What watery discharge in women is the norm

Each woman has a discharge, as the cervix constantly produces a small amount of mucus. Their character varies from the period of menstruation. In the first half of the month their consistency is more liquid, since the mucus is regulated by estrogen - this process is inherent in nature to make it easier for spermatozoa to move to the egg.

After ovulation, the detachable is under the influence of progesterone. During this period, transparent watery discharge appears in women, which protect the uterine space and the potential zygote from pathogens. If fertilization does happen, then the hormonal background throughout the entire pregnancy will be modified, which will affect the nature of the vaginal mucus.

Watery discharge in women during pregnancy

The first 3 months of cervical mucus is regulated by progesterone in order to create a favorable background for the development of pregnancy. In the second trimester progesterone is replaced by estrogen and liquefies mucus. It becomes more transparent, slightly whitish, odorless and, most importantly, does not cause discomfort, except for a sense of constant moisture. Such watery discharge in women in an interesting position is an absolute norm and does not require treatment and specific measures.

Which secretions are physiological and which are pathological in the absence of pregnancy

Normal discharge is considered if they are without an unpleasant odor, clear, not causing burning and itching. They can be abundant and dense a few days before the onset of menstruation. The first sign of concern is a strong unpleasant odor. This often indicates the presence of fungal diseases. With infectious diseases, the color, texture, consistency and amount of mucus changes.

For example, with thrush (candidiasis), the discharge can be curdled, white and watery. In addition, there is severe itching in the genital area, burning during urination and even pain. Many believe that fungal infection, i.e. Thrush, it is not necessary to treat, and it will disappear on its own. This deep delusion - candidiasis fraught with serious complications.

Many venereal diseases disguise themselves as thrush and form mucous, white and watery discharge. In women with mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis and chlamydia, they can be unclear with a rich shade of white and yellow, with flakes and even a curdled structure. The exact diagnosis can be made only by the doctor after the examination of the patient.

Women's health can be threatened if the discharge is green, accompanied by aching pain in the abdomen, incredible itching, fever, general weakness, lumbago in the anus. Immediately go to the reception, take swabs for STIs, do ultrasound and a blood test to identify the true cause.

Regular medical examination will avoid negative consequences. Each woman should visit a gynecologist and mammologist at least once a year. Remember: your health affects the future offspring.

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