed in the front of the car. High-frequency speakers can be placed next to the mirrors or on the bottom of the rack. In general, it is possible to determine the best location exclusively by experiment, depending on the characteristics of the system and the car itself.

High frequencies: what are the features?

To create a high-quality audio system in a car, you need to think about its placement so that all frequencies of the sound range are reproduced. And for this purpose low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency dynamics for cars are used. And without the latter in the system can not do, because the quality of playback will deteriorate. High-frequency speakers are called tweeters in another way, and they should be selected in accordance with a number of characteristics: the range of reproduced frequencies, power, impedance.

The tweeter should ideally be placed on the front pillar. In this case it is important to arrange it with a certain angle, so that a sufficient width of the scene is provided. Most often, both speakers of the HF look at each other, but still you need to experiment and thereby choose the optimal version of the sound. And now we offer to evaluate several models of speakers that are in demand among buyers.

The best among co-axes: Morel Tempo Coax 6

Based on these columns, you can create a two-way coaxial system that will have unique properties. The tweeter can be rotated to an angle of 20 degrees, which makes it possible to provide a comfortable sound for the ear. The HF column has a soft dome and low resonance level, so it sounds in a wide frequency range. Among the positive aspects of this system can be identified sound balance, high power, no distortion, but at low frequencies velvet is not enough.

Pioneer TS-1339

Many users note that these are the best speakers for cars. This system is built on the size of the column 13 cm, so it can be installed in the seats of most models of cars. To produce the diffuser, high-quality polypropylene was used. The speakers work with pure sound and soft bass without distortion. For motorists who do not make serious demands on sound, these are the most suitable for the price and quality of car speakers.


Columns for this brand of cars are highly sensitive. Thanks to the oval shape, they look great in the cabin. The impressive power of sound is the main difference of this device. Among the advantages are the balance of high and low frequencies, stylish design and high-quality performance.

Best among component

If you need a full-featured component acoustics, we suggest that you evaluate the Morel Tempo 6. There are two tweeters, two crossover, main speakers and additional bowls to which tweeters are attached. The set is characterized by high-quality assembly and excellent technical parameters, due to which a comfortable detailed sound is provided both at low and high frequencies.

Focal Performance PS 165 is a chic speaker system that can be used as front speakers. This brand always offers a system that strikes traditionally with outstanding sound, rich and balanced sound.

Among the best case speakers can be noted Mystery MJ 105BX: at an affordable cost (and this brand always offers affordable devices) they have good technical data and an excellent sound panorama. Buyers appreciate these devices for their compactness and ease of installation.

What to choose?

Experts advise: before you buy the speakers, first determine what you want the acoustic system and what it should be the size. The first factor depends on the sound quality, from the second - the installation of the system. Even the most inexpensive acoustic systems are able to provide a salon with high-quality and clean sound.

If you really like a powerful and flawless sound, then do not be stingy and choose powerful speakers.

As for the location of the speakers in the car, you'll have to experiment here to find the option that suits you.

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