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Why does itching and burning in an intimate place?

Itching and burning in an intimate place can occur for various reasons. If this pathological condition worries you very much, then it is recommended to consult a doctor. In the event that in the near future you do not get to visit the hospital, then the list provided will help you to find the true reasons for this deviation.

External influences

This includes the following phenomena:

  • Pediculosis or pubic lice.
  • Incorrect replacement of daily pads or tampons (itching and burning in an intimate place often occur in those girls who use hygiene products for more than two hours).
  • Contamination, as well as impaired personal hygiene.
  • Wearing underwear, sewn from synthetic material, which creates a "greenhouse" effect, since air access is limited.
  • Strong temperature change (subcooling or, conversely, overheating).
  • Irritation with urine.
  • Use daily gaskets with odors.
  • Use of hygiene products (soaps, gels, etc.) with aggressive ingredients.
  • Use of local creams, sprays or ointments that cause allergic reactions.

Pathology of genital and other organs

Itching and burning in an intimate place can arise as a consequence of some ailments. For example, because of:

  • Erosion of the cervix;
  • Any inflammatory processes at any stage;
  • Problems with the digestive organs (dysbiosis, candida fungus and others).

Diseases of other organs and systems

If you are bothered by an itch in an intimate place, you need to find out the cause. As the last, the following diseases can occur:

  • diabetes;
  • Pyelonephritis;
  • anemia;
  • Lymphogranulomatosis;
  • Any infection (usually venereal);
  • leukemia;
  • Cancerous tumors.

Psychological component

Itching and burning in an intimate place often occurs due to severe stress. As a rule, this factor plays a major role in the fair sex, as their psyche is completely unstable before emotional turmoil.

Hormonal imbalance

Speaking of such a cause, which can cause burning in an intimate place, it should be noted that in women the hormonal background is more prone to jumps than men. The most likely reasons for such fluctuations may be the following periods in a woman's life:

  • Monthly. During menstruation, bloody discharge can become an ideal medium for the reproduction of microorganisms, as a result of which a woman is quite capable of feeling burning and itching.
  • Pregnancy. Discomfort in the groin area at this time occurs very often. This is due not only to a change in the hormonal background, but also to a decrease in immunity.
  • The period after childbirth. After the birth of the child, the woman's body returns to its habitual state, which again leads to a change in the hormonal background. In addition, postpartum discharge becomes an irritant .
  • Climax. After 50 years, the level of hormones (sex) significantly decreases in women. This phenomenon is called a climax, which is accompanied by a restructuring of the entire hormonal background. As a result, a woman can observe such changes as dryness in the vagina and in the area near the thighs, burning and itching, as well as irritability, tearfulness and so on.

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