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Create yourself an autumn mood, or 5 secrets of happiness

Outside the window is autumn bad weather. I want to climb under a warm blanket, drink hot tea and listen to the monotonous rhythm of the rain. Apathy, depression and melancholy are the main attributes of the autumn mood. Answer one simple question: how long can you cultivate this state? Would not it be better to take and re-program yourself for positive and eternal happiness?

And the first thing you need to do to improve your mood is to take control of your emotions. Stop quarreling over trifles with close people, take offense, throw negative cues and gestures, grumble at children and show your displeasure with everything. Learn to get rid of anger and pessimism - it is these feelings and qualities that act destructively on your psychological state, and, consequently, on your mood.

The second tip - try to get a little humor from the depths of your soul. You do not have to go into the routine and bury yourself in it. Smile more often, laugh at any situation. Be positive, even if you do not want to. Watch comedies and serials, read anecdotes and humorous sketches - break yourself, tune in to a wave of good mood.

The third thing that will help you get positive for a long time is meeting with old friends. Not to tell and how hard it is for you to work in a new collective, but simply to recall the past, to laugh at common jokes, to drink tea ... Gossip with girlfriends in a snap with your favorite cake is an excellent excuse to get out of the long spleen. After all, in a company of real friends, even the most gloomy autumn mood always rises.

What at any time can please a woman? Of course, shopping, going to the spa, bouquets of flowers and chocolate. Make a small change in your life. Change the blanket on the couch, buy a bouquet of autumn flowers, make a new hairstyle ... Play an exciting game with your imagination, for sure, in its backcountry hides a lot of enchanting ideas.

And the last, the fifth, is to reconsider your views on life. Each of us has ups and downs, bright and dark days. They need to be taken for granted and do not focus on what is happening. In your life now is not everything so smooth? It seems that there is no gleam and through the veil of gray clouds the sun will never glimpse? Remember, "everything will pass away, it will pass away."

Try to forget about troubles. Whatever they are, they will pass, give only time. Do not let depression draw you into your game, do not enter into the role of victim of circumstances. Do not feel sorry for yourself. It is better to use our advice and start from the first minute after reading them and realizing the action.

Do as many moves and actions as possible, hurry to enjoy the new atmosphere, do not stand still. You and only you are responsible for your world, so paint it in all the colors of the coming autumn. Remember or write down: autumn is not a reason for sadness. Your autumn mood and your emotions are only in your hands and do not depend on the time of the year. And if you manage to take over them - this is already a question for another story. Have a good mood!

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