Benidorm: reviews and impressions

If you like the combination of chic, glitter, modern design with sea and sun baths, then you do not miss such a place as Benidorm! Reviews of tourists about it are mostly admired. Although someone complains about the high cost, but if you think about it, Spanish resorts are cheaper than Russian ones. Just do not trust the travel companies unconditionally, but to live in this paradise as a "savage", and if with a rented car, it's completely budgetary. In addition, it is difficult to say for whom this resort is intended. Difficult, and at the same time easy. For all! For lovers of lying on the beach and active tourists, for young people and the elderly, for family and single. Everyone will find here what he wants. Such is he - this Benidorm.

Reviews of holidaymakers often talk about the "international" face of this resort. Yes, it is loved by Europeans, the Spaniards appreciate, and Russian tourists seem to dissolve in this smiling mass of gay people who came here to have fun. And no one feels like a stranger on this "holiday of life." This amazing (literally at first glance reminiscent of New York) city is located near two ancient pearls of the Mediterranean coast - Valencia and Alicante. Therefore, you will never regret choosing Benidorm. Reviews do not get tired of praising him for such a convenient location, because pastime on the beach and among the numerous parties and entertainment centers can be combined with cognitive excursions. To do this, do not even need to use the services of a guide - just take a local train.

Despite the popularity of this resort and its reputation of "European Manhattan," it does not suffer at all from the shortcomings of Russian or Ukrainian beaches in the high season, when literally there is no place for the apple to fall. Three beaches - Levante, Poniente and Mal Paz - will fully satisfy all the requirements of lovers of both entertainment and privacy. The purest sand, water and not very crowded coast - this is another plus of the capital of Costa Blanca. Benidorm (reviews of the holiday in it, I repeat, very inspiring) because it still has an ancient historical center where you forget about skyscrapers and cocktails and enjoy local cuisine, especially the famous Valencian paella.

There are many other things that Spain can attract. Reviews of tourists about this once patriarchal-agrarian country tell us that in the 21st century it does not stand still. And Benidorm is just a symbol of entertainment that this country can offer you, despite the crisis, and at any time of the year. Yes, yes, here you can often sunbathe and swim even in winter - the water temperature does not drop below 19-20 degrees. So, whenever you go on holiday, you are waiting for the sea, sun, Spanish delicacies and desserts (especially praise the local coffee, donuts and chocolate), as well as much, much joy.

In a word, everyone likes rest in Benidorm. Even his "hot spots" are attracted to spectators in the evenings - there is something to see, and it is quite safe. And what a shopping experience! Dear women, spit on the lamentations of your husbands and be sure to take an extra suitcase with you. It's worth it. But most importantly - do not try to rest here more than a week.

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