A birthday gift card - a wonderful and touching gift

Instead of an epigraph, I want to recall the anecdote of perestroika times. The new Russian buys Van Gogh's painting at an auction for a lot of money, then he calls a friend: "Al, listen, Seryoga has a birthday, you'll think of a present about a gift." If I already bought a postcard ... "

Gone to God, those vague and dashing times, and, having overcome the growing pains, we have become more civilized, more calm and more optimistic about the world, and are not so different now from Europeans. Our values have also changed. Now, if we want from the heart to please someone with a pleasant gift, the decisive factor will not be price and "show off," but originality and the opportunity to give away a particle of its heat. It is no coincidence that recently it became very popular (you can even say it's fashionable) to give gifts made by yourself. And if you need to have hands that grow out of the right place to make some cute little thing, then a card for yourself on your birthday is available to anyone, even a budding handyman.

Made with a soul postcard, signed by their sincere words, rather than replicated clichés, close people are able to appreciate more than any gift, and can store it for years.

A birthday card for your birthday will please not only the birthday boy, but also the donor himself, because he is lucky to experience the joy of creativity, good feelings from sharing your work and warmth.

So, what can you need to make a birthday card for yourself with your own hands. In the course will go a variety of materials - colorful paper and cardboard, threads, buttons, braid, beads, sequins, scraps of cloth, as well as glue, scissors and a little imagination. Paper - the most accessible and versatile material, you can work with it in various ways (drawing, cutting, folding, gluing).

You can just paint something beautiful or funny, and the postcard will be ready. If the drawing is not too strong, you can print and repaint the pictures you like. These methods are simple, without special considerations.

It will be more interesting to have a birthday card in the form of an application for yourself, there is more space for imagination here. You can cut out any figures from colored or velvet paper, foil and paste on the basis of the postcard. To glue the parts, you can use double-sided adhesive tape, the image will appear more voluminous. Decorate cards well with beads, sequins, confetti, colored woolen threads and braid. Without restraining the imagination, you can use the most unexpected materials, for example - different cereals, pasta. Finish work will give the edge, decorated with braid or simply decorated.

A nice surprise-riddle can be a card with your own hands for birthday in the form of puzzles. To do this, you need to draw on the dense cardboard the desired pattern, then cut it into several pieces and add the resulting elements into a beautiful envelope.

The most cherished and dear heart will be a postcard to mom for her birthday with her own hands. Let it be far from perfect performance, such a postcard - as recognition of the dearest in the world little man in his feelings. Children, always plunging into any creative process "with a head", involuntarily invest in their masterpieces a large part of their little soul.
A postcard made by a child, and many years later, will not lose the heat and love invested in it, rather, on the contrary, the children's creativity of children who have grown up will even more touch the soul and heart of the mother.

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