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Candy "Ozersky Souvenir" - original delicious sweets

Probably, many sweet lovers are familiar with sweets "Ozersky Souvenir". They are nuts and dried fruits in delicious chocolate glaze. They are familiar to people "in person" in the literal sense of the word.

Candy «Ozersky Souvenir» - different varieties

Well, where are the faces, there are names. The names of favorite varieties are very easy to remember. Here and "Prunes Mihailovich", and "Kuraga Petrovna", and "Cherry Vladimirovna", and "Strawberry Nikolayevna." A respectable foreigner named Kumkvat Karlovich also came here. There are also walnut "citizens" in this company.

Beautiful wrappers

Sweets "Ozersky Souvenir" are packed in pretty wrappers. Sweets in white glaze in milky yellow, and in dark glaze - in brown. Some varieties are also packed in bright boxes and bags created by the talented designers of Lebedev Studio. Working on the project, they came up with a special, unique font called "Kendisvit", which wrote all the names of sweets.

Excellent present

Candy "Ozersky Souvenir" will perfectly suit both a woman and a man as a gift. The original name is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

The filling of nuts and dried fruits will also suit everyone. Chocolate glaze differs pleasant taste. However, despite the fact that chocolate candy is not complete, they cost a little expensive. About 90 rubles per package weighing 75 grams. But when you need a good gift, you do not have to stand behind the price. Yes, and quality dried fruits are worth such money.

Wonderful taste and excellent quality

In a word, sweets "Ozersky Souvenir" are considered to be magnificent sweets. The confectionary combine pleases the consumer with excellent products. Treats by size are not small. One or two sweets are enough to enjoy their excellent taste.

Unfolding the candy, you will see its irregular shape. Fruits and nuts inside are placed entirely, but they are not too large. Glaze covers the candy evenly, chips and cracks on it are absent (with proper storage and transportation). After cutting the candy with a knife, the glaze is crumbling, which indicates that it was applied in a thick layer. The manufacturer did not regret quality products.

The taste of sweets is simply gorgeous. Candy "Lake souvenir" with dried fruits - sweet, and, at the same time, have a slight sourness. The filling, as a rule, is fleshy and juicy, not "rubber", and the nuts do not bitter. To bite a candy is very pleasant. Some buyers note the fact that the icing is too sweet. However, this does not spoil the taste of the products.

The only drawback is that there is no composition on the wrapper. And for allergic people or lovers of everything natural, this is very important. Here is this useful information: the filling consists of nuts and dried fruits. The composition of the glaze includes the equivalent of cocoa butter, cocoa butter, grated cocoa, cocoa powder, sugar, emulsifier lecithin, vanilla flavor identical to natural. Sweets are produced in Ozery, Moscow Region.

For those who love nuts and dried fruits, these sweets are an ideal option. Of course, candy is for an amateur, but most consumers like it.

In any case, the candy "Ozersky Souvenir" is worth at least once to try. Tasty and, at the same time, useful. Be sure that you like them. From this delicacy it is simply impossible to come off. Not without reason sweets receive so many positive reviews. Buyers are satisfied with the composition, taste, high quality. The production can in fact be called a real confectionery masterpiece. The cost is relatively high, but it justifies itself.

Sweets "Ozersky Souvenir" - an excellent gift for sweet tooth. This acquisition will be enjoyed by both children and adults. Bon Appetit!

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