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Balearic Sea: description, photo

The Balearic Sea is located on the southernmost edge of the European continent. It is located between the eponymous islands and the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The reservoir is a small part of the Mediterranean water area, covers an area of 86 thousand square kilometers.

Geographical features

The depth of the sea varies from the south-west side. Its average figure is about 730 m, to the north-eastern part of the coast - more than 2 thousand m (maximum). Thanks to numerous underwater expeditions, it was found that the seabed is quite muddy. Although there are also sandy areas. This is the difference between the Balearic Sea. The water temperature here is 12 ºС in the winter, 25 ºС in the summer. Surface waters have an average salinity, which is 36-38 ppm.
The sea is in a warm region. It enters the subtropical climatic zone. Therefore, in winter, rains are constantly raining here, and summer is extremely arid and sunny.

Relief and hydrography

Near the coast of the Balearic Sea are the foothills of two mountain systems - Iberian and Catalan, which almost descend into the water. In addition, there are river valleys adjacent to the plains. Mountains together with water form picturesque numerous bays, smoothly passing into bays and lagoons. At the same time, there is not a single island or peninsula in the marine area, only the Balearic archipelago. In addition to the sea, it is washed by bays: Alfakas, Valencia, San Jorge and Palm. In addition to the waters of the Mediterranean, the Balearic Sea feeds on several large rivers flowing down from the mountains. Among them, the largest and deepest are Jucar, Turia, Ebro, Mijares.


Since ancient times, the wealth of the sea was enjoyed by hunters who lived on the coast. Among them were the Greeks and Phoenicians, who extracted seafood for their own food, as well as for sale in the markets. Until now, the animal world continues to maintain its diversity. In particular, here you can find different kinds of fish: mackerel, tuna, mullet, sharks. There are many mollusks: squid, anchovies, crabs or lobsters. The water temperature in the Balearic Sea is adequate, which contributes to the gradual development of fishing.


Even in the times of antiquity, traditional crafts began to develop here, among which fishery was allocated. On this basis, piracy, shipping and maritime trade began to develop. Traditions have been preserved in the modern world, as a result of which along the sea coast a number of the largest ports appeared - Tarragona, Valencia, etc.

Recreation and entertainment

The Balearic Sea is a resort paradise, where there are world centers of tourism, recreation and entertainment. It closely intertwines ancient culture, history, architecture, national color and traditions. Among the most famous resorts can be identified Mallorca, Cabrera, Dragonera. There are always festivals and carnivals. Great popularity, especially among clubbers and young people from around the world, enjoys Ibiza.

Let's sum up the results

Everyone who loves beautiful, superb places, it is necessary to visit here. The Balearic Sea is in an excellent climatic zone, it has interesting sights, which I really want to see. If you get permission, then you can have an excellent fishing, and after a fascinating pastime, boast of a rich catch.

You should be careful, because sometimes the sun is very hot. Anyone who likes to sunbathe long, runs the risk of getting severe burns or sunstroke. These diseases can lead to undesirable consequences, as well as to death. This is most likely the only negative. Well, otherwise rest on the sea will really be unforgettable!

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