American classic of the 70's: Pontiac Grand Am

In 1973, the paroxysm of branded engineering ingenuity led to the fact that the concern "General Motors" created more than ten different types of cars, based on one body, which was called A-body. Most of these cars turned out to be transitional products of the dark era of American automotive history. However, one of these models, called the Pontiac Grand Am, released in 1975, still exists today as a sign pointing to a road that no one has decided to move - it's a real American classic.


Although the name suggests a synthesis of the luxury of the Pontiac Grand Prix model and the technical performance of the Pontiac Trans Am, the new model was designed in the likeness of European counterparts and focused on convenient and smooth handling and elegant interior design - this was what distinguished premium cars in Europe at that time. This "Pontiac" was supplied with radial tires, sports suspension, bucket seats and a daring steering wheel. Even the switch of the far headlights was on the steering wheel, like all European cars, and was not a button, as in most American cars. Many magazines wrote that in addition to Firebird / Camaro and Corvette, there are no cars in America that it would be more convenient to manage than this "Pontiac" - and certainly there was not a car that could approach it in size. But everyone agreed that driving this car is a pleasure.


But it was the style of the new car that made it stand out against the rest of American cars. Let "Pontiac" and had the same form as a number of cars, such as "Buick Century" and "Chevrolet Shevel", it was still unique, or rather unique and bright and memorable. Like the LeMans model, from which the new Pontiac developed, the car has a classic long hood and a short trunk, an impressive grille and other memorable elements that blend harmoniously together, creating a unique design. Moreover, the new "Pontiac" has preserved an outstanding "nose", which has always been a hallmark of the machines of this brand. However, it was made quite differently - before the nose, like the whole bumper, was metallic - in the new model it was made of soft polyurethane, which returns to its original shape even after a slight collision. Owners of this car noted that its lines look just perfect, they all told how people turn to look at this miracle when it travels down the street in 2015. After all, this car is very different from all other vehicles that can be seen on the road.


The price of the base model of this car in 1973, when it first appeared, was $ 4,263 and $ 50. It was about a thousand dollars more expensive than the predecessor of the brand "Pontiac" - LeMans, but this price was only half what it cost, for example, "BMW Bavaria" or "Jaguar XJ6". Even loaded with various additions, such as the best in the line of the eight-cylinder 455-cubed engine of 7.5 liters, the cruise control system, air conditioning and, of course, the eight-cassette player, this car rose in price to only six thousand dollars. But in 1981 Ron Berglund, a longtime fan of Pontiac, bought a similar Pontiac Grand Am with a full complement of additions for only five hundred dollars. And when he stayed behind the wheel of this car for two years, he said to himself - this car will someday cost a fortune. So he decided to do it.

The best car

And to date, Pontiac Berglund is one of the best in America. It ideally sits on 15-inch wheels, looks extremely proud and even slightly predatory. And the weight of the car adds to the effect produced new impressions - this car rests on a 112-inch wheelbase and weighs two tons. And this despite the fact that he has a two-door coupe - four-door sedans are even longer and weigh even more. For comparison, you can take the door of this "Pontiac" - it is roughly equal to the size of the roof of the modern "Fiat 500".


Everyone who is familiar with the style of the interior of the Pontiac in the sixties, will feel at home at the wheel of this car. The instrument panel of the car is decorated with natural wood, it has a large number of stylish dials, instruments. Separate attention deserves the seat and steering wheel - first, they are incredibly comfortable and comfortable for both the driver and passengers, and secondly, they look just perfect and perfectly combined with the rest of the interior of the car.


When Berglund starts a starter, it immediately becomes noticeable the difference of this car from the majority of American models on the market - it sounds just great, brutal, but not deafening - just right, as I would like it to sound like a car. Moreover, Berglund has carried out with his car some changes that allowed to add a little more sonority, which is simply amazing - this is real music for the car enthusiast. But even with a factory engine this car can drive all day at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour without any noticeable problems. Moreover, Berglund states that he has already seen three-digit figures on the speedometer, and there are no reasons not to believe him. The gearbox of this car has only three speeds, but this does not worsen the situation at all. The fact is that it was not made in mass production, but ideally adjusted to the engine that this machine is supplied with. The result is a wonderful symbiosis, and in the end there is a feeling that you always drive at the right speed.

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