What affects the taste of sperm: tips for choosing foods

There are several reasons why women refuse to do blowjob partner. Most often this is a man's non-compliance with hygiene standards and rejection of the taste of his ejaculate. Preferably, when the partner monitors the cleanliness of the body, shaves the pubis and testicles (hair absorbs the smell), pays attention to its nutrition.

Effect on ejaculate by changing diet

The taste and smell of semen depends entirely on the lifestyle of the man and his gastronomic preferences. Proponents of healthy nutrition are able to easily improve the quality of ejaculate with a small adjustment of the diet. And women can certainly offer a man dishes that contain certain foods that affect the taste of sperm:

  1. Sour fruits give the seminal fluid a somewhat sweet aftertaste.
  2. Meat and fish dishes - bitterness and smell of fish.
  3. Milk and products from it - the taste of spoiled food.

All these tips can be perceived in many pairs in different ways. Naturally, some products increase sweetness or bitterness, but this does not mean that the taste will certainly be pleasant to the partner. All this concerns the purely personal characteristics of the body of a man and the taste preferences of a woman, and also the harmony between them. Clear recommendations in this issue does not exist, therefore each pair determines everything by an experienced way.

How to give the sperm a pleasant taste

Interestingly the fact that if a woman does blowjob and swallows sperm, then gradually begins to need it. And with the planned pregnancy, the partner's body gets used to the male ejaculate, which facilitates conception.

Before sexual intercourse, it is preferable to eat food that improves the taste of seminal fluid. Therefore, you need to know what affects the taste of sperm in the desired direction. These are the products:

  1. Fruits and juices from them. Leading in this list is pineapple, then mango, peaches, melon, kiwi. But apples do not need to get involved, because from their green varieties the sperm becomes tasteless.
  2. From vegetables, you need to choose dill, celery and parsley. Finely chopped, they perfectly decorate many dishes, are added to salads.
  3. Yoghurts provide a sweetish flavor. But the use of dairy products in large numbers adversely affects the quality of sperm. From 200-300 grams of shrimp ejaculate becomes sweet, also seafood contains aphrodisiacs - substances that enhance passion.

Products that impair the taste of seminal fluid

Since nutrition affects the taste of sperm and negatively, you should limit the consumption of onions, cabbage and asparagus before sex. From salty, smoked, fatty and spicy food, eaten during the day, the ejaculate becomes bitter. Do not eat a lot of meat products, as an option there is an option to replace them with a bird (turkey, chicken).

If you plan to blowjob, it is desirable to understand in advance what influences the taste of sperm. In men with bad habits (alcoholism and smoking), the taste of seminal fluid is unpleasant, therefore on the day of the meeting it is better to limit yourself to alcohol and the number of cigarettes. It often turns out that sex can not do without alcohol. Also, do not expect high quality sperm after using drugs.

Advice for girls

In any case, one of the ladies is acceptable to do a man blowjob with a swallowing of sperm, and some are categorically not like it. In this delicate question, there is often a desire to please a beloved man. And maybe the girl is going to try to make this kind of caresses for the first time. Whatever the true motives, if necessary, you can use the following tips:

  1. If you put a member deeper into the throat, where there are no taste buds, then the question of what affects the taste of sperm, loses relevance.
  2. Mint candy drowns out the taste of ejaculate, in addition, some men find it pleasant sensation of easy tingling.
  3. Change the taste can be sold in the pharmacy lubricants and gels.
  4. Topping for ice cream or syrup, plastered on the dick - this is what affects the taste of sperm and is originally intended for eating.
  5. In the morning, the gag reflex is reduced, so it is possible to give pleasure to a man after sleeping.

In any case, you need to remember that the pleasure should be mutual, and if the girl tries to overpower herself, then a loving partner usually sees or feels it. The main thing is to be open in relationships and try to find exactly what both like.

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