Why the color of the eyes changes in the newborn

The appearance of a new person in the world always becomes a joyful and long-awaited event for the family. If the sex of the child can be recognized long before his birth, then the facial features, shape and color of the eyes in a newborn is difficult to predict. This remains a mystery until its birth. The first of the whole family sees the baby's mother. Some argue that immediately distinguish the child features of a father or grandmother. However, this is most likely incorrect. Before the baby gets his real look, time must pass.

What can cause concern

Newborns usually have an irregular head shape. This is due to the fact that the skull bones are initially soft. At a time when the child passes through the birth canal, the skull deforms. A few days later he will find a normal form. In addition, you may seem disproportionate to the body of the baby. An elongated body, a bulging stomach, thin limbs should not embarrass you. A week later, the baby will gain weight and become plump.

Color of eyes in a newborn

This indicator is of great interest to others. Most babies are born with blue eyes, but over time there are changes. Exceptions may be black or brown eyes. The structure of the baby's eyes is similar to that of an adult's eyes. It is a unique organ consisting of optic nerves that deliver the information received to the brain for subsequent processing and analysis.

Eyes in newborns

The eye consists of the cornea, the lens and the retina. This structure is typical for all people of any age, without exception. However, the eyes of the newborn can not function at full strength. He sees only the outlines of objects, distinguishes between light and darkness. With age, visual acuity increases, and by the year it already equals ½ from the normal view of an adult. All this affects the color of the eyes of the newborn.

In the first week of life, infants are tested for pupillary responses to light. By the end of the second, the kid must be able to focus on a certain subject for a few seconds. He will learn to do this consciously by the second month. Children distinguish simple figures in six months. And only by the year they are able to recognize the details of the drawing.

What determines the color of the eyes of a newborn

The way a child will look at the world depends on melanin. Thanks to this pigment the blue eyes of the kids turn into gray or green. This process can last up to two years. The more melanin is contained in the iris, the darker the eyes. This number is due to heredity. Therefore, as a rule, the eyes of the child resemble the eyes of one of the parents. The color of the eyes in newborns is the subject of numerous studies. Scientists have proved that dark eyes are the dominant sign: if parents have brown and blue eyes, then children are more likely to be brown.

Strabismus in newborns

This phenomenon is called strabismus. It is the result of the fact that the eye muscles of babies are still weak and can not completely control the pupil. Such deviations do not require intervention and pass by themselves by the beginning of the second month of life.

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