Car "Nissan Fuga": specifications, description and reviews

"Nissan Fugue" first appeared before the eyes of motorists in 2003, at a presentation in Tokyo. This attractive machine has attracted interest from many people. True, it was developed specifically for the domestic market in Japan. However, this connoisseurs of quality cars did not stop this. Many ordered a model in her homeland, or they brought the car to their home. In any case, in Russia there are people who own this car. Well, since it is so popular, you should pay special attention to its characteristics.


The main feature that can boast of Nissan Fugue, is its appearance. From the very first glance, thrown on the car, it becomes clear - this is a real business class. Powerful radiator grille, "squinting" headlights, slightly falling on the wings, rear optics, like the model Skyline, aluminum doors and wings, predatory body lines ... All this just can not remain indifferent.

Even in appearance, the dimensions of the car could not but be reflected . The machine is long - the first models reached 4 840 mm. The width of the car was 1,795 mm. And the height is 1 510 mm. Thanks to such dimensions, the model seemed elongated, dynamic, forward and wide. As a real sports car. By the way, the wheelbase could boast of quite impressive dimensions - as much as 2,900 mm. And the developers made the clearance in a sporty low - 13.5 centimeters. For Japan this, of course, is an acceptable indicator. But here in Russia, in case of hitting a site with a bad road, it is necessary to go at minimum speed and to detour pits.


If you look inside, you can see how the interior of the car "Nissan Fugue" is similar to the one that differs the model Teana and Primera. However, the most important thing is quality. And it, as always, at the highest level. In the decoration was used only high-quality leather and natural wood.

And what is the dashboard! There are four orange dials on it, the readings from which are read easily and simply. Inside there is even an analog clock and remote control of comfort systems, equipped with an additional joystick. Still can not but rejoice big informative display, which displays the onboard computer. But the main "highlight" of this car is the "Bose" audio system with support for WMA and MP3 formats. And the footrests pushing out from under the seats.

And still, despite the fact that Nissan Fuga is equipped with automatic transmission, the transmission control lever is enclosed in a leather case, which can often be found on sports cars with "mechanics".


V-shaped 6-cylinder engine, volume of 3.5 liters and power of 280 hp. - that's what the engine is under the hood of the car "Nissan Fugue." Reviews this unit received mostly positive.

The first thing people who own this car, note the quick start of the model. As practice shows, the "hundred" car reaches in 7 seconds. And this is an amazing indicator for a car that weighs 1,640 kilograms without unnecessary load.

Turns the machine runs perfectly. In principle, as befits a rear-wheel drive car business class. He after all in its nature is prone to high speeds. In addition, Nissan Fugue, whose technical characteristics really arouse respect, is also equipped with an "active turning" system, known as Active Steering. It is she who "steers" the driving wheels and changes the geometry of the rear suspension, depending on the angle of steering and speed. All this positively affects the management.


The suspension is soft, although, as the owners say, sometimes it feels that the car was created not for Russian roads. At serious junctions and pits, a vibration is felt. But the car has excellent noise insulation. And the dynamics. At whatever speed the machine moves, it always has enough power for a sharp acceleration. Although the scale of the speedometer on the first models is calibrated only to a mark of 180 km / h. As the owners assure, during the ride it always seems that the car is ready to add more, regardless of the indicators on the device.

What else do the owners say?

As it was already possible to understand, the work of the engine people who bought this car, respond well. And what about everything else?

Separate attention is paid to the work of automatic transmission. Electronics perfectly realizes the potential of the box without the participation of the driver. Many people say that it is possible to accelerate on the "automatic machine" more confidently and more dynamically than in the mode of manual control.

Many more talk about headlights. They, thanks to the function of the electric drive, follow the steering wheel and look behind the turns, perfectly all lighting up. It can not but rejoice and cruise control, which itself keeps the distance to the car ahead. In addition, the automation constantly analyzes what is happening on the road. Plus, there is a system that tracks road markings. And, of course, everyone is delighted with the number of airbags. Frontal, side, knee and even curtains - in such a machine it is simply impossible to feel unreliable. Not surprisingly, "Fugue" got the highest score in the Euro-NCAP test.


Now we should talk about the model of "Fugi", which went on sale in 2011. It is a powerful sports car that the developers decided to equip with a parallel-hybrid system with one electronic motor and two clutches.

If we talk about ICE, then under the hood of the model is a 3.5-liter unit. Together with the electrical installation, the total capacity is 306 horsepower. So the hybrid "Nissan Fuga" turned out to be very powerful.

The responses of the owners are mostly enthusiastic. And this can be understood, because such a car consumes only 7 liters of fuel per 100 "urban" kilometers! On the road and does away about five. And he also has a highly efficient braking system. True, you need to get used to it.


The list of equipment at this car is impressive. In the basic configuration, a person gets a leather interior, front seats with breathtaking seat belts and air conditioning function, a VIP logo, a wood interior trim, an electric rear seat package (plus individual adjustments) and air conditioning. In addition, the car is also equipped with a rear window curtain (also with an electric drive) and a luxury suspension. Needless to say, even the steering wheel and the gearshift lever are enclosed in a leather sheath and a boot.

True, there is a "hybrid" and a minus, which is its price. It starts at $ 71,000.

By the way, the usual version of 2013 release (with a 2.5-liter 225-horsepower engine) in Russia will cost only 1,500,000 rubles. For such a unique VIP-class car this is a very modest price. True, the "Fugue", for starters, will have to be looked for on sale, as few people decide to part with such a car.

Updated version

Not so long ago, a new Nissan Fugue came to Japan's automobile market. Its price starts from 35 000 dollars. And for such a price, buyers get a really luxurious car. True, now with the emblems of Infiniti. But this is not the only change. Changed the radiator grille, bumpers, the shape of mirrors, optics (by the way, it became LED). And the disks are now installed 18-inch.

In the cabin improved noise insulation, and there were new, more comfortable rear-seat seats. The developers also improved the suspension by equipping the novelty with modern shock absorbers. All parts and spare parts of Nissan Fugue can boast of excellent quality. And the machine itself is assembled as well as possible.

What is technically? The novelty with two V6-engines is offered. One is a 3.7-liter, VQ37VHR. Its power is 333 "horses". And the second engine produces 225 hp. At a volume of 2.5 liters. Both units operate under the control of a 7-speed automatic.

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