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Casserole with minced meat - the remains are sweet.

If there was a Nobel Prize in the field of cookery, no doubt, the person who invented the casserole would become its laureate. Most likely, the creator of this hearty dish was an Englishman. After all, they are distinguished by a passion for economy and willingly use the remains of products for cooking. However, history, alas, has not kept the name of this resourceful cook for us. Although the casserole firmly entered not only in our home menu, but also became a wand-zashchalochkoy for all occasions.

Prepare a casserole for dinner from what your family did not eat at breakfast. It is enough to add a couple of eggs, dried apricots or raisins to the ready-made milk porridge and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. To the table we serve a hot, ruddy, appetizing dish, from which children and adults will just sneak. And no one will even guess that your casserole is the result of disposing of an uneaten breakfast.

Casserole from manna porridge with jelly is a dish familiar to everyone since childhood. It would seem that nothing special, but delicious - lick your fingers. Prepare a manna casserole and carrots, only then serve it better with sour cream.
Rice milk porridge for casserole can be flavored with dried apricots or, no less useful, pumpkin. If you have pasta, rice, mashed potatoes or boiled vegetables, they can also be put to work.

Deliciously tender and hearty casserole with minced meat - an excellent dish for a family dinner or dinner. Preparing a meat casserole, as they say, is easier than a steamed turnip. First, we prepare the filling. For this, minced meat should be fried in a frying pan with onion and spices. If in your family no one observes a diet, you can also add finely chopped bacon here. Mashed potatoes are mixed with egg and put into a thin layer. On top put the prepared stuffing and close it from above with potatoes. To ensure that our casserole properly browned, its surface can be oiled with vegetable oil.

Pasta or rice casserole with minced meat is prepared a little differently. Layers of products do not need to spread, it is better to mix meat and garnish. We mix the egg mixture with milk and pour the casserole on top. For a taste and attractive appearance, the dish is sprinkled with grated cheese. After that, the form can be sent to the oven for 20 minutes or more. To the table, the casserole with minced meat is served with any ready-made sauce, sour cream or ketchup.

Vegetable casserole - a dish not only tasty, but also quite dietary. Suggest her for dinner at home, they will definitely like it. For vegetable casserole boiled colored or brussels sprouts, carrots, turnips, eggplant, zucchini put in a greased form. Large pieces can be cut into several parts, cabbage to disassemble on the inflorescence. From above pour vegetables with a mixture of eggs and milk, sprinkle with any grated cheese. A few minutes before ready for the casserole, add the tomato sauce. For its preparation onion, diced, fry with a spoon of vegetable oil and a spoonful of flour. Then a couple of tablespoons of concentrated tomato paste diluted in 100 ml of water and poured into a bow. The mixture is brought to a thickening, stirring constantly. Spices in the casserole add to taste. Suitable is not only pepper and salt, but a mixture of dry herbs.

A delicious casserole of minced meat with a filling inside will please not only your family, but also the guests. Prepare it is not more difficult than all the previous dishes. The meat itself is prepared in the same way as for ordinary cutlets. For 0.5 kg of ready-made meat or chicken meat, you need an egg, a small onion, 200 g of stale white bread, as well as crumbs for breading. The most popular fillings for such casseroles are boiled eggs, champignons, vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, zucchini). Mushrooms must be pre-fried with onions, salt and pepper. Vegetables better blanch in boiling water, then they will be softer and juicy.

Forcemeat put in a baking dish, we put mushrooms or vegetables on it. If you want to cook a casserole, similar to zrazy, cook hard-boiled three eggs, cut them into halves and lay them out on minced meat. Cover the top with another layer of minced meat. So that the surface of the casserole does not crack, it can be covered with crushed breadcrumbs. This casserole with minced meat is prepared a little longer - about 40 minutes. Serve to the table with greens and tomato sauce. For a side dish - a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh cabbage.

Baked dishes are a real expanse for culinary fantasy. And their benefits and tastes can not even be discussed.

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