What is an action camera? Design Features

Recently, many photo and video enthusiasts have begun to show interest in the so-called extreme novelties in this field, where there is no way to do without lawful questions: what is an action camera, how does it work, what is the complexity or simplicity of its design, and in general , What are the features of this gadget.

In this article we will try to answer all these questions with a kind of review that will help to maximize the effectiveness and, most importantly, correctly understand what kind of device it is and how it fits into your everyday life.

This article will help to understand the design features of each model, which will allow the user to make a correct and informed purchase, and comparing models will help to maximize the quality and the most appropriate option for choosing such exotic equipment. And in the process of getting acquainted with the article, you will surely find the answers to the question about what an action camera is and whether it should be bought at all.

GoPro Hero 3+ Black

Despite all the diversity of the market for such gadgets, along with constantly emerging innovations and improvements, the leader in this segment was and remains the GoPro brand. This company has become a pioneer, deciding to be the first to market such equipment for photo and video. Its products can still be considered the best in terms of image quality.

What is a GoPro action camera ? These are excellent performance characteristics, high-quality audio content, excellent detailing, a huge range of colors, hues and tones - that is all that will make your work or hobby just a pleasure.

Also it is worth noting that the quadrocopter for such a device allows you to discover a lot of interesting opportunities and even the most daring and interesting desires to turn into reality.

Particularly it is necessary to focus on the quality of shooting in conditions of poor illumination. The quality of the recorded sound is second only to Sony's analog, but otherwise the camera can be praised for balanced parameters and excellent characteristics.

The action camera (1080p - base resolution) of the third version is capable of shooting video in 4K-resolution with a standard limitation of 15 frames / second. A distinctive feature of this model, which is sure to please some users, not indifferent to Selfie, is the SuperView system for self-portraits.

The design of the device allows you to fix the gadget in a variety of ways. The camera itself is very convenient and compact, which makes it an indispensable tool for shooting in advanced angles.

The kit includes wi-fi, remote for remote control, a quality and non-compact screen that serves to simulate the display on the camera and a cable to connect to external devices. The only, but a slight omission of developers, experts consider the lack of fixing mechanisms of the console on the wrist, which, for example, is provided in the Drift chambers.

Main settings

  • The angular view of the main chamber is 170 °, 90 °, 127 °.
  • The available resolution is 4K, 2.7K.
  • Support for external storage - micro-SD cards up to 64 GB.
  • Weight - 75 g.
  • The battery is 1180 mAh.

Autonomous operation of the device fluctuates within two hours in an intensive mode, which for most users is more than enough. To the ardent admirers of prolonged shooting it is advisable to buy an additional battery.

Sony Action Cam 2

The model from "Sony" has some similarities with the previous respondent both externally and in terms of functionality. The gadget has retained the outlines of the previous versions in the form of an oval, so it will not be superfluous to acquire a special cover, such as, for example, equipped with a Chinese action camera.

The instruction manual is fully in Russian, so there should not be any problems with the setting. The device has a liquid crystal display and several function buttons that help you navigate the menu. The camera is perfect for those who like to fix this kind of device on the head due to the fact that it has low weight, streamlining and compactness.

Video files are of very good quality, and the viewing angle, like in other similar products of the segment, does not exceed 170 degrees. In order to control the device remotely, it will be necessary to additionally install the application on your smartphone (the work of the software is guaranteed on the platforms "Android" and iOS).

The presence of the GPS-module will allow you to easily navigate the terrain and set the necessary routes, and also have the opportunity to view the incoming data regarding the telemetry indicators.

Gadget Features

  • The angular view of the main chamber is 170 °, 120 °.
  • The available resolution is 1080p, 720p.
  • Support for external storage - micro-SD cards.
  • Weight - 86 g.
  • The battery is 1240 mAh.

This model can be called a leader in terms of sound quality. Separately, it should be noted that even in a waterproof case, the gadget can make a high-quality video, and with an excellent sound, and this can not boast of not every competing device.

The battery life of the device fluctuates within 2.5 hours, therefore, just like in the previous case, fans of long shooting should take care of an additional power supply.

Action Camera Smarterra SJ4000

This model deserves the attention of consumers and the trust of potential users. It should be noted right away that it belongs to the budget class. But this does not mean that a cheap action camera is not in demand (at least not in this case).

This gadget has twelve options of attachment together with a safety rope, which automatically makes it a convenient and versatile device for any trip and even extreme.

Technical data of the camera

  • The display matrix is CMOS.
  • Protection from moisture - is.
  • Support for external storage - micro SD card up to 32 GB.
  • The battery is 900 mAh.

Chinese action cameras of the 4000 series are equipped with a display on the back of the case, so after taking a picture you can immediately see the footage. As one of the options, the gadget can be used as a DVR, and the waterproof case allows you to shoot video at a shallow depth, and quite good.

What is an action camera in the understanding of many? This is a high-quality shooting, good autonomy and the availability of wireless protocols. With the first item of problems does not arise, but with the rest, alas, will have to accept. The popularity of this model is noticeably lower due to lack of support for Wi-Fi and a short battery life, but there is a tangible plus - this is the price.

Polaroid XS100

The Polaroid Action Camera takes a very attractive position in its segment due to successful and balanced parameters along with characteristics. The device can shoot in three modes - 720p, 960p and 1080p. The parameters of the camera matrix are also impressive - 16 megapixels. There is the possibility of simultaneous shooting, both photos and video materials.

Separately it is worth noting the interaction of the gadget with several types of memory cards: SDHC and conventional SD, but in micro format.

Device Features

  • The angular view of the main chamber is 170 °.
  • The available resolution is 1080p, 960p, 720p;
  • Support for external storage - micro SD card, micro SDHC.
  • Water resistance - is.
  • The battery is 1200 mAh.

The design of the camera allows you to mount the device on a helmet, bicycle and other items. Due to the waterproof case, the gadget can be used under water even without a protective cover. One of the main advantages of this model is the battery life - up to 3 hours, which is sure to please fans of long filming.

Panasonic HD Action Camcorder

Action Camera Panasonic series "Camcorder" - this is an excellent option for capturing the most extreme moments of your life. The model is perfect for use on vacation, in sports and even in a car.

The body of the gadget is perfectly protected from all kinds of shocks without reducing the performance in a temperature drop. The design of the device is interesting and fresh moments, which will surely be appreciated by fans of something new and original, and convenient functionality will not let even the most ignorant user in such things get confused.

Gadget Settings

  • LCD panel.
  • The available resolution is 720p.
  • Support for external storage - micro SD card up to 32 GB.
  • Water resistance - is.
  • Weight - 46 g.

A good battery fits perfectly with the light weight of the device. The gadget perfectly feels under water and on a rough road, smoothing out noise during the shooting. In the kit you can see a set of fasteners for mounting on a helmet, bicycle or other similar surfaces, as well as a cable for synchronization with a personal computer and a waterproof cover along with a protective panel. In general, the model is well balanced in price / quality and worth the money spent on it.

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