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Deposits for pensioners: in which banks are beneficial interest?

Pensioners are a special category of depositors. Most of them have household savings. Realizing this, banks offer deposits for pensioners with beneficial interest. Bankers give people the opportunity to understand that it is better to keep funds not at home under a pillow, but in a bank account.

Why is it better to keep money in a bank?

Pensioners are quite trusting people who can often let in unfamiliar personalities into their apartment. Those who want to rob a pensioner know where he most often have money, and are represented by employees of a pension fund or charitable organization. The visual goal of their visit is to provide some help to a pensioner, but really after a visit the money disappears from the latter. Not every pensioner says about such cases to the police, and to find such "benefactors" is rather difficult, because they change clothes and appearance (hair color, put on sunglasses, etc.). To keep money in the bank is much more reliable than at home, in addition, the funds can be in reliable hands and bring the customer income. That is why many financial institutions offer deposits for pensioners with beneficial interest.

"Binbank": contributions for pensioners

This financial institution offers advantageous options for its clients of the retirement age to allocate funds for accumulation and additional earnings.

The "Maximum interest" contribution, although it is not foreseen by the product developers as a purely pension one, will be interesting for this category of citizens. The minimum deposit amount is 10 thousand rubles. The interest rate varies depending on the term and amount of the deposit. For example, if you make a deposit for a period of 31 to 90 days, the rate of return with an increase in the amount will increase from 6.2% to 6.5% per annum. If you sign a contract for a period of 91 to 180 days, you can get a profit of between 9.7 and 10% per annum. It is possible to open a deposit for a period of 6 to 12 months. In this case, the rate of return will fluctuate from 9.95 to 10.25%. The maximum period of the deposit is 1095 days.

Deposits for pensioners in "Binbank" - it's profitable! Deposit program "A decent pension" is an opportunity to invest in several currencies. The deposit in rubles can be opened for a period from 181 to 365 days (9.25%), from 366 to 729 (8.35%) and up to 1095 days (7.50%). The deposit can be opened in dollars. The rate of return on the deposit for a period of 181 to 365 days is 2.2%. If you open a deposit for a longer period (for example, from 366 to 729 days), then the yield will rise slightly and amount to 2.65%. The interest rate on a dollar deposit for a period of 730 to 1,095 days is 1.95%. The deposit also operates in euros.

"Bank of Moscow": offers for pensioners

This bank offers deposit programs for people of retirement age exclusively in national currency. For example, the terms of the deposit "Maximum income" are as follows:

  • The minimum amount of the deposit is 1000 rubles;
  • Term of the contract - at the option of the client (from 91 to 1,095 days);
  • The interest rate on the deposit is 9% per annum.

Deposits for pensioners in the "Bank of Moscow" - it's very profitable! The Bank has also developed a program for the passive earning of additional funds "Maximum Growth". The deposit term and the minimum amount are the same as in the above deposit. The interest rate is 8.68%. "Bank of Moscow" offers its customers an "Accumulation Account", valid for an unlimited period. Pensioners can replenish their accounts and withdraw money without limits, receiving 5% per annum as income. Also, the bank's specialists developed a program called "Current Pension". The amount of the deposit and the term of placement depends only on the desire of the pensioner, and the income will be 4% per annum.

Deposits for pensioners in other banks

Many Russian banks have developed special contributions for clients of the retirement age. For example, "Sberbank of Russia" offers a deposit "Popolnyay". The minimum amount of the deposit is 1000 rubles. The interest rate on the investment is 8% per annum. Money can be placed for up to 3 years. The profitability of the deposit can gradually grow. The deposit "Save" can also be issued in this financial institution. At a rate of 9.07% per annum, pensioners can place money for a period that is profitable for them.

The "Rosselkhozbank" also works with pensioners. People of old age can also increase their money reserves by cooperating with this bank. Rosselkhozbank offers beneficial deposits for pensioners with maximum interest. Deposit "Pension Plus" provides for the possibility of replenishment, and the minimum amount of the first payment is 500 rubles. The interest rate will suit all customers, because Rosselkhozbank offers its customers the opportunity to earn 9% per annum on opening a deposit for 1 year and 8% for a deposit for 2 years.

Deposits for pensioners are a profitable way to save money in a safe place and a good opportunity to get additional income.

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