World Diabetes Day (November 14)

Over the past few decades, diabetes has been at the top of the list of diseases that lead to disability and mortality. And unfortunately, every year the trend only worsens. Therefore, in 1991, WHO proposed the approval of World Diabetes Day on November 14 in order to attract the maximum of people to the threatening problem of the spread of diabetes and find common ways to solve it.

A bit of history

World Diabetes Day is designed to draw the attention of the public not only to the existence of diabetes as a separate disease, the insidiousness of its possible complications, but also that every year this disease is getting younger, any of us can become its victim. Even before the middle of the last century, this ailment was a verdict. Humanity was powerless, because in the absence of a hormone (insulin), which mainly provides direct absorption by organs and tissues of glucose, a person quickly and painfully died.

great day

The real breakthrough was the day when, in early 1922, a young and very ambitious scientist from Canada named F. Bunting first decided and personally made an injection of an unknown to that time substance (hormone insulin) to a dying young man. He became a savior not only for the young man, who actually made the first injection, but without exaggeration of all mankind.

Striking was the fact that, in spite of the sensational event, which brought not only world-wide recognition to Bunting, but also recognition, he could also receive a colossal monetary benefit if he patented his substance. Instead, he transferred all the rights to own a medical university in Toronto, and by the end of the year the insulin drug was on the pharmaceutical market.

Given that diabetes is still an incurable disease, thanks to the discovery of a truly great scientist, humanity has the chance to coexist with it through total control.

That is why 14.11 was chosen as the date when they celebrate World Diabetes Day, because it was on this day that F. Banting himself was born. This is a small tribute to a real scientist and a man with a capital letter for his discovery and millions (if not billions) of saved lives.

The main idea and goals

World Day against Diabetes is a holiday not so much in the usual sense of the word for us, as an opportunity to once again publicly and rallying to tell humanity about such a dangerous and insidious disease, to show its consequences, possible measures of prevention and treatment.

World Diabetes Day (2014)

Each year the celebration has its own theme and focus. Thus, World Diabetes Day in 2014 was dedicated to healthy nutrition in this disease. Scientists and practicing doctors once again stressed the importance of normalizing nutrition. They argue that diabetes is not just a disease, it is, first of all, a way of life. If a person eats properly, knows how to efficiently and, more importantly, correctly formulate the routine of his day, is disciplined in taking medication, is aware of possible errors in the diet and their consequences, then he can compensate for his illness for a long time. These aspects are relevant not only for people with diabetes, but also for healthy people, because prevention is the key to success and a healthy lifestyle.

Who celebrates World Diabetes Day?

On November 14, more than 100 countries celebrate and draw public attention to diabetes mellitus. The fact that not only the number of newly infected people increases every year, but also the number of organizations aimed at combating this disease, helping patients in various aspects of life (from banal medical to social and psychological), once again proves the need for such Day.

Recently, more and more often you can see a variety of screening programs that take place under the aegis of anti-diabetic organizations, when everyone can check the blood sugar level for free. Thanks to such measures it is possible to make early detection of hyperglycemia in healthy people at first glance and as quickly as possible to prevent the development and progression of diabetes.

Forewarned - armed

World Diabetes Day is a day for good and for help. Once faced with this disease, you will realize that you are not alone, and you will always know where to turn.

Thanks to the wide information of the population, it is possible to focus attention and inform people about the possible causes of diabetes, its first signs and algorithms of action in this situation. No less important is the work with primary care physicians, because it is to them that a person treats his problems, and knowing what to look for and what elementary methods of research to apply, it is possible to save a lot of people.


World Diabetes Day is not a tribute to fashion, but an event aimed at saving humanity, its information and assistance to those who have firsthand knowledge of this ailment. Only by uniting and armed with the necessary knowledge, you can save yourself and help your loved one.

Therefore, when the next time you see an ad in a pharmacy, a polyclinic and another structure about carrying out a program for screening the sugar level, do not neglect it, but be sure to use the offer. Moreover, it is in your power and interests not to wait for such events, but to hand yourself blood and sleep peacefully!

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