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"Ezel" is a Turkish TV series. "Ezel": actors

"Ezel" is a Turkish TV series. Easy and enjoyable in viewing, with a fascinating and interesting storyline.

Recommended for the age group over 16 years. Genre - drama, thriller, melodrama, crime, detective.

In the series "Ezel" actors with incredible accuracy and realism convey the character of their characters. Was released on TV screens in 2009.

Creators of the series

The plot is written by famous Turkish screenwriters Pinar Bulut and Kerem Deren. The director of the series is a rising star. Improved Bayraktar. The operator is Veysel Tekhsakhin. Composer - Toygar Ishykly.

"Ezel": actors of the series

Of course, in such a multifaceted picture there are episodic characters. But we will focus on the most notable. The heroes of the series "Ezel", the actors Kenan Ymirzalyoglu and Jansu Dere, convey the love of the main characters with such tenderness that the viewer feels it through the screen.

  • Ezel Bayraktar - actor Kenan Ymirzalyoglu, 38 years old, is one of the most beautiful and famous medialists on Turkish television. The project "Ezel" became especially successful for him.
  • Eishan Atay - actress Jansu Dere. One of the most beautiful actresses in the country.
  • Selma Hayek is an actress Narkhan Ozenen. Most often it is removed in Turkish serials.
  • Tevfik - Sarp Akkaya. This actor mainly worked on the theatrical stage.
  • Melikha Ukar - Ipek Bilgin. He is shot in films and serials since 2005.
  • Sengiz Atay - Iigit Ozshener. His career began with filming in a TV show.
  • Ali Kyrgyz - Barysh Falay. For an excellent game received the "Best Actor" award.
  • Serdar Tezkhan - Salih Calion. He played in more than 35 paintings.
  • Mumtaz - Bayazit Gulerjan.
  • Sebnem Sertuna - Bade Ishchil.
  • Camille - Guray Kip.
  • Bade - Berrak Tuzunvtak.
  • Ramiz Karazezki - Ufuk Bayraktar.
  • Kenan Birkan - Jahit Gök.

And many others, no less talented, who played roles in the TV series "Ezel" actors.

Brief description of the plot

The protagonist of the series "Ezel", appears before the audience a simple guy named Omer, who lives an ordinary and uncomplicated life. He rejoiced at all the delights of being and every day, and when he met the beautiful girl Eishan, his life began to play even more vivid colors, as in the heart settled love. The days were filled with happiness, joy, enamored carelessness and dreams of a wedding with a loved one. Omer had to join the army, but there he did not forget about his lover and planned a wedding. But all these beautiful dreams were not destined to come true.

In the fate of the guy came hatred, anger and a thirst for revenge. The protagonist ends up in prison, and with dreams of a rainbow fate have to say goodbye. After all the experience, Omer becomes a completely different person, with other thoughts, attitude to life, and most importantly, with a different name - Ezel. The only thing that remains unchanged: in his soul love of a beautiful girl still lives, and only Eishan belongs to the heart. Life turns into a dark abyss of passion with an incredible desire for cruel revenge for all of his anguish ...

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