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"Dolphin": the group and its creator

"Dolphin" - a group created by Andrei Vyacheslavovich Lysikov, who is known under the same stage name. It's about the Russian musician and poet. He was born in Moscow in 1971, on September 29.


"Dolphin" - a group that plays music in the genres of alternative rap and rock, rapkor, low-fay, trip-hop. This project had an impact on the younger generation of the 1990s. The leader of the group is a laureate of the youth prize called "Triumph". Thus was noted the "Poetic genius" of Dolphin. The group won the following awards: MTV RMA, Intermedia for "Contribution to the Future", RAMP for "Clip of the Year" (song "Without Us"), Apelzin Award for the album "Youth", "Steppe Wolf", "Maximum", " Our "for the album" Creature "," Golden Gargoyle ".


Next, let's talk about the person who was founded by the group "Dolphin". Its composition is very unstable, and only Andrei Vyacheslavovich Lysikov, better known under a similar stage name, never left the project. Let's talk about it in more detail.

After graduation from school, the future musician became a student of a radiomechanical technical school. I left him after the third year. Worked in commerce and theater, he was engaged in parallel breakdance. Andrew received a number of letters and prizes at a variety of dance festivals.

Scandals and success

Dolphin - a group that in 1997 released a record "Out of Focus". In the summer of 1997, Andrei Lysikova experienced two scandals. During the performance in the international bike show disgruntled bikers threw the musician banks. Later, while on the air of the program "Party zone", this man performed a foul song called "I love people". As a result, the project "Dolphin" for a long time disappeared from the television.

Dolphin is a band that, however, recorded the new album the same year. It was called "Depth of Field". The output of the plate was deposited several times. It was published only in 1999. The songs actively use samples of various hits, as well as processed parts of live instruments. The texts relate mainly to experiences that excite people. The MTV channel showed the clips created for the songs. As a result, the popularity of the project has increased dramatically.

The concerts started off with success. Particular attention was paid to the visual side of each show. The director of the concerts was Pavel Ruminov. A special video program was being prepared, which was shown on the screens. Various break-bands took part in the concerts. Rap, as a rule, was read as a sub-phonogram.

In 2000, a live album entitled "I Will Live" was released. It was accompanied by a video version. Also, the studio work "Fins" was published. Material for her was recorded, and also fully prepared for publication two years before publication. However, the Crema Records studio was concerned that Fins would not sell well. Only after the concert album and the song "Radio wave" won the success, the disc was published.

Then the group continued to work, and the next disc - "Fabrics" - was released. In this work, for the first time, borrowed elements and samples were not used. The album was not very successful for listeners, but it was re-released and supplemented with two bonus tracks.

  • The next disc called "Star" was released in 2004. It became one of the most commercially successful. The radio station immediately got four compositions from this record: Spring, Silver, Romance and Eyes.

Группа «Дельфин»: songs and albums

Let's now take a closer look at the discography of the project.

  • In 1997, the album "Not in Focus" was released.
  • In 1999, the album "Depth of Field" appeared.
  • In 2000, the album "Fins" was released. It was recorded back in 1998.
  • In 2001, the disc "Fabrics" appeared.

Also within the project were the albums "Star", "Youth", "Creature" and "Andrew".

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