Donetsk-Rostov: one of the most important routes of Eastern Europe

The road "Donetsk-Rostov" daily overcomes a lot of passengers. It connects two large industrial centers of Russia and Ukraine. You can get from one city to another by train, bus and on your car, having overcome not such a great distance.

Rostov - Donetsk

These two cities, although they are in different states today, are located quite close to each other. If you take the distance in a straight line, then we are talking about a path of 166 kilometers, well, along the road drivers will have to overcome 232 kilometers.

How much fuel will be needed to travel between cities? For example, you and I will go by car. For safety, we will assume that the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of the road will be 8 liters. To obtain accurate information, we multiply by 2.32 and get about 19 liters of gasoline. If we go by truck, then to overcome the path in the tank should be at least 70 liters of fuel at an average consumption of 30 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers of track.

Drive a car

In order for an inexperienced driver to quickly get from Donetsk to Rostov, it is important to know which settlements are located on the most optimal route between these cities. So, we start from the capital of Donbass. The journey takes about 4 hours. The first settlement on the way is located after 77 kilometers (the city of Torez). After driving another 2 kilometers, the car will call at the town of Snezhnoe. Next, you will have to stand a little at the checkpoint to enter the territory of the Russian Federation. After 28 kilometers from Snezhnoye, but already on the territory of the Russian Federation, the settlement of Kuibyshevo is located. The next village (Bolshaya Kirsanovka) is 26 kilometers away from Kuibyshev, and another 11 kilometers is the settlement of Matveyev Kurgan. After another 2 km., We will be in Kolesnikovo. The next settlement on the way Donetsk-Rostov - the village of Ryasnoe, which is located at a distance of 8 kilometers from the previous one. After 5 kilometers the village of Pokrovskoe is located. To get to Rostov, it remains to overcome a relatively small section of the road (along the road you will pass the villages of Sambek, Merzhanovo, Pyatikhatki and Chaltyr).

Railway communication

To date, Donetsk-Rostov is a train that actually consists of two separate routes. It is clear that this fact is connected with the well-known events in Donetsk and Lugansk regions that occurred there in 2014-2015. Completely destroyed infrastructure of electric power lines does not allow to start a full-fledged electric train, therefore, on the Yasinovataya-Uspenskaya (border village with RF) flight, a diesel train runs. He leaves Yasinovatoy every day at 6.30am. Passengers from Donetsk can take this transport at the station "Donetsk-2". At 11:30 this train will reach its final stop-station Uspenskaya. The time of departure of the diesel engine from Uspensky to Rostov is absolutely coordinated with the arrival of the Yasinovataya-Uspenskaya train. When transferring from one train to another, passport control at two customs stations - the People's Democratic Republic of Russia and the Russian one - is mandatory. In case of questions from customs officers to the passenger, he, accordingly, can not continue the further way, and his fate is decided on the spot. For passage of passport control, two hours are allocated, and at 13:30 a train leaves towards Rostov. The passengers will spend 3 hours 11 minutes on the way.

How to get from Rostov to Donetsk by train?

Of course, it was much easier to overcome the distance between these fairly close major cities of the two neighboring states than now. It remains only to hope for the normalization of the situation in this region and the gradual restoration of the infrastructure.

In autumn 2016, the only option to get from Rostov to Donetsk by rail is to take a diesel train to Uspenskaya station, which departs from Rostov at 8 am and arrives at the final stop at about 11.30 am. Further, passengers who travel from Russia, as well as when traveling from the NDP, pass passport control and board the train "Uspenskaya-Yasinovataya".

The bus "Donetsk-Rostov"

Between these cities, regular bus services run. The routes use buses of different capacities. This flight is very popular among those who wish to fly abroad, as some buses deliver passengers directly to the Rostov airport.

So, when can you leave Donetsk? There are five buses on this route daily: 06:00, 09:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00. The airport can be reached by the last three flights. Arrival at the airport on the schedule of the bus usually takes about an hour after arrival at the Rostov bus station. It is impossible to say exactly how much time in general the passengers will have to spend on a voyage, since the bus passes through the checkpoint, which can have a large queue. Usually the journey takes 4 to 7 hours.

Return flights from Rostov depart at 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 13:00 and 16:00. By the way, the first two flights take passengers from the airport. The bus departure time from the airport is 02:00 and 05:00. It's very convenient to go by such flights.


Way Donetsk-Rostov today is very difficult. First, after the outbreak of hostilities, the transport communication in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions deteriorated sharply. Secondly, many infrastructure facilities were destroyed, which ensured the quality of long-distance traffic. And thirdly, the path itself is very hard for people who see the devastation around. At the same time, it is in Rostov that many Donetsk residents found a job or can get money from the bank, so in any case have to go.

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