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How to make beer at home

Very many beer lovers note the recent deterioration in the quality of the intoxicating drink, which makes them extremely unhappy. In addition, do not forget about the constant rise in prices for beer, which leads to the need to think about whether it is worth using it at all, that is, to pay more, but to get a less tasty and less quality drink. Is there a way out of this situation? Of course, there is - to make beer at home! It turns out that everyone can organize a home brewery and this is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Of course, the preparation of beer at home requires the availability of special equipment, manufactured by own hands or purchased in manufacturing companies. It is worth noting that today the equipment that is needed to make beer at home is available on the market in the widest range. And how diverse are the models, so the prices vary - from the simplest kegs for $ 50 to the real mini-breweries, the cost of which can exceed 1000 dollars.

As for beer wort, which is the main ingredient that enters almost every recipe of beer at home, you can also make it yourself, or you can buy it in the store.

So, how to brew beer at home, a few popular recipes:

Recipe number 1. Beer from malt and hops.

To make a beer, take a half-buck of barley malt, which is mixed with two buckets of clean water. The mixture is left overnight. After 12 hours, the mixture is poured into another dish and a teaspoon of salt is added to it. The whole composition is boiled for 2 hours, after which 6 glasses of hop are added, and boiled for another 20 minutes. The liquid is filtered, cooled, and then fresh beer yeast is poured into it . Semi finished beer is stirred and left for another 12 hours. After that, the finished product is bottled and after 12 hours it will be ready for use.

Recipe number 2. English beer.

To make beer according to this recipe, you need 4 kg of barley or oats, which are dried in the oven. After drying, the grain must be thinned and poured into a deep container. 15 liters of water heated to 65 degrees are added. The mixture is stirred well and left for 3 hours. After that, the water must be drained, and the remaining grain should be filled with 12 liters of even hotter water, at a temperature of 75 degrees. After two hours, the water again merges, and the grain is again filled with water in the same amount, but already cold, which also merges after 2 hours. After that, all the merged water is mixed. Now came the turn of molasses, which is bred in the amount of 6 kg in 20 liters of warm water. This solution is added to the fused mixture of water. After that, 200 g of hops are added to the mixed ingredients and the composition is brought to a boil, and then it is cooled down for 2 hours. The next step is the addition of yeast, they need 2 cups. The finished base for the beer is mixed and left to wander at room temperature. Then the semi finished beer is poured into an open barrel. After three days, the barrel is closed with a cork and left for 2 weeks. After 14 days have passed, the beer is considered ready.

Recipe number 3. Breaded beer at home.

To prepare this drink, mix 800g of dried sweet muffin, 100g of sugar and 400g of rye malt. The resulting mixture is covered with boiling water, after which dry hops are added in an amount of 200 g and a few ground peppercorns. Yeast is bred in warm water, and the resulting mixture is added to the beer composition. There, boiled water is added, and the whole solution is mixed until it acquires a mushy state. Dishes with porridge are placed in an open form in a warm place and left for 24 hours. Then 4 liters of boiled water are added to the container, as well as 100 g of sugar. All this is thoroughly mixed. The container is tightly closed with a lid and placed in a hot oven for 48 hours. Then the liquid merges into a separate container, and to the remaining mixture is added boiling water in an amount of 3 liters. After 1 hour, the liquid merges with the first decoction. The resulting wort is stirred and brought to a boil. From the hot mixture foam is removed, after which the beer is bottled, which must be tightly clogged. After the bottles have stood for 14 days, the beer is considered ready.

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