"Donna Trussardi" (Donna Trussardi). Reviews of the fragrance

One of the most favorite fragrances on our planet is "Donna Trussardi". His rich composition, amazing durability and an elegant bottle conquer from the first minutes of acquaintance. What is this masterpiece of high fashion, what is it special about? Let's figure it out!

The author of a fragrant masterpiece

So who created the fragrance "Trussardi Donna"? The office of the fashion house under the name Trussardi can be found on one of the most beautiful Milan squares - La Scala. It occupies a magnificent building of the nineteenth century, a magnificent palace, which anyone can enter. But it was not always so. In the distant 1910, a master tanner Dante Trussardi opened a small company in Bergamo, specializing in the production of gloves. The quality of the products was so high that among the clients of Dante there were even members of the royal families.

This went on for a very long time, until the manufactory was taken over by Nicolas, the grandson of the old Dante. He, having shown ingenuity, imagination, creativity and dedication, turned the manufactory of his grandfather into an international brand. He not only personally engaged in marketing the company, but also monitors its development and growth, the preservation of traditions and the introduction of innovations. He does his best to keep his grandfather's business alive. Together with the renewal of equipment, the expansion of the assortment, the house of Trussardi acquires its own logo in the form of an elegant hound of the Greyhound dog.

A masterpiece of the Italian tanner

Today the well-known Italian brand produces leather goods, fashionable clothes, accessories and wonderful perfumes. It is to the last group of products that "Donna Trussardi" refers. This is a product that embodies women's beauty, attractiveness, sensuality, seductiveness, charm and chic. Associated with the aroma with white color and its contradictions: innocence and passion, purity and sexuality.

Perfume "Trussardi Donna" gradually unfolds on the skin of its owner. The first notes of this amazing bouquet are fruits. Toughness yuzu, freshness of the citron are emphasized by water chords. To the radiant fruity aura heart notes are added, feminine-soft and light. It is a spray of white flowers - touching water lilies, mysterious jasmine, life-affirming and joyful orange buds. Sensual woody texture creates a long-lasting plume. The captivating and sexual base notes are formed by sensual white patchouli, velvety sandalwood, rich cedar and warm vanilla.

Product Features

"Donna Trussardi" is an aroma that belongs to the family of oriental flower. The composition, carefully designed by perfumer Natalie Lorson, received a decent frame. Fragrant liquid is enclosed in a vial that can be safely called a work of art. The vial has a laconic rectangular shape, slightly flattened. The gilded cap is decorated with a skilful carving. The glass is painted in opaque white, shaded by the golden glitter of the logo. There is nothing more on the bottle, only the name of the composition and the emblem of the brand. The same design is available on a cardboard box. The laconism and minimalism of the Italian brand is unobtrusively bordered by luxury. The combination of white and gold is very successful!

To whom is the composition addressed?

Perfume and scented water "Trussardi Donna" are meant for a real woman. She is young with soul and body, active, energetic. She is romantic, sensual, faithful, knows how to dream and sincerely believes in true love. Sparkling aroma is perfect for summer time, raising the mood, prompting the desire for adventure. On the skin, he plays very subtly, allowing you to open more and more new notes.

The cost of pleasure

The next reasonable question admirers of the amazing perfume "Trussardi Donna": "What is the price of this masterpiece?" Like all branded products, the production of "Trussardi" can not be cheap. But still the composition deserves this money. So:

  • Toilet perfume capacity of 30 ml will cost about 2 thousand rubles;
  • Toilet perfume with a capacity of 50 ml - 2,5 thousand rubles;
  • Toilet perfume with a capacity of 100 ml - 3,5 thousand rubles;
  • A toilet perfume tester with a capacity of 100 ml - 3 thousand rubles.

Of course, in different stores on the "Trussardi Donna" the price may be different. Slightly cheaper is licensed products, which are produced in other countries, not in Italy. Original brand perfumery is produced only on the Apennine peninsula, therefore, it costs more. Fakes, alas, only grieve the beautiful ladies: and the composition is not that, and the stamina is not high, but money is wasted.

And what do people say?

"Trussardi Donna" reviews collects positive from around the world. It is difficult to find a person who would remain indifferent to this composition. The owners note the positive character, the sparkle of the perfume, its captivating magnetism. People like associations with cleanliness and freshness, ease and weightlessness. Applying this fragrant liquid to the skin, you feel like you are in the spring: everything seems to be awakening around, waking up, beginning to live.

Girls who enjoy the scent, note that it is intended for the warm season. If you try it on in the winter or late autumn, then it sounds completely different, you hear very different notes.

Ironically, there are women who do not like "Trussardi Donna." Reviews say that the smell may seem too intrusive, suffocating, absorbing your true self. In this case, most likely, the perfume just does not suit this person, he needs to look for his own fragrance. Also it is worth considering that on different people the same spirits play in different ways, therefore, before you buy yourself a whole bottle, like a friend, test it on yourself.

In one converge all the owners of this fragrance: it is very persistent. On the skin it keeps even the next day after the shower, on the hair and clothes - even longer. The train is also very persistent and reminds people for a long time that a real queen has just been here!


"Donna Trussardi" - an amazing composition with a bouquet that can be described as simple to genius or complex minimalism. It will appeal to modern women, as it teaches to love oneself and be natural. Such perfume is not a shame to present as a gift (of course, if you have thoroughly studied the tastes of the gifted). If you know for sure that a lady loves this composition, then you can please her with a set consisting of perfume, perfume or toilet water, shower gel, body lotion, deodorant. In the stores you can find sets from the "Trussardi" in a gift box, which will further enhance the attractiveness of your favorite products. Such a gift will tell about feelings better than words.

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