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White insect in the bathroom. Scale, mocryca: the causes of appearance and methods of struggle

When insects are found in the apartment, the only desire that arises in this case is to get rid of them as quickly as possible and preferably forever. These uninvited guests can appear even in the cleanest apartment, but whatever the reason for their appearance, their presence is unpleasant.

There are also creatures that live in the bathroom. Because the warm and humid environment and open water, characteristic of this room, are excellent incentives for the development of various parasites.


One of such beings who prefer a humid climate is the lice. You can see them if you suddenly look into the damp dark room, as they lead a nocturnal life. Scorpion is white during moulting. Usually this crustacean (which, by the way, many mistakenly consider an insect) has a gray or brown color.

If the room is damp and warm, then this white "insect" in the bathroom will settle quickly and permanently. Convenient conditions for life and development are the main reason why uninvited guests choose this place in the apartment. Most often, they settle in places of moisture accumulation: in pipes, as well as where there is a concentration of moisture or stored wet floor rags and rugs.

Many, seeing these creatures, feel a sense of fear and disgust. By the way, not for nothing, because they can tolerate infections that are harmful to animals and humans. Therefore, noticing the white insect in the bathroom, it is difficult to experience positive emotions.


But the scales for people will not do any harm, but for wallpaper it is dangerous. The insect dwells in damp and dark places. Its food is made up of plant substances that contain starch and polysaccharides.

The scales are chosen outside their home in order to obtain their livelihood. And looking for him in places that are similar in the microclimate with her home.

Find out the name of the white insect in the bathroom is not difficult. What does it look like? Taurus is white in color, with long anterior and posterior bifurcated antennae. But, by the way, the white scales becomes after the third molt. Before that, it's dark.

How to remove insects

If you were seen a scaly in the bathroom, how to get rid of it at once, so that in the future the problem did not become global? It is believed that it is very difficult to remove insects. But it's still possible.

In this you can help forced ventilation in the bathroom. With it, it will be possible to regulate the level of humidity, as a result of which uninvited guests will find it more difficult to be without the necessary conditions.

Comfortable temperature for the scales is 21-27 ° С. Therefore, it is necessary to lower the temperature in the apartment. This can be done by airing.

In this case, all hard-to-reach places should be cleaned of dust, and wet corners and other raw areas should be carefully drained. In addition, it is necessary to clean the apartment with chlorine-containing substances - to ensure disinfection.


The most effective remedy for insects in the bathroom, as we have already said, is forced ventilation. It allows you to reduce the level of humidity. To install it, you need to select the type of fan.

To simultaneously serve both the bathroom and the toilet, you can install a channel fan in the attic in the attic. Such a device is better to use for installation in a private house. Depending on the volume of premises and the number of people living, you need to calculate the power of the device, which is necessary for the entire building.

If the installation was required in the apartment, then there may be difficulties. To install the duct fan, you need to hide the ventilation ducts in the suspended ceiling or mount the box, which can damage the appearance of the home. Therefore, another device is used here - an axial fan.

With its help, the problem of poor ventilation in one room, for example, in the bathroom, is solved, and then a second device is installed, but in the toilet. Fixation is carried out in the exhaust hole. Therefore, it is necessary to make its measurements in advance. Then already look for the necessary fan in the store.

Additional ventilation is the most effective remedy for insects. By the way, strong humidity damages the furniture and just made repairs. If the humidity level is high, the wallpaper falls off, which must be pasted all the time. Fungus and mold are also frequent guests in a damp room. And they not only spoil the appearance, but also can cause harm to human health.


But there are other methods of fighting insects in the bathroom. These can be traps and baits:

  1. If you arrange wet birch brooms at the corners and leave for the night, then in the morning you will notice that small insects have fallen into the trap. Brooms best burned.
  2. A glass jar needs to be wrapped in paper or tape, so that it is easier for the scales to climb inside. On a rough surface, it easily gets there, but can not get out.
  3. A roll of paper moistened with water should be left in the bathroom for the night and discarded or burned in the morning, without even unwrapping it.


Chemicals are no worse than improvised traps, and getting rid of insects comes in a month. Disinsection is carried out not only in the bathroom, but also throughout the apartment. Do it every week. But do not forget to use a mask or respirator to protect your respiratory system. Put on your hands gloves. It will be necessary to process all corners, shells and hard-to-reach places, especially those where the humidity is greatly increased.

Folk methods

Folk remedies can also help get rid of uninvited guests:

  1. A food powder called "Diatomite" will kill crawling insects if they process cracks and crevices in walls, on the floor and between tiles, as well as skirting throughout the apartment
  2. Cedar shavings are perfect for getting rid of insects. The smell is pleasant only for a person, and for an insect it is sharp. Therefore, in all the cracks and places of their accumulation it is necessary to scatter the zest and in 5 days to carry out an update.
  3. The smell of cloves is also unpleasant for scales. Therefore, you can spill spices in the locker in the kitchen. And the fragrance is pleasant, and the pests will go away.
  4. Boric acid will also help you. It sprinkles on the pipelines and around the shells. A solution of this acid can be applied to the surface of the pipes.

Such methods will also help in the fight against the destruction of woodlice. Like a scaly, mocrina loves moisture. Therefore, the above methods will help to part with them.

If in a room where there are scales and lice, there are items, for example, a bathroom cabinet, then you should carefully inspect it. It is necessary to check that there is not accumulated moisture, so as not to increase the area for insects.

If this has already happened, and they have flooded the bathroom cabinet, then it should be thoroughly dried and redone. Then re-fill.

Little Conclusion

Now it's clear what to do if the mocchia or scaly in the bathroom has settled. How to get rid of them? There are many methods and methods. You just need to choose the most comfortable, which is right for you.

But do not forget about one thing: if an unpleasant white insect disappeared in the bathroom, it can return very soon, it is enough to make comfortable living conditions for it. Moreover, the scaly breed reproduces very quickly. Therefore, having noticed at least one creature, from the ones described in the article, it is necessary immediately to take measures for their extermination.

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