Camomile tea. Application safe and different

Chamomile officinalis is the oldest and one of the most famous kinds of medicinal plants. In its composition is Khazulen - a unique substance that is capable of exerting an anti-inflammatory effect. Infusion of chamomile is very effective and as much as possible safe means in struggle against illnesses. It can be used externally or taken internally.

Consider how the chamomile struggles with acne. It is known that the cause of their occurrence can be hormonal changes in the body (including age-related adjustment) or errors in nutrition, causing metabolic disorders. At the first reason there is a disruption of the functioning of the sebaceous glands and, as a consequence, sebum increases. As a result, acne can develop. At the second - the balance of microflora in the body as a whole is disturbed. In this case, microbes and toxins contribute to the formation of acne and are a kind of external manifestation of internal imbalance. Chamomile infusion can help restore beauty and reduce suffering caused by external unattractiveness.

Accessibility and ease of use of this medicinal plant attract more and more supporters of natural therapy. From it you can cook at home a huge number of effective products: compresses, lotions, baths, lotions, various decoctions and tinctures. One of the most popular is the infusion of chamomile. You can get rid of pimples with it very quickly. For cooking, we need:

  • 2 tsp. Dried inflorescences;
  • 1.5 tbsp. water;

We boil the water. In the glassware we fall asleep chamomile, pour boiling water, leave to infuse, after having wrapped the broth with a towel. We are waiting for 20 minutes. Filter through a folded in several layers of gauze napkin. Then we moisten the napkin in the solution, squeeze and apply to the face for 5 minutes. Infusion of chamomile should be necessarily warm! Repeat procedure 5 times. Such compresses are recommended to use at least 10 consecutive days.

Chamomile from acne will help us and in the form of frozen ice cubes. The freshly prepared solution is cooled and frozen in special ice molds. Only in this case it should be more concentrated, so for 1 cup of boiling water take 3 hours spoons of inflorescences. Daily wipe your face with ice cubes, preferably in the morning and evening. Try not to mechanically damage the acne and put pressure on the pimples during the procedure.

I want to offer you another infusion of chamomile from acne. To do this, we also use chemist's chamomile. Brew 50 grams of inflorescences a hundred grams of boiling water for 1 hour, then filter. To this infusion add crushed tablets of analgin and aspirin. We need ten pieces of each kind. Dissolve, pour into the resulting solution of 100 grams of vodka and add 10 ml of boric acid. All components are mixed and the infusion of chamomile is ready! Wipe with a cotton swab face 2 times a day and a terrific effect will not take long.

Do not forget about how many useful substances contains chamomile: essential oil; Ascorbic, linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic and salicylic acids; Tannins and minerals; Carotene, glucose, bitterness. This composition helps to understand why the infusion of chamomile helps with colds. It has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect. At the first signs of a cold, her infusion is recommended to be used as teas and rinses.

With gastrointestinal diseases, gastritis, chronic colitis, as an aid for bile secretion, use chamomile infusion. Well-proven this tool for joint diseases, in particular - rheumatism. If you are tormented by flux or toothache, the daisy can do the best. Fill the steamed flowers of this medicinal plant in a linen bag and apply to the problem site. Along with catarrhal diseases, chamomile baths help with excessive sweating of the feet. In cosmetology, the daisy is used as a moisturizing, bleaching, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory agent.

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