Alkyd-urethane lacquer: description, types, applications and reviews

Different kinds of paintwork materials on sale today there is a huge amount. One of the most popular representatives of this variety is an alkyd-urethane lacquer. This tool is characterized simply by its excellent performance characteristics and also has a very wide range of applications.

general description

Originally, the builders used alkyd varnishes to perform repair work . In the quality of the substrate, special resins, extracted from flax and wood oils, were used in their manufacture. Fatty acids were also included in the composition. Later in the alkyd lacquers began to mix more and different kinds of polymer additives, greatly improving their performance. Today, when performing repair work, only such quality tools are used. Alkyd-urethane lacquers are produced by many companies, both domestic and foreign.

Product Benefits

The advantages of alkyd-urethane varnishes include:

  • Resistance to temperature changes;
  • Ease of use;
  • Resistance to moisture;
  • Absence of adhesive properties;
  • Aesthetic appearance of the formed film;
  • Resistance to fungus and mold.

Among other things, the paintwork of this modified group is characterized by high abrasion resistance and a very long service life.

Lacquer Disadvantages

Of course, alkyd-urethane lacquer has some drawbacks. To such it is possible to attribute first of all:

  • Unpleasant odor;
  • Flammability.

Among the disadvantages of old alkyd varnishes, among other things, include a long drying out. Wait, when the film hardens completely, when using such a tool it takes about 24 hours. Alkyd-urethane varnishes of this minus are deprived. The tolylene diisocyanate included in the composition gives the resin an additional molecular weight. Therefore, the solvent from such a means evaporates simply instantaneously, and consequently, they dry much more quickly (6-16 hours). But urethane varnishes also cost more.

Varieties in the field of use

Most often this tool is used for painting wooden surfaces. The main varieties of alkyd-urethane lacquer there are only two:

  • The yacht. They paint ships above the waterline level.
  • Parquet. It is used mainly for painting wooden floors.

Of course, both of these varieties can be used to handle any other wooden surfaces. The alkyd-urethane yak lacquer is more suitable for outdoor use. Very often it, for example, is used for processing wooden arbours, verandas, other small architectural forms. Parquet varnish is most often used indoors. In addition to floors, it is well suited for painting furniture, frames, railings of stairs, doors, etc.

The composition of this varnish can be one- or two-component. The second variant costs more, but at the same time it also has a higher wear resistance. Also, the funds of this group are classified into matte, semigloss and glossy. The first group of varnishes is mainly used for highly contaminated surfaces. The fact is that the matte film is very easy to clean. The alkyd-urethane glossy varnish reflects a lot of light. Therefore, it is advisable to use it in dark rooms or on fine elegant decor objects.

Where else can a remedy be used

In addition to wooden surfaces, alkyd-urethane varnishes can be used for painting metal and stone. Also sometimes they are used for glass processing. However, before using this type of paint for painting this type of surface, read the instruction manual. Some brands of alkyd-urethane varnishes are designed for painting exclusively wood.


The most popular among domestic owners of houses and apartments use alkyd-urethane products of such brands as:

  • Parade;
  • White house;
  • "Bohr".

Alkyd-urethane varnish Parade differs increased elasticity. The film formed by it does not crack with time and does not wear out for a long time. In addition, Parade products perfectly emphasize the natural structure of wood. This manufacturer produces alkyd-urethane varnishes intended for use both outdoors and indoors.

The main advantage of means of mark White house are low cost and a weak smell. Like Parade, this manufacturer's varnishes are highly wear-resistant, dry quickly and preserve the natural color of the wood. Use alkyd urethane lacquer White house can be used for painting any wooden surfaces outdoors or indoors.

Domestic means of "Bor" also differ in good performance characteristics. They dry out in just 4 hours. The film formed by them is resistant to the effects of any household cleaning agents.

Processing Procedure

Apply lacquer yacht alkyd-urethane in exactly the same way as parquet, according to this technology:

  • The surface is thoroughly cleaned from dust and dirt. If necessary, it removes the old coating.
  • The tree is ground and leveled. Before painting the metal from it, it is necessary to remove the scale and clean off the rust.
  • Alkyd-urethane varnish is applied to the surface with a roller, brush or spray gun.
  • After the product dries completely, the surface is covered by its second layer (perpendicular to the first).

Use alkyd-urethane varnish allowed at a temperature of +5 g. Before starting work, wear gloves and a respirator. If, during painting, the lacquer gets on the skin, it should be removed immediately with warm water and soap. Emerging on the surrounding objects, the spray can be easily removed with the help of white spirit.

The lacquer parquet alkyd-urethane can be used with accurate observance of the technology of its application can be 7-10 years. The same applies to the yacht variety of this facility. For comparison: the film, formed by conventional varnishes intended for the treatment of wooden surfaces, has to be updated every 2-3 years.

Than it is possible to dilute

With long-term storage alkyd-urethane varnishes can change the consistency to a thicker due to drying. In this case, the product should be diluted with a solvent before use. Manufacturers advise to use for this purpose a special composition SENTETIK TINER. But it is allowed to dilute alkyd-urethane varnishes and white spirit (imported).

It is not recommended to apply the last layer of finishing with a dilute agent. Therefore, to use such a varnish is still desirable immediately after purchase, not allowing it to dry out.

Since alkyd-urethane lacquer is quite expensive, some owners of apartments and houses new wooden surfaces are advised priming before using it. This allows you to significantly reduce the expense of funds. As a primer in this case, you can use the lacquer itself, diluted with water in the proportion of 4x1.

Alkyd-urethane lacquer: consumer reviews

In quality, this modern agent with polymer additives far exceeds many others. And therefore, there are only good reviews about him. The advantages of such varnishes, among other things, include ease of use and long life. Many owners of flats and houses also note the fact that when using this variety of LMC, mold or moss never appears on the tree. Also, these varnishes are praised for the fact that after using them the surfaces acquire a very presentable beautiful appearance.

How much are the varnishes

Since the funds of this group are of good quality, the price for them is usually quite high. So, Parade lacquers cost about 1300 rubles for 2.5 liters. For the bank of White House of the same amount will have to pay about 750-800 rubles. Alkyd-urethane varnish "Bor" costs about 900-1000 rub. For 2.5 liters.

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