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A festive dinner for guests: what to cook?

Do you plan a festive dinner? What products need to stock up? These and other questions you will find answers in the article. Many believe that a full meal should consist of the first course, the second, and dessert. But mistresses can not always please their relatives and relatives with such an impressive assortment.

If you want, of course, it's easy to cook a stunning dinner in just a few minutes, if you know all the necessary recipes by heart. Further you will get acquainted with such magnificent dishes which will fill an organism with all necessary nutrients. With the help of them you can surprise guests and relatives with their grace and beauty.

Cake with cheese and vegetables

For a festive dinner, you can cook an amazing cake of courgettes. You will need 150 g of hard cheese, 3 carrots, 2 eggs, 1 zucchini, 5-7 tbsp. L. Flour, garlic, one onion, salt and mayonnaise.

First, rub a large zucchini and drain the juice. Stuff the egg into the resulting substance, pour in the flour, salt. From the resulting mixture, knead the dough and in a frying pan, oiled, fry pancakes.

Next you need to rub the carrots, cut the onion. Mix these ingredients and fry. Add the resulting mass of grated cheese, pressed garlic, mayonnaise. You can also put the greens. With this filling, spread the pancakes. Leave the squash cake with cheese and vegetables aside for a couple of hours to impregnate.

Cheese with mold fried in Czech

You will have an unforgettable festive dinner if you serve a roasted cheese cooked according to the Czech recipe. So, you should have 200 g of cheese with white mold, 100 g of breadcrumbs, two eggs.

First cut the cheese into cubes the size of one centimeter. In one bowl, break the eggs, whip them. In the other, pour in the breadcrumbs for breading. Cheese cubes must first be bathed in beaten eggs, then in breadcrumbs, and so a couple of times. To fry them it is necessary on the big fire for forty seconds from each side.

Homemade fat

No festive dinner can not do without fat cooked at home. You should have 600 grams of brisket, seven cloves of garlic, black pepper in beans and ground, salt.

To make delicious fats, you need to grind garlic with salt, fragrant and black pepper. Spread the fat with the resulting hash and wrap it in polyethylene a couple of times. Try not to get air inside.

Leave the product to marinate overnight. In the morning, pour water into the pan, put bacon in it and cook for several hours. After let it cool in the water. Then send the amazing fat cooked at home to the fridge.

Cupcakes with white chocolate and berries

A festive dinner for guests you will get to the glory, if you submit to the table unusual cupcakes. For their preparation you need to buy 400 g of berries, flour (260 g), milk (250 ml), sugar (150 g), white chocolate (200 g), one egg, sunflower oil (125 ml). Also you should have ¼ tsp. Salt, baking powder (3 tsp), lemon juice (2 tsp).

Pour liquid food into one container: milk, eggs, butter, lemon juice. Stir until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Cut the white chocolate into small pieces. In another capacity, put dry foods: sugar, flour, baking powder and chocolate. Half-cooked chocolate leave for decoration.

Mix the dry foods and pour them into the liquid mixture. Stir them gently. Connect the berries to the dough.

Place the paper in the mold and fill it with the dough to the top, so that during the baking process a pretty dome turns out. Decorate cupcakes with white chocolate. Cook them at 180 degrees for twenty minutes. When the products become golden, remove them from the oven.

Sweet sausage

What else can I apply for a festive dinner? The menu should be diverse. Try to cook the sweet sausage "The Wizard of the Emerald City". Buy 350 g of condensed milk, 200 g of marmalade, 700 g of biscuit, 200 g of butter butter.

Melt butter at room temperature and whisk it, slowly mixing with the condensed milk. Grind the cookies in a meat grinder and cut into small pieces of marmalade. Combine the cookies with cream and marmalade, wrap the resulting mass in a special paper, forming an oblong shape. Send the sweet loaf to the cold. When it freezes, cut it into pieces and put it on the dish.

Fish baked with tomatoes and potatoes

Oh, this festive dinner ... For guests, you can bake fish with potatoes and tomatoes. To do this, you will need 600 grams of fish, three tomatoes, half a glass of olive oil, three onions, three sprigs of celery, two sprigs of thyme, pepper ground black and salt. Cut the vegetables into cubes, peel the fish from the scales, cut off the gills, fins, gut it and rinse it. Fold the vegetables in a mold. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and stir with your hands. Place the fish on the vegetables, and decorate with ringlets of tomatoes.

Then sprinkle everything with thyme, pepper and salt, pour olive oil. Cover the mold with foil. Bake fish with tomatoes and potatoes at a temperature of 200 degrees 40 minutes. Then remove the foil and cook the dish for another fifteen minutes.

Cake "Royal"

What is a good dinner? Its menu is amazing. Serve the "Royal" cake with dried fruits on the table, and your holiday will be remembered for a long time. For the test, you must prepare the following products: one and a half glasses of flour, three eggs, one and a half cup of sugar and the same amount of sour cream. And buy half a glass of prunes, half a glass of poppy and a lot of raisins. In addition, you should have a baking powder (3 tsp).

Products for cream: butter (200 g), condensed milk (one pot) and fruit. In order to make the first cake, combine and stir the egg, flour, sugar, poppy, sour cream, soda, ginned vinegar. Just make the second cake (only with raisins) and the third - with nuts and prunes. Bake and chill them. Then whip butter with condensed milk and cream with cream. Decorate the cake with dried fruits.


Many people ask what to prepare for the festive dinner. Treat your loved ones with the strawberry dessert "Tiramisu-traifl". Buy 980 g of strawberries, 225 grams of Mascarpone cheese, 170 g of black chocolate, 100 g of pudding mixture, 85 grams of biscuits, two cups of whipped cream, as much coffee and half a glass of milk.

Cut the strawberries, to decorate leaving one berry. Dilute the pudding mixture in the milk and send it to the refrigerator for a couple of minutes. Beat the "Mascarpone" cheese with a mixer until it is creamy. Add the whipped cream, pudding and coffee.

Each biscuit dipped in coffee and 1/3 of the piece put in a bowl with a flat bottom. Top with one third of strawberries, one third of grated chocolate, and the same amount of "Mascarpone" cream. Do so two layers. In the end, put the Mascarpone and chocolate. Decorate the strawberry "Tiramisu-trifle" with a whole strawberry. Send for 5 hours in the cold, preferably at night.

Exceptional dishes

No doubt, every friend you know wants to get to you for a festive dinner. Recipes with photos you will find in our small article-cookbook.

Many people like to cook simple festive dishes, simple and not requiring much time. A bachelor who wants to bring joy to his beloved, an experienced housewife or a girl who wants to comprehend culinary science can easily cope with the following recipes:

  1. Baked pork in foil. It is important to keep meat in the refrigerator and make a quality pickle. You need to buy 1 kg of pig meat on the bone, one orange, six cloves of garlic, 1 tsp. Olive oil, dry mustard in beans (1 tsp), spices for baking meat (1 tsp), salt, basil. Make sharp knives on a piece of pork cuts, and in each of them place on a slice of peeled garlic. Meat salt, sprinkle with spices, basil. Cut three rings from the orange, and squeeze the juice out of the rest. Mix the juice with olive oil and pour the marinade meat. Place the orange rings on it and put the product on the refrigerator for 10 hours. In the morning put the pickled pork on a sheet of foil, pour it marinade, sprinkle with mustard. Wrap the meat completely in foil and put it in a small shape with boards. Bake roasted baked pork for 1 hour at a temperature of 160 degrees. Then open the top of the foil and leave the meat in the oven for another 10 minutes. To get a beautiful crust, oil the pork with honey. Then lay the boiled pork on the table where it should cool down. Cold meat wrap in foil and put in the freezer for half an hour. As a result, the boiled pork will become tight and will be splendidly cut.
  2. What is a salad "Olivier"? No delicious festive dinner can not do without this amazing dish. Use a simple classic recipe. For 4 people you need to have 6-8 potatoes, two carrots, 6 eggs, 250 grams of boiled sausage, a can of green sweet peas, a packet of fatty tasty mayonnaise. Boil eggs, carrots and potatoes, drain and cool. Cut the products into cubes and pour into the basin, add mayonnaise, greens and mix. Salt, pepper and put in the refrigerator. Sausage is not forbidden to replace with meat, chicken, tongue or crossbars - as you like.

Name days

The menu of a festive dinner for a birthday must be diverse. Its compilation from the hostess requires tremendous efforts, because guests want to surprise with new dishes, forms, tastes and at the same time try not to ruin the family budget. Naturally, you are an economical hostess, but for the celebration you need to cook at least a couple of dishes from delicious, expensive products.

When you come up with a menu, try not to cook several mayonnaise puffed salads, but rather spell over one, unusual. Other salads can be made from fresh vegetables or simply serve tomatoes and cucumbers in the form of beautiful slicing.

A wonderful dish

Do you know what to prepare for a dinner party? For your birthday, serve salad with salmon and smoked salmon on the table. You need to have half a kilo of Peking cabbage, soft cheese (150 g), smoked salmon (150 g), sour cream (100 ml), black pepper ground and salt.

Remove the bones from the fish and cut them with thin bars. Pine cabbage cut into strips. Slightly freeze the cheese and grate on a large grater. Mix all the ingredients with salt, pepper and sour cream.

Tasty dish

What else can you change the festive dinner? On their birthday, many people prepare a puffed salad in glasses. Buy 700 g of shrimp, 100 grams of Feta cheese, one cucumber, one avocado, one tomato and lemon. For the sauce you need to have mayonnaise (200 g), black pepper ground and sour cream (100 g).

Boil the shrimp and peel. Cucumber and tomato cut into cubes. Cut the avocado and remove the stone. Spray the fruit with lemon juice so that it does not get a dark color. Cut the cheese into small cubes. Mix sour cream with mayonnaise and ground pepper. In four transparent tall goblets, lay the salad in layers, pouring each sauce - first the shrimps, then the tomatoes, then the cucumbers, pieces of avocado and again shrimp. From above make a pattern of cheese cubes.

"The Cap of Monomakh"

Preparing a dinner is not an easy thing to do. Surprise guests with a layered salad "Cap of Monomakh". You should have three potatoes, 300 grams of boiled meat, three eggs, a couple of raw carrots, 200 grams of cheese, one glass of walnuts, mayonnaise. For decoration use one pomegranate and canned green peas.

Boil the potatoes in their uniforms, eggs and cool. On a coarse grater, grind the hard cheese, eggs, potatoes and carrots. Walnuts and meat cut with a knife. Mix all the ingredients with mayonnaise separately and, forming a cone, lay on a plate layers in this order: potatoes, meat, eggs, nuts, carrots, cheese. Lubricate the tasty mountain with mayonnaise and decorate with pomegranate seeds and green peas.

Ancient snack

You still do not understand what should be the menu of a festive dinner? Birthday is an amazing holiday. Feed your loved ones with a snack from salty tongue. To make this ancient recipe, you need to buy one medium beef tongue, one head of garlic, rock salt (3 tablespoons), sugar (1 tablespoon).

Mix sugar, salt and crushed garlic. Wash the tongue, dry and pour out in this mixture. Wrap it in a plastic bag, remove the air and tie it tightly. Put the tongue in a bowl and press it down with a stone to make the juice stand out. He should lie down one night at room temperature, and then put him in the refrigerator for 10 days.

Turn the tongue daily so that it evenly salts out. After the expiration date, remove it from the bag and put in a container with cold water. Put the product on the fire and cook until ready for about two hours (the cooking time depends on the size of the tongue). Put the finished delicacy in ice water for a couple of minutes, then peel and cool. Wrap it in polyethylene and store in the refrigerator before the start of the celebration. Slice the tongue into thin slices before serving.

Hot food

Do you plan a festive dinner? Take pictures of the dishes that you have prepared with your own hands! Serve boiled potatoes with butter or mashed potatoes, crumbly rice, lots of vegetables and fresh greens. Pleasure guests with beef rolls. They can be prepared from 1 kg of veal pulp or beef, lard (100 g), sour cream (500 ml), salt, tomato paste (3 tbsp), black pepper ground.

Rinse the meat and freeze in the freezer. Slice it with thin plates across the fibers. Beat on both sides, put on the table, pepper and salt on one side. Salo cut into long bars with a thickness of 5 mm. On the edge of the meat plate, put the bar and roll into a roll. Carry out this procedure with all the meat. Pour a little water into the pan, lay the rolls and pour over the sour cream sauce. To make it, mix tomato paste and sour cream and season with salt. Put the workpiece on a weak fire and simmer under the lid for about two hours.

Pork zrazy with mushrooms and cheese

Recipes of a festive dinner should be known to every hostess. Surprise your relatives with pork zrazy with cheese and mushrooms. This dish is prepared from 1 kg of minced pork, one egg, butter (50 g), three onions, milk (20 ml), fresh champignons (400 g), hard cheese (100 g), half loaf of white bread, salt, Black pepper ground, wheat bran or breadcrumbs.

Soak in the milk for 30 minutes stale bread and finely chop one onion. Grind the minced bread with minced meat. Add pepper, salt and mix. To make a filling, cut two onions, cheese and mushrooms into cubes. With butter, do the same and put it in the refrigerator.

Onion fry in sunflower oil so that it has a golden color. Frying pan with onion add mushrooms, which you need to fry until cooked. Pepper and salt to taste. Divide into 8 pieces of minced meat, make a cake from it. In the center of each put a stuffing, cheese and a slice of butter. Blind oval cutlets, peel them in breadcrumbs and fry them on both sides until cooked.


Do not be afraid, everyone will like your dinner. The dishes listed above will make your celebration unforgettable. Popotchuyte guests cake "Kish" with shrimp and pink salmon. You need to have half a kilogram of flour, creamy frozen butter (300 g), two eggs, salt, sour cream (2 tbsp.). The filling is prepared from 300 grams of boiled shrimp, hard cheese (200 g), salmon smoked (300 g). For pouring, buy 4 eggs and cream (400 ml).

Cut with a knife butter, add salt, flour and rub the mixture into a crumb. Add sour cream and eggs and knead the dough. It should lie down about thirty minutes. Then put it in a pie shape, and pound it with your hands so that the sides are straight. Cover the workpiece with parchment, oiled, and on top of it put a flat plate the size of a little less than the shape. At the top of this design place the oppression. This is necessary to ensure that when baking the dough does not rise. Bake it for 30 minutes in the oven, heated to 200 degrees.

On a prepared basis, place the peeled shrimp and fish, cut into cubes, sprinkle with cheese. Mix the cream with eggs and whisk. Pour the cake with the air mass and put it back in the oven. Bake a delicacy for about 30 minutes.

Perhaps you will also add some dishes in the menu of a festive dinner. Home food has always been considered the most delicious. But it happens that the guests are on the doorstep, and recipes for fast meals cause an attack of laziness and panic. Attach to the refrigerator phones of trusted suppliers of sushi, pizza and Ossetian pies. You will be ready to receive guests very quickly, and they will not remain hungry.

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