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Description of the children's city of the profession "Kidspeys" (Kazan). Kidspeys: prices, guest reviews

It's no secret that for many parents in our country is the problem of organizing recreation with children on weekends. A magnificent family entertainment complex was recently able to begin to visit the townspeople and everyone who comes to Kazan. "Chesssepys" is a small town of professions where children can get acquainted with various specialties in the game.

The idea of opening this center in the format "play and learn" did not come about by chance. The problem of the lack of places for family recreation was faced in due time by Kazan. "Kidspeys" helps children learn to communicate with their peers, master the basics of interesting professions.

Objective of the project

Organizers have created a children's town, which is constantly changing due to the imagination of young guests. Here, no one imposes the rules of adult life. The staff of the complex controls the safety of children in the city, while the rules of the game are set by the children.

The children's town "Kidspeys" (Kazan) gives children the opportunity to learn to navigate in the modern world, to learn the subtleties of various professions, to realize their fantasies and dreams. This wonderful complex should at least temporarily detach our children from gadgets and computers, give them the opportunity to appreciate the live communication with their peers.

The children's city of the profession "Kidspeys" (Kazan) has more than twenty gaming stations. Each separate room is equipped with a workshop of a specific profile - a bank and a hospital, a farm and a rescue service, a factory and a car service center, a supermarket and a hairdresser, a construction and a confectionery, etc. In the process of playing the child learns the basics of various professions, gets useful skills.

He is explained how to behave properly in emergency situations. The guys here are trained to provide first aid and replace the wheel of the car, adjust the microscope and grow plants. Young city residents learn when to call the police and how to do it, learn to plant plants and take pictures, put a tent, etc.

Settle in this town can children from 4 to 14 years old, and his guests are kids under 4 years old and their parents.

"Kidspace" (Kidspace) - a children's city of professions, Kazan: gameplay

To all who decided to visit this wonderful complex, you should first buy a ticket and go to the border zone. Here, a resident of the city will receive a "passport" and a check for "cash". The format and quality of the materials of the document are very similar to those used in the production of this passport. In the border zone it must be filled (name, surname). If the child does not know how to write, then parents can help him. If he does not come to the town for the first time and he already has this document, the check is not issued to the resident.

Now it's time to visit the bank, where the received check will be exchanged for "experiments" - game money. In the first visit each resident receives an initial capital of 20 experiments. After that, it is necessary to visit the hospital, where a resident of the city will be given a coupon, which is sometimes required for work at stations.


So, the resident of the city issued the documents, received financial assistance - it's time to start education. The child independently chooses one of 20 gaming stations and pays for training. Each station on the stand has rules that contain possible age restrictions, the number of participants, and the cost of training.

The child pays for training with play money (experiments). At the end of the educational process, children at each station receive a salary. As a rule, the difference between salary and tuition fee is 10 experiments. In other words, he gave 20 coins before the entrance to the station, and earned 30 at the output. At some stations, wages are issued by the product manufactured by the child. In the bakery it's delicious pastries, and at the factory - fragrant soap. It's funny that the "Garbage Cleaner" and "Bank Operator" professions are taught for free.

During a break between classes or after their graduation, you can visit the YakhOchukha entertainment park, where you can play with the game money. When leaving the town, all your money should be left in the bank. When a young resident of Kyspeys comes to the town again, he will receive his money, to which five "experiments" will be added.

Education system

Today, many people who come with children to Kazan, "Kidspeys" tend to visit necessarily. His popularity is growing steadily, and this complex is known far beyond the city limits.

How does the training work? The station dials a group of participants. With these guys there is a full occupation - theoretical and practical acquaintance with the profession. You can not come at any time and join the group. The start time of her classes is indicated on the notice board before entering the station. In addition, everywhere you can see ads addressed to parents. They are convincingly asked to let the guys show their independence and do not take turns for them.

Parents can not enter the station, everything can be looked at through the glass doors.

About some stations

We have already said that in the city of professions the child himself chooses what to do. Often here, boys learn the basics of hairdressing, and girls work as rescuers. Parents should not interfere in this process, especially since the next visit the child can do is a completely different matter. And now let's "walk" through some stations and see what the kids do there.


After a theoretical lesson, all bakers are given arm ruffles, disposable caps and aprons. After this, each member of the group receives a dough and a rolling pin. Most often, children bake croissants, which they receive as a salary.


This is a copy of the shop "Bakhetle", located in Kazan. Children are given the form of sellers and offer a choice of different roles. Sometimes the townspeople draw lots. Someone becomes a cashier, someone a buyer, someone is responsible for the order in the trading floor and puts the goods on the shelves.

Scientific Institute

This station is of great interest for older children. Here you can become an archaeologist, and take part in the excavations in the cave. Someone can be lucky, and he will find a "dinosaur tooth". True, before the release of the find will have to be returned.


The station "Ferma" is not closed with glass. There is a paddock with pets. Children themselves feed them, the hens gather eggs and take them to the store.

Construction site

This is also a very popular station, and both boys and girls are fond of doing it. "Builders" receive helmets, wheelbarrows and working gloves. They can operate a crane or build a brick wall. Happen and "accidents" - the builder can fill up with a brick (of course, special, foam rubber). In this case, a team of rescuers arrives, they impose a tire on the injured limb, lay the victim on a stretcher and take them to the clinic.

Rescue station

And this station is loved by the inhabitants of the town. Here attention is paid to physical training. Under the guidance of the instructor, the guys are pulled up, squeezed out, trained with dumbbells. And when the call comes (usually from the construction site), everyone rushes to save the victim.


You can go to the police service. There are always a lot of people who want to get here. Usually they are senior schoolchildren. They regularly check passports from residents of Kidspeys and look for criminals.

Plant "Nefis-Cosmetics"

Here there is a fragrance, like a real cosmetic company. Children here make soap, which is then taken home - this is a salary.


There is still an editorial office in this wonderful city where a real newspaper is produced, but workers are accepted only from the age of 8.

What to do for parents?

Since parents in this process do not take any part, and the child, as a rule, is busy for a long time - they are bored. For them, the organizers created a recreation area with free Wi-Fi. There are soft sofas, armchairs, machines with coffee. There is also a buffet in the town, where adults can eat and feed the child.

Fundamental rules

When your oldest child is already a resident of Kyspeys, the younger (up to 4 years) should play at the station "Kindergarten". You can go there with your mother. There are places for swaddling and breast feeding.

Schoolchildren have the opportunity to work in the town and make a career at any station. Over time, they can become assistants to an adult mentor. This will allow them to stay in the town without their parents.

What does the city of professions teach?

Residents of the city appreciated "Kidspeys" (Kazan). Reviews of visitors speak about its undeniable advantages. Here the child will learn:

  • Plan spending (spend no more than what will work);
  • To take an active part in the creation of the city "Kidspeys" and invent new rules for the game;
  • Fantasize and implement interesting ideas;
  • work in a team.

And of course, he will find new friends.

Kyspejs (Kazan): ticket price

On weekdays, a ticket for a child from 4 to 14 years old costs 650 rubles. For a child under three years of age - 200 rubles. An adult ticket costs 300 rubles (from 15 years). You can buy a family ticket (two children + 2 adults). It will cost 1600 rubles.

On weekends, the price is slightly higher. A ticket for a child (4-14 years old) costs 950 rubles. For a child under three years old - 300 rubles. The adult will have to pay 450 rubles for the entrance. Some may think that the prices for tickets to the children's city of Kyspeys (Kazan) are too high, but it should be borne in mind that the visit to the complex is not limited by time.

Guest Reviews

The city of professions is very popular today, therefore on weekends from the nearest towns and surrounding villages parents with children come to Kazan. "Kidspeys" fascinates visitors at first sight. Only entering the room, you understand that this is the kingdom of the boys and they are the main actors here. Many parents note the highest professionalism of the staff, his ability to find contact with the most complex children.

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