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What is humor? What is humor?

At all times humor was an integral part of human life. Why? Everything is simple enough. Humor gives man strength to overcome difficulties, he gives him the extra energy that is necessary to change the world for the better, and also provides the freedom to express his own point of view. In addition, humor expands the boundaries of understandable and accessible. And this is not a complete list of its advantages.

The concept of

Let's try to understand what humor is? First of all, this ridicule comical situations, actions, emphasizing the absurdity and the absurdity of certain things.

In fairness, it should be noted that there are several definitions of what humor is.

In general terms, this is the ability to understand, see and demonstrate comic. The meaning of the word "humor" is quite simple: it is an indulgent, mocking attitude to anything.

One of the most important qualities of this concept is the ability to clothe thoughts in precise and vivid words. Let's consider the question of what humor is, in more detail. First of all, it must be noted that the comic has many forms and manifestations. This is anecdotes, and funny stories, and satirical stories. Today, people who have at least a minimal sense of humor, are not surprised by caustic jokes and funny jokes. And even less offended.

Those who have a very remote idea of what humor is, you can only sympathize: in modern society, individuals who have absolutely atrophied ability to understand the comic, it is difficult to exist.

Manifestations of humor

What most often comes to mind when the word "humor"? Of course, anecdotes. It's not a secret for anyone that every nation has its own "short funny stories" - this is a kind of reflection of the national sense of humor.

Of course, humorous genre does not do without parodies. Probably, it will be unnecessary to remind you that it is impossible to copy someone's image professionally, if a person has absolutely no ability to laugh first of all above himself.

The third manifestation of the comic is communication skills. A person who knows how to acutely, and most importantly, it is appropriate to joke, very easily finds a common language with others.

Public speaking is another variation of humor. If a person has enough developed oratory skills, and he can communicate with a wide audience, then with a huge degree of confidence, we can say that he likes to joke.

The ability to "defuse" a tense atmosphere during an important meeting is also a sign that a person is endowed with not only diplomatic abilities, but also a sense of humor. It should be emphasized that businessmen sometimes need to learn how to conduct business negotiations in a relaxed atmosphere, where a joke should always be given a place.

In conclusion of this paragraph, it is necessary to note a kind of humor, like proverbs and sayings. Most of them are simply stuffed, along with wisdom, comicism, which gives them brightness and originality.


Surely many are interested in the question of when the first time a person began to joke. However, it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer. Probably, this happened at a time when a person learned to analyze his thoughts and give his own assessment of the events around him and the phenomena that are taking place around him.

With a great deal of probability it can be stated that the ability to laugh is a necessary quality for every person living in the modern world, who sometimes dictates very cruel and harsh laws of existence. In any case, a good joke is able to defuse even the most gloomy atmosphere that develops between people during communication. If, for example, you tell somebody a funny story or an anecdote, then their faces will eventually spread in smiles. When a person has a bad mood, he is depressed and oppressed by everyday troubles and troubles, he just needs a good portion of humor. After he laughs enough, the world will not seem so cruel and unfair to him, and everyday problems will seem secondary.

If one of your friends or relatives is in a depressed state - do not pass by: try to cheer him up and cheer him up ... Sometimes it's so necessary!


There are several classifications of the phenomenon under consideration. We list only the main types of humor. There are, for example, verbal, musical, figurative variants of the comic. In the first case, we are talking about the ability to entertain in a colloquial manner. The second option is aimed at causing a smile on the faces of listeners, using unusual sounds, amplifying them or vice versa.

Fine humor means creating comical drawings, funny cartoons and cartoons that involuntarily cause laughter.

Noteworthy is the fact that very often humorists combine several variants of the comic. For information, a combination of verbal and graphic humor is quite common. For example, illustrations in the satirical magazine "Crocodile" ... Once this publication was extremely popular. People knew how to make jokes. True, often pictures contain, in addition to humor, also satire. And sometimes sarcasm. Confusing these concepts is unacceptable.

Once again about the sense of humor

Of course, the question of what the meaning of the comic is, is paramount. At the same time, a number of experts are firmly convinced that it is a waste of time to search for an accurate definition of humor, since any reflection is aimed at destroying the element of comicness. Other experts in this area believe that humor is a category that can not be defined.

In other words, to give a universal exhaustive answer, to be precise, what it is is rather difficult. And this despite the fact that a huge number of sociologists, art critics, philosophers, and psychologists puzzled over such a question. And not only modern. For example, even Aristotle said that the comic - there is some form of disgrace, which is absolutely harmless to others.

A little bit about black humor

At the same time, today the so-called black humor is quite common amusement among modern society. In other words, this is some form of puns with elements of cynicism, for example, mockery of infirmities, death, physical disabilities: "a motorcycle is a cycle-tsikal, and the old woman is no more."

A few words about vulgar humor

No less common today is a variation of the comic, like vulgar humor. To give him a separate definition probably does not make sense, since everyone already knows what is being said. This is all sorts of jokes below the belt. "A fairy tale is a whim, and in it a reward is for good fellows of delight" or "A man-stoic is worth a lot". Naturally, such a variation of the joke is unacceptable in the presence of children, but vulgar humor pours daily from the television screens. What to do, people always felt an acute need for bread and spectacles. But why corrupt the younger generation?


However, it should be noted that the smile slips from the face whenever we start to hear groans or look through stories with elements of bloodshed. Mocking something close and valuable to us is also considered inappropriate and at the same time provokes a protest. Hence the expression "This does not joke!"

In any case, the ability to laugh at yourself can be useful in every person's life, therefore it is necessary to develop your own sense of humor at every opportunity.

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