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6 months to the child: development, weight and height. The regime of the child's day in 6 months

Here comes the first small anniversary. Looking at the six-month-old child, we see in him already noticeable changes, he is no longer a newborn baby, but a little man with meaningful actions. The regime of the child's day of 6 months is already changing significantly, the baby is more active, developed, curious. The development of the baby in six months contains many unforgettable moments, which are remembered for a long time by the parents.

6 months old child. Development, weight and growth

At the sixth month of its development the child usually gains in weight up to 650 grams. The height increases by 2-3 cm. The weight of the child in 6 months on average is from 6.8 to 8.5 kg. Pediatricians do not see anything special, if during this period of development the child does not fit into the normative framework and adds a little less weight or, conversely, a little more. A kid can get better by a kilogram and even a little more. It is necessary to be cautious only in the event that there is a sharp change in the centile weight corridor. The same can be attributed to growth.

The growth of a child of 6 months, if observed from the moment of birth, by this time increases by an average of 15 cm on average, up to 67 cm in total. If the difference is + 3 cm, this does not play a big role.

The remaining parameters of development are taken into account depending on the evaluation of the child's physical development . The circumference of the chest is 42-43 cm, and the circumference of the head according to the norms is 43-44 cm.

Do not panic if the child's height is 6 months or its weight Several do not fit into this framework. Consideration is given to the height and weight of the baby at birth, hereditary data. As for premature babies, they have a special development calendar.

Not a minute without movement

The development of the baby is gaining momentum. He increasingly acquires skills, skills, confidently controls the actions of his body, achieves certain goals. The kid always strives somewhere, he is interested in everything around.

  • Neck muscles at this age are already strong enough, the crumb confidently controls the head, it does not dangle from side to side.
  • The kid is able to grasp the fingers of an adult firmly, to rise. A child of 6 months does not sit for a long time, this he does still hesitantly, collapses on a barrel. Muscles of the back at this age are not completely strengthened, the spine is poorly held in an upright position. Do not rush, you will notice when the time comes and the baby will be ready to sit.
  • Hold the child under the armpits, he, rising to his toes, will spring from the surface. This exercise is very like the kids.
  • The position on the abdomen is already given quite easily. The crumb is able to roll over on the back, back. Using the legs and pens, the baby can spin 360 degrees. So he gets an opportunity to better explore the world around him. From the prone position on the tummy, the baby, lifting the ass, is able to push his knees and move slightly. Getting to the cherished goal, any object, he is very happy.
  • When the child turns 6 months old, development, weight and height, their norms are certainly of interest to parents, but it is worth knowing that at this age the teeth begin to erupt. The first appears in 6-7 months, this is the lower central incisor. The baby begins to itch the gums, he consciously pulls objects into his mouth to scratch the itchy place. It is best during this period to give up the nipples, so you can avoid curving the first milk teeth.
  • It is most convenient to wean from the nipple at the time when the lure is introduced. Problems with the tummy still suffers a child of 6 months, the girl in this matter is more mature, the boy gas formation disturbs more often. Mom should follow strictly his diet, exclude gas-producing drinks, as well as products that can cause allergies.
  • Daily walks, Massage, developing classes, healthy sleep, bathing - all this must necessarily enter the regime of the child's day 6 months.

The possibilities of a six-month-old baby

  • Six-month-old kid actively plays with rattles, knocks them, wags, throws.
  • The child easily takes toys from one handle to another.
  • The kid at this age with interest shifts toys from one container to another.
  • Kroha actively gulps, imitates the sounds he heard.
  • Recognizes objects about which relatives speak, looks for them with a look.
  • With outsiders, the kid keeps a certain distance.
  • Grabbing for support, holding hands, trying to get up.

Acquaintance with the world around us

At performance of 6 months to the child, development, weight and body height are not unique factors which are interested in the pediatrist. At the reception, the doctor often asks the mother about the curiosity of the baby, which he shows to the world around him. At this age, the crumb is more confident, more interested in the situation where he lives.

  • The baby is quickened when he hears his name. It shows interest in the caller.
  • At this age the child learns not only the father, mother. He knows people who often communicate with him. Learning a familiar voice, the kid tries to attract attention to the sounds.
  • He likes being with adults on his hands. In this situation, he feels not only protection, but also sufficient freedom to learn, to see something new for himself. Often displeased when he is put back in bed, announces his loud discontent with loud crying.
  • Some time a kid can play with a toy, but when she gets bored, he throws it out of the crib. So, you can play with him, mom raises a toy, he throws it again.
  • At this age, the child intuitively reacts to the mood of others, especially mother's. If the mother is ill, then the baby is also naughty, if Mommy is happy, then she smiles.
  • Daytime sleep at this age is already declining. However, the frequency remains the same - three times a day. Every dream is 1,5-2 hours. At night, the baby should sleep at least 10 hours.

let's talk

Mom should not only care how much the child weighs 6 months, what are the parameters of his development. At this age, communication is at the leading place, this must be taken into account. With the baby you need to always talk. Even when performing the necessary procedures: bathing, going to sleep, the mother should always actively communicate with the child, that is, sing to him songs, tell various jokes, rhymes, use the fun - zabudayka, hide and seek, the ladushki. These actions stimulate the child's speech activity, he tries to remember, to repeat various sounds.

At this age, you can already offer games that develop fine motor skills: sort by different jars, boxes of beans, nuts. In this case, you need to monitor security. To develop tactile sensations, let the kid play with tissues, materials of various textures. Very useful are finger games: counters, ladushki, forty-white-bears.

Baby talk

At performance of 6 months to the child development, weight and body height, certainly, are important in respect of observance of norms, but it is not necessary to forget that at this age the kid already starts to "talk". From the speech of an adult person the child is already able to distinguish separate syllables. He pronounces them in different ways, while he himself listens to himself. "Vocabulary" already contains about 40 sounds.

Sometimes the baby should be left alone in the crib with his toys, let him learn to occupy himself. As for strangers, it is worth saying that at this age children are very wary of behaving with outsiders, hiding behind their mother, can cry. A trip to the clinic, perhaps, will become an experience test.

Nutrition of the child 6 months

Baby's weight in 6 months Is already 7 kg (+1), of course, it is not enough for him only mother's breast milk. If all indications of development are normal, then it is necessary to introduce complementary foods.

The pediatrician will advise which foods are best introduced into the diet first. If the baby quickly adds weight, you can start with fruits, vegetables or kefir. With shortage of weight, feed the crumb with milk porridge. Observe the main rule of feeding: at a time give the child a single product, start with one teaspoon, and then supplement with a mixture or breast milk. For a week, the volume of supplementary feeding should be adjusted to the norm, if there are no allergic reactions. It is better to start feeding in the morning, so you can follow the reaction of the body. The structure of the product should be homogeneous, without salt and sugar (acquaintance with them will happen later). A child of 6 months does not sit quietly when mom tries to feed him with a spoon. You can give him a spoon in your hand, so the baby feels like a participant in the feeding process.

Track the reaction of the body

With the introduction of the complementary feeding diet, the child's chair, of course, will change. It will not just be mushy, but look more formal. If the child does not bother with the introduction of complementary foods, introduce additional products and increase the dose. Keep a special calendar, where celebrate, when there was an acquaintance with the new product, as well as the reaction of the child.

So, if a child has 6 months of growth, weight is in accordance with the norms of development, Then one of the daily feedings with a mixture or breast can be safely replaced by complementary feeding. How to feed a premature baby, it is better to consult your pediatrician.

If the baby is not in the mood or unwell, do not force him to try a new product, it is better to do it when a more favorable moment comes.

Daily regime

Observe the mode. Despite the fact that the child has matured, try to feed him and put him to bed at the same time. It will only benefit. At this age, the baby is already sleeping less, actively studying the world around him, learning to move a little. His active actions, of course, change the regime of the day. He already communicates more, plays. The duration of sleep decreases every day, but do not ignore the regime.

Sleep. Activity time

A half-year-old should sleep 2-3 times a day. In practice, this is not always possible to observe. To persuade a joker to lie down in a crib is very difficult, after all around so much new, interesting, so before a night sleep give preference to quiet employment, to peaceful dialogue. For the distribution of even rest, it is better to lay the baby once before lunch, and the second time after mid-lunch.

Active kid develops during games, swimming, walks. The day can begin with morning exercises. The easiest exercises ("potyagushechki"), conducted by the mother, will be able to cheer the baby after sleeping. After breakfast you need to take a walk with the baby. In summer, when the weather allows, it's better to walk as long as possible, if the child likes it. It's good if the baby falls asleep in the stroller. Winter festivities should be less lengthy. At a frost more than 15 degrees it is better not to leave. Never leave the wheelchair unattended, waking up, the child begins to actively move and may even turn it over.

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