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What is needed is that the dough for dumplings is not boiled. How to knead the dough correctly

When cooking dumplings, vareniks, ravioli and other similar dishes, many cooks face two problems. First - the dough is not elastic enough. It tears if it is thinly rolled out. The edges of the products are not torn, the mass clings to the hands. But the second problem is much worse. Beautiful pelmenki, lined with slender rows on a cutting board, are immediately opened in boiling water, like flower buds. As a result, we have pieces of meat on the bottom and impartial flapping on the pan. From this article we learn some secrets of what should be done so that the dough for pelmeni is not boiled.

A very simple recipe

All housewives have their own way of mixing dumplings and dumplings. For some, this is a family recipe inherited from a grandmother. Others have their own invention, obtained through trial and error. Someone uses for batch only flour, salt and water. There are recipes that prescribe the use of eggs. Someone pours milk instead of water. For splendor, some add soda. There is a recipe and a custard batter. But in this situation, we are only interested in the fact that dumplings are not boiled during cooking. So let's start with the simplest recipe. So, flour, water and salt. That's all the ingredients. What is the secret? In the batch mode! A pinch of salt should be dissolved in a glass of warm (40-50 degrees) water. A pound of flour of the highest category should be sifted into a bowl. Make a deepening in this hill, where to pour salty warm water. Stir with a fork should always be in a circle and in one direction. Then the dough can be shifted to the work surface and continue working with hands. We will be ready to gradually pour in the flour - as much as it will be necessary for the mass to stop sticking to the hands.

Rest as an important condition

Relax is not offered to you, but to the test. Knead it very actively. Therefore, it is believed that dumplings, like a shish kebab, are "men's hands". Active kneading with the stress of the kolobok on the countertop causes a chemical reaction: the fiber, contained in the flour, begins to release and act. To give an end to this process, you need to give the test to rest. Then it will become elastic and will keep any stuffing - even sweet berries that give a lot of juice. So, cover with sunflower oil buns or wrapped in a food film dough for pelmeni. In order not to boil down the future products, you need to give the cellulose to prove itself. And consequently, put the dough in a warm place without drafts for half an hour or 45 minutes. To learn the readiness of the mass to molding, you can: pinch the edge. If the dough holds the shape well, it can be rolled.

Correct modeling

The dough for dumplings is very prone to weathering. Therefore, if it is a lot, you need to divide it into parts. All that we are not working with at the moment, we remove under the film. Only so we will have an elastic and sticky dough for pelmeni. In order not to disintegrate the products, you need to spread the forcemeat exactly on the middle of the mug. And to tear the edges better from the surface that lay on the table when rolling. That is, the whole process looks like this. We take part of the test. We roll it into a thin layer. We cut out the mugs with a glass. Trimming the dough is removed. Turn the circle, put the filling, we make a pelmeni, place it on the flour-covered board. If the dough turned liquid, add a little flour. If, on the contrary, it is too steep - a warm water.

Correct cooking

That the dough for pel'meni is not boiled, already fashioned products it is necessary to hold at least an hour in the refrigerator. So the minced meat "grab", and the stitches of your molding will dry up. In the water for cooking we will add not only salt. From the fall of the products, ordinary table vinegar is protected . We'll pour his tablespoon when the water boils. In order to quickly cook dinner, you can make fire under the pan as much as possible. But that the dough for pelmeni is not boiled, before casting products into boiling water it is necessary to reduce the flame to an average. For the fragrance, we add a laurel leaf. Stir the pelmeni once and a wooden spoon. After the products come up, they should not boil for more than ten minutes. We catch them with a noise and put it into a dish with a piece of butter. So dumplings or dumplings do not stick together.

Another recipe for an elastic test

It is quite the opposite of the above. Dissolve the salt in a glass of cold boiled water. Three cups of flour sift, in the hill we make a deepening. We pour in water. With a fork, knead the dough until it begins to lag behind the sides of the bowl. Leave at room temperature for half an hour. We transfer to the table, we pour two large spoons of sunflower oil. Stiringly we mix, that the dough for pel'menis is not boiled. When all the oil is absorbed, the mass is rolled into the food film and put into the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Only after this you can proceed to modeling.

Egg dough for dumplings

Do not boil the pelmeni, if you add this excellent product to its shell. Dough with eggs can be made as simple as or brewed. Let's start with the usual method. We need about seven hundred grams of premium flour. Sieve it with a slide directly on the table. In the center of the "volcano" we will make a crater finger. In the glass, let's stir the egg with a spoonful of salt. Pour it into the groove. Next we pour boiled water - quite a bit, although in total it will take about 350 milliliters. With a fork, we begin to stir in a circle, always in the same direction. We add water and push flour into it from the edges of the slide. Adding all 350 ml, start kneading with your hands. If you give this lesson about half an hour, the resulting pelmeni are not cooked during cooking. If the filling is not enough and you have left the dough, you can make it home made noodles. This is a good basis for chebureks and whites.

Brewed dough

In order for the cellulose to fully manifest itself, it is necessary to heat it. Two glasses of flour sift into a bowl. 250 ml of water is boiled. In a bowl, we'll take two or three eggs with four tablespoons of vegetable oil and a teaspoon of salt. In this mixture, continuously working whisk, boil hot water. Eggs will give abundant foam. Pour this liquid substance into the flour. Stir with a spoon and put on medium fire. We hold out literally thirty seconds, constantly stirring. When the dough warms up well, turn off the fire and pour two more glasses of sifted flour. We mix it. It is important that the dough stops sticking to your hands. But it too should not be too tight. To dumplings are not boiled, you need to give the test time to "relax." Cover it with a clean towel or wrap it in cellophane and leave it for half an hour.

Special dough for dumplings

In order not to boil products, you need to give their shell more fat. In this recipe, instead of water, we will use whole milk (3.2% fat content). We pour a glass of this useful product into a large bowl. Add two eggs and a spoonful of salt. We begin to pour in the flour and stir it. When the dough reaches consistency, like pancakes, put the bowl on a small fire. Constantly stir and do not bring to a boil, so that the mass is not burned, and the eggs are not curled. The dough will become thick, like a pancake. Then remove it from the fire and add more flour (on the whole it will take about a pound). Let us pour a spoonful of vegetable oil. We knead the dough well and let him lie down for half an hour. It should come out fairly dense, but not tight.

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