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World of Warcraft: how to get to Draenor for the Alliance and the Horde?

The end of 2014 for fans of the game World of Warcraft is marked by a long-awaited event: almost a year after the announcement that a new addition to Warlords of Draenor will be released, Blizzard employees finally fulfilled their promise. On November 13, a new patch was launched for the joy of all the fans. If some 2-3 months ago, players puzzled over how to get on the beta of Draenor, now all who have installed a new addition on their computer and paid for playing time can immerse themselves in the amazing world of adventures taking place on the uncharted land of the clans of the Northern Wolf and other equally interesting factions.

A bit of history

Draenor is an ancient planet, on which intelligent beings lived many centuries ago: arakkoa, orcs, hronny and sporlings, as well as a few more small racial groups. Existence on the planet was based on a complete merger with the surrounding world, which differed from others in its incredible beauty. The mountains of Draenor rose almost to the cosmic heights, the plains smelled incredibly beautiful plants, and the swamps were famous for their splendor and fertility. Reasonable population of the planet called it simply - Peace. In the whole universe there was not a single being who knew exactly the way how to get to Draenor, and capable of breaking the calm and measured life course on this planet.

However, everything changed after the hordes of draenei, fleeing the aggression of the Burning Legion, arrived on Draenor. It was they who began to call the beautiful blossoming planet by the name, under which it became known to the players of World of Warcraft. As a result of the dark sorcery, committed by the orcs, who drank the blood of the Munrok, Draenor was completely destroyed. The planet flew into a myriad of tiny fragments, which then found themselves in the most diverse places in the universe. One such fragment is known to all players in WoW as Outland.

Return to the dead planet

Perhaps those who are little familiar with the history of the World of Warcraft, the question arises - how to get to Draenor, if the planet died many thousands of years ago? It's simple: Garrosh Hellscream after the defeat decided to correct the situation with his loss to the forces of the Alliance and the Horde. To do this, he took a desperate and unexpected step for everyone - he opened the portal in the past to prevent mistakes of his people and apply the knowledge gained at present to improve the combat characteristics of the orcs of the Iron Horde, with which he hoped to win the present.

Through the open in the Blasted Lands portal to Azeroth poured hordes of bloodthirsty orcs, set only on one goal: enslave, kill and take over the lands of Azeroth and other territories of the World of Warcraft.

New in the Warlords of Draenor

Developers Blizzard made great efforts to make the new World of Warcraft application fascinating and beautiful. First, the character models were improved. Now orcs, people, undead, tauren and gnomes look more attractive and bright. On the faces of their characters, players can more clearly see the emotions during the battle, communicating with the PTS or the characters of other players. In addition, the titanic efforts of artists were attached to a detailed drawing of a new location - actually, the very planet Draenor.

But not only these changes raised an increasing wave of questions from the category of "how to get to Draenor" and "how much is a new addition" from regular subscribers of the game and those who just decided to play World of Warcraft. A huge number of new exciting quests, the opportunity to develop your own settlement on a reborn planet from the past, dungeons and raids - is a great opportunity to win a place in the top players on your server for anyone, even a novice player. In addition, Blizzard provided an opportunity for all those who bought the addition to raise the level of the newly created character right up to 90 to immediately go to Draenor to perform feats.

Nature and adventure on Draenor

With the harsh and at the same time beautiful nature of Draenor, players are to meet immediately upon arrival to the planet. Players of the Alliance will be able to see the beauty of the Shadowmoon Valley, and those who play for the Horde are the snow-covered expanses of the Icefire Ridge. Literally, the first steps on this earth will bring players a sea of positive emotions: a rich booty from defeated creatures will allow the development of professions and comfortably exist garrisons created by players. As from the cornucopia, the representatives of both factions will be poured with tasks, which, not only can you get resources for development, but also improve relations with local clans.

"Legends" to be!

In addition to the heroic achievements in the open game world, players are also waiting for exciting trips to the dungeons and raids of the Warlords of Draenor application. From level 90, only one dungeon is available, but a little later players will be able to swing their character in Auchindoun, in the Dark Depot and 5 other instas. Surprisingly, even Blizzard continued to develop new chains of tasks, as a result of which the player can get legendary weapons or items. If in the Annex of Pandaria everyone was chasing Prince Rnevion's assignments to obtain the legendary cloak, then in Draenor such a thing would become a ring.

The way to Draenor for Alliance and Horde players

So, if you are interested in the game and decided to learn how to get to Draenor, playing for one of the factions - that's the answer. First, it is necessary to reach level 90 in order for the character to be offered a task, the essence of which is the destruction of the dark portal located in the Blasted Lands, from the troops of the Iron Horde penetrating into the territory of Azeroth. The only way to get to Draenor at this stage of events is to talk to Khadgar, or rather, with his projection. Players of the Alliance will be able to find it near the central square of Stormwind, and the Horde's supporters are at the main gate of Orgrimar, opposite the bank. Khadgar, who has the ability to teleport, will transfer the character to the Tanaan jungle, where exciting adventures will begin.

After completing the chain of quests, Alliance players will enter the Shadowmoon Valley, where they can organize the construction of the garrison. The same tasks await the Ordyntsi, with the only difference that they can rebuild their fortress on the ridge of the Ice Fire.

How to get to Draenor for the Alliance

How to be the one who went from Draenor to the already known from the old additions of the location: Eastern lands or Kalimdor? After the characters playing for the Alliance perform a chain of initial tasks, they can easily return to the mastered location through the portal. So, how to get to Draenor from the Storm with his help? To do this, you need to get to the location of the portals in the Underdark, Uldum and Vaishir. It's simply impossible not to notice the reduced copy of the dark portal from the Blasted Lands that appeared there. Clicking on it, the player will be in Draenor, namely in the Shadowmoon Valley. There are also portals in Draenor for mages, but they can only be delivered or used when they reach the level of ** when they are available for their study.

How to get to Draenor for the Horde

The portal to Draenor, through which the Horde players can pass, is located above the Spirits Avenue in Orgrimar, between the portals in the Underdark and Vaishir. The appearance of this structure also resembles the Dark Portal, located in Outland, but differs from it in small size. Another easy way to move players to Alliance and the Horde in Draenor is to use the return stone in the garrison. You can find it in a bag together with an ordinary return stone.

Another question that players might have is how to get to Outland in Draenor, because the portal in the Blasted Lands no longer works. The developers took care that the players of the Alliance and the Horde could freely enter the Hellfire Peninsula. To do this, they had to create portals near those leading from Stormwind and Orgrimar to the Blasted Lands.

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