Erogenous zones in girls: sleight of hand and no fraud!

In fact, every woman or girl has her own "body map", his language. And read it from the first time will only a very, very experienced lover. However, this does not mean that you need to force your partner to learn the secrets of her satisfaction - for starters it will be enough to study the main erogenous zones of girls and start from them.

In addition to the time-tested methods of female stimulation, there are also individual ways of responding to which only a particular girl can respond. And, finally, there is the concept of "pseudo-zone" - they respond only and exclusively to the impact of a specific partner. What is most interesting, even the erogenous zones of the first group in the fair sex are not always strictly below the belt. Each lady has at least a few more points, the touch to which will be much more pleasant and will excite the girl much better.


Here everything is clear: men themselves often catch the pleasure of playing with this part of the female body. However, erogenous zones in girls require special treatment. According to the results of many polls, more than 80% of ladies hate when their breasts begin to crumble with force. What do girls like? Again, based on statistics, we can say that in the first place are delicate, hardly palpable, gliding, "airy" touches.


It would seem, what they can have to do with erogenous zones? With the same thought, about 60% of men live. And very vain, because one of the most powerful erogenous zones is in the nerve endings on the skin of the head. Their number is equal to the amount of hair, and therefore, if you want to excite a girl, it is best to start with stroking in this area, running your fingers into a thick mop of hair, etc.


This is one of the most sensitive areas of the female body. In the process of sexual intercourse, the man touches the sides most often. During the prelude to the sides, you need to touch as softly and gently as many girls are afraid of tickling. However, with the right movements, these erogenous zones in girls will play a role, and your hands and no one will think about cleaning.


If this article reads the fair sex, then surely they managed to feel a tide of light excitement. First, the skin of the abdomen is very sensitive, so stroking and kissing in this area with almost 100% guarantee ensure the excitement of girls. And in the lower abdomen are the ovaries. A fleeting click on them will be enough to make Her eyes flare with passionate fire.

How to affect the erogenous zones?

Erogenic points in women can respond to touch of a wide variety of types. You and your partner can experiment endlessly with kisses, touching, tingling, scratching, licking, squeezing, vibrating, patting, heating and cooling different areas. A little practice and knowledge in terms of what erogenous zones in girls need to be influenced - and you can even before your sexual intercourse raise your beloved (and indeed any girl) to the top of pleasure.

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