What should the SMS settings be on the Megafon number?

New subscribers who purchased SIM cards from a white-green telecom operator, as well as those who already use Megafon's communication services, but have purchased a new gadget, will be interested to know what settings should be used to work with the SMS service. Of course, modern devices allow you not to think about such a problem: users do not have to face the question of how to get the settings of SMS "Megaphone" - the setting is made automatically. This happens immediately after the sim card is installed in the gadget and its registration in the operator's network takes place.

However, sometimes things do not go so smoothly and the client does not have the ability to send and receive messages. How can I check SMS settings on my MegaFon number and correct them if necessary? This question will be considered in the current article.

Features of the SMS service

Before you talk about what should be on the Megafon SMS settings, you should clarify the following nuance: when you purchase a new SIM card (or replace it), the connection of communication services is carried out within 24 hours. And this means that even with the correct settings of the previously named service, the subscriber will be able to use it only after the expiry of the day. This time is necessary for the correct connection of communication services. If after the expiration of the day the SMS functionality does not work, then you should check the settings and, if necessary, modify them. In the event that such a measure is not effective, you will have to apply to the operator's salon.

SMS Center

The main setting for the text messaging service on the Megafon number, as well as, however, on the SIM card of any communication operator providing such a service, is the SMS center. There is a personal number for each operator and region. In modern devices, its configuration is automated and human participation, as a rule, is not required at all. However, if there is a problem with sending and receiving SMS, then first of all you need to check how correctly the number in the settings in the field "SMS-center" ("Megaphone") is correctly registered. To configure the SMS yourself, you will have to perform several simple actions.

Configure SMS Center

If the text message service on the number is connected and there are difficulties with using it, you need to go to the "settings" of the cellular device. Basically on modern devices, you can find it in the same section. Here, in the line "Service SMS number" (the name may differ on different versions of operating systems), you should check the correctness of entering the number.

First, it must be specified in the international format +7.

Secondly, it should be specified for the region in which the SIM card was purchased and registered. You can specify the number through the contact center operator or by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page on the operator's resource for your region - here is a description of the main services. Including, see here SMS-center "Megaphone" for SMS settings.

After the number is registered in the corresponding field, you should save the settings, wait for up to fifteen minutes and try to send a test message.

Why can not I send and receive messages?

In addition to the fact that there is no SMS center number, in the settings of the gadget the reasons for not being able to send and receive messages can be the following:

  • The SMS service on the room is disabled. It can only be done by the operator on the initiative of the client. You can specify the status of the service by calling the contact center.
  • The cell number of the person you are trying to send some information through the messages in the line is incorrectly specified: for example, not completely or without the seven or the eight at the beginning.
  • A ban on the use of the service is established. This ban can be set by both the operator and the subscriber. To remove it, you need to enter the request # 330 * 1111 #. Please note that this command removes all prohibitions that were set on the number. After you enter it, turn off the device and then turn it on again to quickly and correctly apply the settings.
  • If on the "Megaphone" number SMS settings are registered correctly and there are no other restrictions, but the message still can not be sent, then make sure that the balance has enough money to send the message.

Internet connection via SMS

If the SMS settings are set on the Megafon number, then the subscriber can also receive settings for his gadget for the Internet and MMS. This may be relevant in cases where they were not installed in the phone automatically. So, in order to request via Megafon Internet settings via SMS, you should send a message to number 5049, in the text of which you should write down the name of the service for which the parameters are required.

You can also call 05190 and select the desired settings via the voice system.


Thus, the Internet is set up on the phone "Megaphone" on the phone: SMS, call to the toll-free number. It is also possible to configure this service manually. You can do it yourself in just a few minutes. Preliminarily, we recommend using auto tuning. If you receive or save problems or simply do not apply to the device, you should go to the mobile Internet setup and register an access point - internet, without filling in the login and password. Detailed information on configuring individual operating systems can be found on the official resource of the operator.

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