Bank Yugra: problems. Bank "Yugra": reviews

Bank Yugra, whose problems were only temporary, appeared in 1990. In the financial services market, the institution has prospered successfully for the last 20 years. The main difference of the company is a good and high-quality service, a smart list of financial services and an abundance of products for material prosperity and building your own business. The banking enterprise is an official participant of the SWIFT system, which already speaks about its excellent reliability and professionalism. A high status is supported by the ability to make international payments with the transfer of banking information inclusive.

The path of innovation

The bank "Yugra", whose reviews are mostly positive, changed the policy of activity dramatically in 2013. The new leadership has chosen the path of innovation and has established an unconventional active development policy. Today, a financial institution can be safely called a universal credit organization of federal rank. The work of the institution is focused on the most diverse legal organizations and enterprises operating in various segments of the economy. The population gets the opportunity to experience the benefits of new service technologies and the chance of using advanced banking services. The dominant asset, which is allocated by the bank "Yugra" (St. Petersburg) against the background of competitors are customers. The most comfortable conditions for a mutually beneficial and productive partnership are created. The main direction of the financial company's activity is active attraction of funds in the interests of both clients and shareholders.

Temporary difficulties in 2013

The bank "Yugra" had only temporary problems, and now they are already behind. I had to face troubles in 2013. Despite the fact that the financial institution was in the top 200 banks of Russia in terms of capital, during this period, contributions were temporarily suspended. It was reported that it is possible both to close the existing deposit and to replenish it. Employees of the financial institution insisted that the reason for the technical failures, and once the system's operation is restored, the regulation will resume.

Panic of depositors - lost interest

Investors who fell into a panic began to sharply withdraw their deposits, prematurely dissolving the contracts. An interesting fact is that there were no postponements for payments, and the bank "Yugra" paid individual deposits in full and in accordance with the contracts. People lost interest due to unrest, although in fact there were no serious difficulties. The work of the financial institution was completely restored a few weeks later. The only "but" is a reduction in the interest rate on deposits after the resumption of the functional.

What caused the temporary difficulties?

Temporary difficulties and minor inconveniences that both depositors and bank management had to face were caused by an unscheduled inspection by the Central Bank. Representatives of the authorized body were interested in the rates on deposits, which by that time were the largest in the domestic financial market. According to statistics, most banks that offer an inflated deposit rate are experiencing financial difficulties and are on the verge of bankruptcy. Attracting investors' funds on favorable terms is nothing more than trying to stay afloat. This is what prompted regulators. The audit did not reveal any financial difficulties. The bank "Yugra", whose problems were related exclusively to the unexpected audit, received soft recommendations regarding the reduction of the number of accepted deposits and instructions for lowering the interest rate. The response of the institution was immediate.

Digital Statistics

In support of the fact that Yugra (the bank) deposits are attracted not for the purpose of earning more before bankruptcy, but exclusively within the framework of its policy, the public was provided with reports that attracted regulators' attention. The thing is that after the adoption of the innovative business strategy, the financial institution began to actively increase its loan portfolio. Thanks to the new advertising company, it was possible to attract deposits by 18 billion rubles in the first month, and by 20.5 billion rubles in the second. The loan portfolio increased almost 1.6 times. "Ugra" (bank) deposits offered the most profitable, but this does not mean that it was on the verge of bankruptcy, but rather it indicated an aggressive policy and the desire to conquer Russia's financial market.

The change of shareholders went only to the benefit of

By the end of 2012 there was a change of shareholders. The owners of the institution were simultaneously 6 people, who as a goal set themselves to hit the top "100 banks of Russia in terms of capital." At the time of the change of owners, the reserve, which was owned by the bank "Yugra", reviews about which had an exceptionally positive connotation, was 4 billion rubles. It was planned to raise the figure to 7-10 billion rubles. Assets from the level of 27.3 billion rubles were planned to increase to 50 billion rubles. In the near future after the change of shareholders in the media received a message on the increase in the authorized capital to 6.17 billion rubles. All these events took place within three months before the moment when the financial institution was brought to the attention of the authorities in August.

History repeats itself

Unexpected inspection made a radical change in the policy of the bank. Interest rates on deposits were reduced from 12.4% to 6.5% per annum on ruble deposits. A reduction in rates also took place in respect of foreign currency deposits. If previously the bank "Yugra" (St. Petersburg) gave 7.9% per annum, today it offers no more than 2-3% depending on the package. In addition to falling rates, a program called Mobile Summer was prematurely closed, which was the most profitable in the financial market. The CBR had every right to prohibit accepting deposits, but limited itself only to a warning. Throughout the history of its existence, the Central Bank is actively fighting for lowering rates as a result of the fall in inflation. According to government officials, this approach to the situation provides new perspectives for bankers in the search for liquidity. Similar measures were taken with respect to Sotsgorbank and Stroycredit, which also temporarily stopped accepting deposits for the duration of the audit and attributed this to technical difficulties.

What do customers say?

Bank Yugra (St. Petersburg, Moscow) is known to customers as one of the leaders in the banking sector. According to the depositors, the financial institution offers a wide range of all kinds of services and fully meets the needs of even the most demanding customers. Those who decided to use the proposals of the financial structure, do not cease to talk about a convenient format of partnership. We are talking about a huge number of branches, numerous ATMs and the latest technologies that allow you to perform any operations as quickly as possible. A distinctive feature of the partnership, many call the daily accrual of interest on deposits, which allows you to maximize the profitability of the latter. Bank Yugra has overcome the problem of a temporary nature easily and simply. His high level of reliability is indicated by the fact that he practically survived the crises of 1998, 2008 without any losses.

Recognized by the government

"Ugra" (bank, Moscow) was recognized not only by a large number of clients, but also by the state itself. The Deposit Insurance Agency places it on a par with Sberbank of Russia. In confirmation of this fact, it can be said that after the deprivation of the license of Tyumenagroprombank, its depositors (individuals) received compensation from the deposit insurance agency through the Savings Bank, and compensated the investors-entrepreneurs for the damage to Ugra. Appearing in the list of agents only two years after entering the federal level is a significant signal, which attests to the absolute trust of the financial institution on the part of the state itself. During the crisis, when banks go bankrupt, and their management takes illegal measures to save their money, Yugra is a bank whose addresses can not be found easily, not only found sources of financing, but also directed them to strengthen its structure. Capital did not "leak" in connection with the difficult economic situation in the country, but, on the contrary, it increased. "Ugra" (bank, Moscow) maintains a confident position, and its activities are aimed at the interests of customers. This makes this financial institution the most attractive for citizens of the country.

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