What in your appearance and character is most attracted to the opposite sex?

Love and attraction between the sexes have little to do with romantic scenes of Hollywood melodramas. In life, everything is much more prosaic. In addition, the scientific world has been considering the romantic preferences of men and women for many decades. Now we do not need to address fortune tellers and sorcerers in the hope of a love potion. The Cupid's arrow can pierce anyone who your heart commands, just listen to these tips. All of them have a scientific justification. Today we will talk about what kind of appearance attracts men.

Plump lips

Forget about demonstrating the curves of your own body, deep decollete and short skirts. Researchers from the University of Manchester found that the female lips are the most attractive part of the body. When we look at such well-known beauties as Scarlett Johansson or Angelina Jolie, it's hard not to agree with this. An additional weapon, battling representatives of the strong half of humanity on the spot, is red lipstick. This bright seductive stain on the face and excites the consciousness of men. Cast aside doubts about bright lipstick. The classics have no flaws.

Extended pupils

Forget what they say about the eyes. They can not be a mirror of the soul, since they are the open doors that keep the attention of the romantic partner. Why does a man react so strongly to eye contact? And in this case the answer will be prompted by science. It turns out that your interest is given by dilated pupils, which are a signal for action to the elect. That's why men look at women so long and carefully.

Snow white teeth

Other scientific studies show that owners of even white teeth have more chances to win the attention of a potential chevalier. Of course, in nonideal yellow teeth there is nothing attractive. Therefore, we will not advertise whitening pastes, dental flosses and dental clinics right now. We hope that your parents told you about the hygiene of the mouth. Than the Hollywood smile conquers the representatives of the stronger sex? The answer is simple: healthy white teeth are an identification sign of female fertility. The man at a choice of the partner on subconscious level reacts to such signals. And this is embedded in our DNA, otherwise people would have died out long ago.

Happy smile

When we talk about a smile, we do not mean a strained mask. Men are attracted by sincerity and a happy face. With this fact, scientific research agrees.

High voice

It seems that high women's voices are perceived by the representatives of the stronger sex as more sexually attractive. Researchers believe that holders of high range at a subconscious level are perceived as more fragile and cute creatures. Nowadays, thinness is considered a standard for society and a symbol of health.

Steep hips

When Shakira danced to her famous hit, no one could imagine how close she is to the truth. Men just go crazy from steep hips and thin waist. This is probably related to fertility and fertility. From time immemorial it was believed that a wide pelvis helps women to give birth to healthy offspring.

Red dress

When researchers looked at the color preferences of the stronger sex, it turned out that the women dressed in red clothes were perceived as more seductive. In addition, the men who participated in the experiment said they would be more willing to spend money on a woman in a red dress.

Language of the body

To seduce a man you like, you can resort to non-verbal communication. Sometimes the body language is more eloquent. Here are some tricks: a slight inclination of the head towards the interlocutor; Feet, directed towards him; Light blush. Therefore, if you are planning to go on a date, do not forget to brush your cheekbones.

Symmetrical face

We do not think much about it, but facial symmetry is also a powerful weapon when it comes to attracting a potential partner. Most celebrities and models are not only photogenic, they have symmetrical faces. So, when the man of your dreams comes first to you, you can thank your parents for good genetics.


It seems that we listed all the key factors of sympathy concerning appearance. It's time to talk about character traits. If you did not manage to win in this genetic lottery, do not rush to despair, you can more than make up for some small shortcomings of the external appearance with the right strategy. For example, self-confidence will help you form a large part of sexual attraction. According to scientists, confident ladies tend to send to the people around the subtle fluids. The more signals you send, the more interest you get in return. Therefore, forget about low self-esteem and redirect your thinking in the right direction. If you are happy, you make an indelible impression on others.

Emotional intelligence (self-awareness)

Even the ancient Greek oracles gave their contemporaries advice about self-knowledge. It seems that these principles have not lost their relevance. Thus, you will gain the best understanding of yourself, your place in this world, your goals. Before you the most popular definition of the term "self-consciousness", formulated by the psychologist Daniel Goleman: understanding of their internal states, preferences and resources. This can encompass a wider range of human beings, from intuition, habits and shortcomings, to needs and desires. When you try to determine your role in this world, you rely on many factors. And all these things will help you answer the most burning question: "Who am I?". Awareness of this will help you to further increase self-confidence.


The relationship between a man and a woman is highly valued authenticity. The ideal woman should always be herself.

She does not accept other people's roles, masks, lies and deception. This quality helps to correctly perceive reality, be able to freely and clearly express their emotions, be open to understanding their own mistakes. All the qualities listed by us: authenticity, self-awareness and self-confidence - are closely interrelated with each other.

Openness to new experiences

There is one more attractive quality before you. When you are open to new experiences and are interested in new experiences, this strengthens your position on the love front. Men like creative people, sophisticated and intelligent people, curious and open. With such women it is easy. Of course, no one forces you to break out of a violent place and commit insanities (for example, to jump with a parachute). Your desire to learn new activities or to get acquainted with new cultures is welcomed.


Curiosity and openness to new experiences make people more sensible.

These qualities help to form social bonds and strengthen mutual understanding with other people. There is no doubt that empathy helps in building strong romantic relationships.


If you are trying to attract someone's attention, be at ease, a little frivolous and playful.

Life can be serious and tense, so it is so important for us to be able to relax. Avoid despondency and try to have fun. Be ridiculous, laugh and make little fools.

Bring optimism to your side, and you will feel that life is beautiful. Men will certainly be drawn to such a cheerful and carefree woman.

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