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Anna Baidavletova and the band Ranetki. Musical biography

A popular group of the past 2008-2010 is the staff of Ranetki. They are winners of many competitions, laureates of prizes and nominations. Huge popularity of the group brought both the eponymous series, and soundtracks. When the girls were able to assemble a huge stadium in Luzhniki in Russia, to speak at a concert with Britney Spears, Anna Baidavletova was still not with them. A few years after the collection of the "Olympic" officially the group does not disintegrate, but ceases its activities.

Ranetki Group

The initial composition of the group - Alina, Lena, Anna, Zhenya, Natasha and Lera. In 2005, Tretyakova joined the group, which replaced Alina. A little later, Lena, who was initially accepted by the results of casting, leaves. Lebl group - "Megalayner." From 2005 to 2008, "Ranetki" are at the peak of popularity: the Russian public takes them with joy. After leaving Lera Kozlova's group (this happened in 2008) she is replaced by Anna Baidavletova. At that time, the girl was in a team called Nine Lives. In 2011 the last concert plays out Rudneva and leaves the group after 6 years of joint work.

Speech, which "Ranetki" give in the shopping center "Rio" (2013), is the final one. Legally, the girls are considered to be members of the group, but in fact the collective has ceased to exist.

short biography

Baidavletova Anna Dmitrievna was born in the Russian Federation (in the city of Stavropol) on November 26, 1992. In "Ranetki" she took the place of the former drummer. Lera Kozlova left because of a bad relationship with the producer. In order to perform well at her first concert with the legendary band, she had to learn all the parts for songs in just 2 weeks. She also takes part in the filming of the series "Ranetki."

Anna Baydavletova spent her whole youth in her native city, where she studied at a music school, learning to play the guitar, accordion and piano. There she also graduated from an art school.

Her passion for music began with rock and roll, which she lit with her mother. She loved to sing, dance and show funny performances. About the future connected with music, it was forced to think of new idols - Tokio Hotel - at 13 years old. Then the girl decides together with her friend Olya to create a collective of "Reality". But their fate did not work out, and soon they fell apart. After a while Anna Baidavletova with friends forms Nine Lives. Thanks to this very team she goes to the casting of "STS lights a superstar", and she is noticed by the producer of "Ranetok".

According to Nyuta (as her fans call it), in her future classmates she was first impressed with growth (all of them are rather low). As a result, it turned out that Anya was almost above all. The girls quickly became friends, became close and became a real family. On the tour, Nyuta took a notebook with her, which from early childhood recorded important and key moments of her life. In addition to the notebook, she can see Richie's toy, which was presented to her by fans.

Girl on the show "Psychic"

Baidavletova Anna Dmitrievna - one of the participants of the show "Psychics are investigating". She was not at random, because her life after the collapse of the band became too heavy.

When she was taken to Ranetki, she wanted only to sing, but there was no choice and she had to sit down for the drums. Every day, to achieve good results, she washed her hands in the blood and worked to calluses. She just had to prove that she was strong in spirit and could become a full member of the group, not worse than before. And she succeeded.

A little later, "Ranetki" gaining success. Now the usual gray weekdays are replaced by concerts, tours, universal recognition and success. However very soon the feeling of popularity begins to turn into an excessive load.

When Anna Baidavletova showed her apartment to the crew, they were in shock. Externally, the multi-storey building looks truly "fabulous." However, inside there is not a drop of the expected luxury and decorations. The room required at least a major overhaul. The windows were hung with packages.

Difficulties were also with food. After the breakup of the band and the end of the tour, Ani did not have a job. Attempts to start a solo career were not crowned with success.

The girl had to be hired for any job only in order to earn food, pay for utilities and pay out a loan. At the same time, her mother begins to have health problems. In despair and despair Anna turns to the show.

Aza Petrenko, as the best psychic, claimed that life would soon be fine, good news would come. And Marilyn Carro was able to see the girl's mother in the past negative. After a ceremony that helped to cope with it, the woman promised that the bad life will go away, the bright times will come. Literally six months later, Anya starts working on her first solo song.

Personal life

According to rumors, Anna Baidavletova, whose personal life remains behind the scenes, since the girl does not like to spread about this, for some time met with Arthur Frick. If you believe his words, it was she who became a muse for him, which helps to create and move on in the creative plan.

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