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Dumskaya street is the center of merry recreation or a "hot" place

Dumskaya street in St. Petersburg has a relatively small length. Starting at Nevsky Prospekt, it lasts to Lomonosov Street. Initially, its name was "Living Room", because nearby there was (and still is) the Gostiny Dvor. And only from the second half of the 18th century the name of the street was changed. For the renaming became the impetus of the fact that the merchant guild of the city created the city government body - the City Duma. Especially for her erected a new building at the then still Gostinaya street. The Duma divided it into two parts. One of them was named - Dumskaya.

The street before the beginning of the 21st century was nothing special. But today is the concentration of Peter's nightlife: loud music, bright lights, expensive alcohol and glamorous girls. The even side of Dumskaya can boast of the fashionable clubs "Ludovic" and "Shine". As a rule, in people "enlightened" these institutions are associated with the attributes of a beautiful life. These are quite expensive establishments of Peter, which not everyone can afford to visit.

Dumskaya is the street of St. Petersburg, which has recently become a kind of cult place in the city. The townspeople call it the "street of bars". Unsurprisingly, there are no more drinking establishments per square meter anywhere else in the city!

The first appeared on the Duma Bar - "Dacha", "Fidel" and "Belgrade". They very quickly became so popular among residents and visitors that after them, like mushrooms after the rain, other bars, restaurants and nightclubs began to appear here. All of them today have their regulars, but, as a rule, for tourists, a promenade on the "street of bars" is of special interest, and not rest in the entertainment centers themselves.

Not so long ago, Duma Street could be closed for reconstruction. In this case, of course, all bars and clubs would be temporarily inaccessible. But the decision to reconstruct was never made, and the "bar" street continues to amuse St. Petersburg.

The streets of this city, in general, almost all - cultural phenomena and architectural values. Dumskaya among them differs in that it attracts attention not by historical sights, but by very modern recreation places for young people. At the same time it is rather boring here. All the bars open only after eight in the evening and take visitors until the morning. Some of them are quite democratic. For a thousand rubles, in principle, you can buy a "powerful" dose of alcohol. So, the cost of beer - up to 100 rubles, long-cocktails - about 200, the cheapest shots - one hundred.

The cuisine in the bars does not surprise with its variety and amazes with the cost. Young people here do not really eat. Come here to drink and dance. If you really wanted to, you can eat nuts or pistachios. Particularly hungry do not hesitate to run to the store "Food", which "hides" the Duma street between the bars "Fidel" and "Belgrade", or to drop for khachapuri in the only cheap "eatery" here.

From midnight to two o'clock in the morning - the most "carbon monoxide" clock on Dumskaya. Alcohol flows like a river, dances are on tables, smoke is a yoke. Dance floors as such in most establishments are not provided for, so young people "circle" where they find their place. And here it looks pretty harmonious.

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