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Who Travels In Electric Cars

About electric trains and not only

Who today in the 21st century in 2012 travels in these strange tinning electric caterpillars, reminiscent of the worn-out forgotten past century?

There are opinions that people of an extremely low class travel to them, someone told me that they drive only "cattle", especially late at night; Some consider this transport to be pension or peripheral; For people of extremely low incomes; People forgotten and forgotten in the past. There are a lot of opinions, I can say the following: today, the trains of the "Petersburg Youth" and not only are considered to be extremely unreliable, an old reminder of the past, not even "transportation".

I am a curious person, and my curiosity is repulsed by none other than the people around me and new acquaintances, so my next friend introduced me to the electric trains. I do not call the names, but I'll still apply to the description, in order to refute several cliches that have developed at the same time, both about trains and residents of the suburbs.

A young guy, 27, an engineer-estimator, a dancer of the style "hustle", as well as a lot of acrobatic elements included periodically in the dance. In addition: tremendous erudition, reading, striving for knowledge of languages, good PC skills , competent speech, style and a set of almost secular manners (albeit sometimes even fake). He has an apartment, a car, and a good salary; at any rate, he has enough for his life, economic, he is washing himself, trying to maintain cleanliness, although the bachelor's flat is the bachelor's flat, still manages to help his parents in all spheres of life and everyday life. My friends, if only half of today's youth of 20-27 years living in the city itself had a number of such qualities!

I began to visit him, (and he lives in Pushkin), I look at people who go to these mysterious, scary old times and at the same time new to my consciousness, electric high-speed caterpillars. The trips were already enough, and they were at different times of the day, people saw a lot, and here's my conclusion:

Of course, I met a couple of dubious individuals, but in general, people are working-class, creative, young people, intellectuals. By the way, by the way, these pathetic "napaltsovannye St. Petersburg creams of society", and people who at a distance even smell of intelligence, upbringing, general erudition and real education, are not only these, but, despite their inner rich world and content, they are more modest and Easier, on the fact - it is more pleasant and attractive than the "city majors", bending fingers, sometimes without any rights or grounds. However, of course, people are all different, having visited the train, I seemed to have visited Nevsky Prospekt, Where there is a colossal mixture Various types, classes and individuals of society, look - I do not want!

To summarize, I want to say the following: Never make hasty conclusions about people, things you do not know about or have not "updated data" for at least this will show your stupidity and inability or unwillingness to analyze everything that happens Around you, which leads, as I call it, to the "ossification of the brain", you do not hesitate to begin to absorb and absorb the generally accepted rules and views that have developed over the years, while losing your individual assessment of the world, this destroys both you and The world around you, since you do not see, but correspond You lose the opportunity to appreciate and get absolute pleasure from your life.

(The article is dedicated to my "very grown-up" friends with a very adult worldview, I love you!)

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