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A herring under a fur coat

It happens that a dish is very like the taste, but has already bothered its traditional look. The usual way of making herring under a fur coat has long been boring to many people, despite the fact that the taste of the dish is simply terrific. One of the options for the unusual preparation of this dish is the herring under a fur coat. Let's figure out how to cook this.

Roulette herring under a fur coat: recipe

To prepare this usual-unusual dish, you should prepare such a grocery set: medium-sized cooked beets - two pieces, a large boiled carrot - one piece, boiled potatoes of medium size - two pieces, cream cheese - 100 grams, mayonnaise, salted herring - one Piece, gelatin - 5 grams. Before you start cooking such an unusual dish, like herring under a fur coat, you should soak all the gelatin in a quarter of a glass of cold water, it should swell, after which it can be dissolved in a water bath until it dissolves completely. You can cool, mix with mayonnaise.

Grate beets, potatoes and carrots on a small grater. Potatoes are better to rub in a warm form, in which case you can avoid its strong gluing. It can be rubbed on a large or medium grater, it all depends on the preferences. Herring is cut into strips or slices, but it must be previously cleaned from the skins, fins, viscera and bones.

It's time to form the future roll. To do this, you need to lay out a food film on the table , it would be good to have several layers. Beforehand, try beetroot, because the pledge of a delicious salad is a sweet vegetable. Mix the beetroot with the mayonnaise-gelatin mixture, after which it can be expanded in a uniform layer on the film, forming a rectangle. Now it is the turn of the cream cheese, it also needs to add a mayonnaise-gelatin mixture. Cheese is not necessary to add, everything depends on taste preferences, herring under a fur coat without it will not become worse for taste. It is important to remember that every new layer of products needs to be made smaller in area, otherwise it will be difficult for you to form a roll of beautiful form.

After cheese or beet, depending on the choice, it is the turn of the carrot layer. Carrots you should also mix with the mayonnaise-gelatin mixture. After carrots you should lay a layer of potatoes, which should also be mixed with mayonnaise. In the event that your mixture of mayonnaise with gelatin had time to freeze, it just needs to be heated a little on a water bath. It is also important to remember to add all the layers. Well, now it's the turn of the herring fillet, which must be laid in the middle of the potato layer.

The herring under the fur coat will be formed by gradually wrapping with a film, for this you must hold the edges on both sides, you can even call someone to help, so it will be much easier to cope, roll all the layers with a roll. Those who have ever made sushi or another similar dish in their lives, it will come about without any significant problems. Roll up the edges of the film, then the salad rolls herring under the fur coat should be wrapped in foil, and put into the refrigerator for several hours.

As with the traditional preparation of this dish, it tastes much better from how long it will be infused. Therefore, you can cook it the day before the feast, slowly and without fear that the layers will not soak. Before serving, you will need to carefully roll the roll, get rid of the foil and film, and then lay it on a dish designed to serve salad to the table. To cut it it is possible as a usual roll, spreading on plates.

Bon Appetit!

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