Dunlop tires: producer country, reviews

As is known, a lot depends on the quality of automobile tires: starting from the smoothness and "elegance" of the car's progress and ending with ensuring safety while driving. Tires should provide good traction, be resistant to temperature changes, unfavorable weather and road conditions. This is especially true for domestic roads.

One of the most reliable can be attributed tires from the company Dunlop, whose manufacturing country is the UK. However, tires are produced not only in the UK, but also in other countries, more details about the causes of this phenomenon, you can find out from the information below.

History of the company: ups and downs

The history of the company's foundation goes back to 1888, and the bicycle became the prerequisite for the appearance of the concern that will supply tires for racing cars of royal races.

One British veterinarian gave his son a two-wheeled horse, and the happiest scion immediately left on it to ride. And after the trip he came to complain to his father that after the ride the whole body "jumps and hums". This is not surprising, since in those days solid tires were used that had poor cushioning properties.

Father decided to improve his gift somewhat, and invented the world's first pneumatic tire. After some time, the former veterinarian patented his invention and began to produce tires. So the company Dunlop was born, which supplied its products to almost all countries of the world.

What was the success of the company? The thing is that the company's specialists used a number of innovative developments. For example, they were the first to conduct comprehensive tests for their products.

Specialists Dunlop stood at the origins of the creation of the first tire chamber. Despite the fact that the company received a separate patent for it, the design was borrowed from a soccer ball. Ironically, it was the Dunlop specialists who created the world's first tubeless tire. There were other, no less innovative solutions: the creation of a protector pattern of a directional form, rubber and metal spikes, as well as the "insertion" of pieces of a metal chain into the rubber.

In the sixties of the last century the company reached a new level. Thanks to the supply of its products for the Formula-1, in addition, many aircraft for their chassis used it was English tires.

However, the company was waiting for both prosperity and decline. By the mid-1980s, largely due to the ill-considered financial policies of the company's management, the firm was mired in debt, and then was sold at all in parts. Therefore at the moment there are two "divisions" of the once united company:

  • Dunlop Tires Ltd. At the moment this part of the firm is owned by the Japanese concern Sumitomo.
  • Dunlop. The same part of "spares" the company Goodyear.

It is worth noting that initially, "Dunlop" passed into the hands of the Japanese as a whole, and after that the new owners put up for sale shares in the European and North American department. Thus, the production of tires "Dunlop" has become a truly joint. To date, tires "Dunlop" are produced in Japan, the US and many countries in Europe.

Tires reviews Dunlop

From what country-manufacturer from tires Dunlop, depends also their responses. The most praiseworthy German, Japanese and American tires Dunlop. However, in the current variety of goods it is easy to run into a fake. This is evidenced by negative feedback about the Taiwan and Chinese versions of tires.

Based on this fact, what conclusion can be drawn? That there is some influence of the country-manufacturer of tires Dunlop on the reviews. They largely depend on what is on the package from the tires. In this case, we should not discount the Chinese counterfeits of the well-known brand. As a rule, such tires have a number of negative reviews. In order to distinguish a fake, you need to closely monitor the writing of the brand name on the package and on the bus itself, as well as look at the country-manufacturer of tires Dunlop for a particular model.

Where do tires for Dunlop tires come from?

The company is not limited to the production of Dunlop tires. The rubber of the country of manufacture is also manufactured at the expense of its own forces. This is done to save in production, in addition, the company's unique technologies allow producing high-quality raw materials for tires.

Raw materials for rubber are supplied from Brazil, rubber from this state is a high-quality raw material, allowing to produce rubber of the highest quality, which will eventually become an excellent basis for the production of Dunlop tires.

Thanks to high-quality raw materials, tires are resistant to temperature changes and unfavorable weather conditions. Also reviews about tires Dunlop, producing countries from Europe in particular, say that they wear out quite slowly and can serve much more than the manufacturer specified by the manufacturer.

Dunlop SP Winter Ice 01: briefly about the model

This model is a universal winter tire. The advantages of it include the presence of a directional tread pattern, as well as a special composition of the rubber compound. These factors allow operating the tire in severe road conditions, such as snow and ice. In addition, this "machine shoes" is an ideal option for operation on clean and damp road surfaces.

Thus, the Dunlop SP Winter Ice 01 of the manufacturing countries from Europe, as well as the USA and Japan, is an ideal model for car operation in winter. It should be added that the model received a number of positive reviews from domestic motorists.

Dunlop Grandtrek Ice 02: model description

Model Dunlop Grandtrek Ice 02 has improved coupling properties. In particular, such characteristics boast tires, whose production was focused on the Russian market (Dunlop Grandtrek Ice 02 - the producing countries of the US and Japan). The tire has an improved tread pattern, which provides an almost perfect grip on the road surface. The disadvantages of the model include the provision of poor braking on snow and ice.

The tires of the Dunlop Grandtrek model, whose producing countries are located in Europe, are mostly positive, as they fully meet the tasks assigned to them.

Dunlop Ice Touch tires

This line of tires has its own unique features that emphasize the benefits of the entire brand. So, perhaps, the main feature of this model is the unique design of the tread pattern. Thanks to it, the tire provides ideal controllability of the car on such coatings as dry asphalt, ice, snow, soil and wet serpentine.

In addition, the model can boast of unique triangular spikes, thanks to which the wheel fits snugly even to ice-covered surfaces, the drainage grooves covering the entire tire allow you to remove excess moisture from under the wheel and improve grip on the road surface. Also, the characteristics of the wheel allow to reduce fuel consumption somewhat, and the unique composition of the tire helps the tire to remain elastic even under the influence of low temperatures.

Country of origin Dunlop Ice Touch is, as a rule, not some specific location. Production is made in many countries of the world - in Europe, the USA and Japan. At the same time, the quality of tires, regardless of the country of manufacture, remains quite high. This is evidenced by numerous positive reviews about the tires of Dunlop producing countries, which were listed earlier.

Scope of tires Dunlop

In the heyday of the company tires were used even in the cars of Formula-1. At present, the purpose of Dunlop tires has become more pragmatic. Tires are designed for everyday use on cars and trucks in heavy traffic and weather conditions.

However, despite the "modest" field of application, Dunlop tires are characterized by high durability, quality and elasticity.

Types of Dunlop tires

Tires are produced in a three-season variation: summer, winter and all-season. In addition, the manufacturer shares tires for cars, trucks, minibuses and universal, intended for both minibuses and for cars. In addition, the Dunlop tires differ, depending on their optional accessories: for everyday driving, for extreme driving.

When choosing "shoes" for your car, it is worth considering all these factors. All tires are marked with the appropriate marking, which explains their purpose. Also do not prematurely change summer tires for winter. Tires designed for winter weather conditions at temperatures above ten degrees Celsius begin to soften, leading to premature wear.

To properly choose tires Dunlop, reviews and the country of production should not be decisive factors for the purchase. First you need to decide on the conditions under which the car will be used most often. For city roads, universal tires will do, but for suburban driving it is best to buy tires with increased cross-country ability.

Advantages of Dunlop tires

In general, reviews about tires Dunlop are positive. To their advantages, which were identified by motorists, include good grip, durability, and improved handling. It is worth noting that tires with such reviews are produced in Europe, as well as in Japan and the USA.

Disadvantages of Dunlop tires

Disadvantages of tires are considered to be high noise during their operation and some rigidity, and sometimes these tires are not able to provide an ideal grip with the road. However, the wrong type of bus may have been selected. Claims on longevity and quality are shown only to Chinese counterfeit tires of the Dunlop brand.

Countries where Dunlop tires are manufactured

Despite the fact that the company Dunlop originated in England, tires of this brand are produced in nine countries on three world continents. The reason for this "diversity", as already mentioned, is that in the late 1980s the company was bought by the Japanese, and later part of the company's shares migrated to the United States and Europe.

At the moment, Dunlop tires are officially manufactured in countries such as Germany, France, England, Taiwan, China, Japan, the USA, India, South Africa. As a rule, tires of Japanese-German-American production are delivered to Russia, although in numerous auto parts stores and components it is possible to find "Dunlop" of Chinese origin.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer depends on the quality of the tires. The greatest recognition was given to German, French, Japanese and American "variations." Most of the complaints are caused by tires produced in China and Taiwan.

Despite some differences in reviews, the tires "Dunlop" are considered quite high quality and have been recognized by fans of quiet driving, and fans of extreme driving.


Summarizing the above, it should be added that Dunlop tires are very popular all over the world thanks to their fresh and innovative technologies that make tires wear-resistant and reliable. The production of high-quality tires shows that once the most successful company, Dunlop is gradually regaining the leading positions in the development and manufacture of tires.

The firm, which has been flourishing since the end of the XIX century and practically until the end of the 20th century, until recently, was in some decline. The main reason for the corporate crisis was unreasonable financial policy, which led the company to bankruptcy, and after dismemberment and sale in parts.

However, like the phoenix Dunlop "rises from the ashes." In many respects, thanks to this, unique and high-quality tires, corresponding to all international standards, began to appear. The indicator of the restoration of "former power" is the fact that Dunlop has its own production in many countries of the world.

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