And what happens if the navel is untied?

The navel is a reminder to a person about the time when he grew up and lived in the belly of his mother and completely depended on it. Since all the nourishment of the unborn child comes from the mother, we can make a logical conclusion: the umbilical cord in the prenatal period was directly connected with all the organs of the baby, and for some time even after the birth of this relationship is not torn. That is why even in an adult human navel remains a vulnerable place. Proverbs, sayings and idiomatic expressions related to the navel are very common and very colorfully describe the attitude of the party to the events.

Who has the navel unleashed

In fact, everything is not as terrible as it might seem, if you believe in popular expressions. Basically, caution should be observed for young parents, since the consequences of what will happen if the navel is untied in a baby is really frightening. Fortunately, it is necessary to observe the navel carefully only in the very first month of a child's life - the probability of "unleashing" decreases further. And adults generally do not have any reason to fear what will happen if the navel is untied, since the correctly tied cord is fused and becomes a single whole.


Let us dwell first on those who can really face such a nuisance - on newborns. The main reasons for unleashing the navel are a strong overeating and a long cry at the limit of possibilities. If the former can still be controlled and limited, small children scream often, it happens that long, and it is often impossible to stop this cry. So it remains only to examine the baby when it will turn out - to console and reassure. Vomiting signs in the baby, fever, swelling and redness of the navel, his soreness, unpleasant odor or discharge from the umbilical cord can be a warning sign. What to do if the navel is untied (or did you even suspect it)? Urgently call the doctor. If the night is an emergency room. Umbilical hernia (the more correct name for an unbuttoned navel) for such small children can be deadly, since the umbilical cord is still connected to all the insides of the baby. However, if the belly has not healed for 3 weeks of life in your offspring, it is necessary to take it to the doctor in any case - the malfunction may be of a different plan.

After a month of age

Whether the navel can be loosened in children older than a month, and even more so in adults, the question is not even worth it. Can not! What is considered its unleashing is the common name of the umbilical hernia. And she can overtake at any age. The causes of the hernia are the same as in infancy, only they are accompanied by the lifting of excessive weights or heavy physical labor. Here it is not necessary to conceive what will happen if "the navel is untied", it is necessary to urgently address to the doctor. If you neglect frightening symptoms and convince yourself that abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, fever are all consequences, for example, of food poisoning, you can "jump" to death. In any case, the umbilical hernia is operated on, and this surgical intervention is quite simple. Let you oppose operations, they are afraid or do not trust doctors - there's nothing you can do! What happens if you "untie the navel", you already know. And if you want to live, you'll have to lie down on the operating table. Otherwise, the consequences can be so serious that you will long scold yourself with the last words for delay.

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