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Ascendant in Leo in men and women

Ascendant or ascending sign - this is the zodiac symbol of the first house of the horoscope. This constellation, which is on the eastern horizon at the time of birth.

Ascendant in Leo

This is one of the most striking signs. People who have an Ascendant in Leo, radiate a special energy and magnetism, which attracts the attention of others. Sometimes it happens because they are too noisy. In other cases, this is due to the regal manner of behavior that causes interest from others. These people pay much attention to their appearance, especially hair.

Pride and demonstration of strength are inherent in this rising sign. This arrangement gives a sunny and cheerful disposition. The first house and the ascendant determine the focus on the personal "I". The craving for admiration from surrounding people makes Lviv strive to become the center of attention. They have a very strong desire for justice, which makes them struggle for the rights of the disadvantaged. Much attention is paid to such people for self-realization and creative development. They can help in difficult situations, and in return require only respect. Ascendant in Leo makes people sociable and communicative.

They are also inclined to make rash decisions, and often objectively assess themselves and others. Nevertheless, they have patience, and their idealism helps to avoid getting into trouble.

In such people there is often a habit of overestimating one's strength. This is due to natural enthusiasm and optimism about any new undertaking.
Regardless of their age, people who have an ascendant in Leo are children in the shower. They seem cheerful, kind, generous and childishly naive.

Famous people with an ascendant in Leo: George W. Bush, Robert Downey Jr., Justin Timberlake, Mohammed Ali, Celine Dion, Donald Trump, Elton John and Marilyn Monroe.

Men with a rising sign of Leo

Ascendant in Leo in a man causes a need to be in the center of attention. If his appearance does not allow to enchant everyone around him, he will use his oratorical abilities and connections to be noticed. In a relationship, he needs a woman who will be less bright personality. It should be calm and inconspicuous. Under no circumstances will he allow his partner to eclipse him. The lion, as a rule, has an excellent taste and expects from his chosen one the same. He likes to pretend that money is not a problem, that he has a lot of them, but that's usually not the case.

Ascendant in Leo with a woman

Such a woman wants to be in the spotlight, especially when there are a lot of people around. She believes that she is the best, exudes self-confidence and sexuality. Despite this, she is not always as confident as she is portraying. She is looking for an independent man who will love her for determination and egocentrism.

Her spiritual development and spontaneity come to the fore in a relationship in which she craves admiration for her partner. Lioness most of the time is in a playful mood and adores teasing her chosen one. If she feels a defect of attention, she can easily find another partner, and it will not take her much time. Lioness has a true female magnetism. Such a woman can not respect a man who becomes a slave to her. She must find a healthy balance of independence and intimacy with the chosen one, who will be on equal terms with her.

Aquarius with an Ascendant in Leo

Aquarius and Lion occupy opposite positions in the zodiacal wheel. With this combination of the sun and the ascendant of signs, a person constantly tries to find a balance between Aquarius's desire to free himself from social conditioning and the desire of Leo to defend his creative individualism. Under any circumstances, he tries to be an optimist and relies on luck, accepting the challenges of fate.

Thanks to the ascendant in Leo, Aquarius pays a lot of attention to how he looks in the eyes of other people. In this way, he will often be able to obtain the admiration and respect of society. Nevertheless, this need for recognition and admiration is fundamentally contrary to the concepts of Aquarius. The sign of air is deeply attached to its independence and completely indifferent to the opinion of surrounding people, so it often gets the reputation of an eccentric person.

His contradictory nature leads to confusion surrounding Aquarius. Ascendant in Leo, of course, conquering and colorful, but too different from the solar sign of Aquarius.

Honesty, constancy in ideas and actions along with courage and generosity - that's what unites these two signs. This allows you to keep the balance between Leo and Aquarius. This combination of the sun and the rising sign gives people an irresistibility and an extraordinary charm.

Lion - appearance

When it comes to appearance, there is no one prettier than a man or woman who has an Ascendant in Leo. The appearance of representatives of these signs is always like a lion's.

As a rule, such people are of medium height and quite broad-shouldered. They have a well-formed muscular system and large, broad bones. The torso is well developed.

Leo always cares about his mane, hair occupies an important place in the appearance of such people. They can be wavy or straight, but must be soft and smooth. The color of hair is from dark-haired to blond, although red-haired people who have an ascendant in Leo are also known. At the man with the given sign enough expressed predisposition to a baldness. Their head is mostly round in shape, the eyes are large, brown or green. The color of the Lion's face is usually light with a slight blush.

The Lion-Man

Ascendant in Leo from a man gives strong features: a broad forehead, a fairly large nose with a hump and large prominent cheekbones.

The proportions of the body are harmonious, the growth is rather high, the legs are long. Musculature is medium or strongly pronounced. The general appearance always creates an impression of nobility and pride. Clothes are often yellow and orange (Lion's favorite colors), but in any case it is of high quality.

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